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Aabidi, ES, Kamarudin, MR, Rahman, TA and Khalily, M (2014) Planar monopole antenna for WBAN

Abdulrahman, H, Poh, N and Burnett, J (2014) Privacy Preservation, Sharing and Collection of Patient Records using Cryptographic Techniques for Cross-Clinical Secondary Analytics 2014 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Healthcare and e-health (CICARE). pp. 148-153.

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AlHomidani, H, Bodman-Smith, K, Agouni, A and Green, FR (2014) GENETICS OF INTERLEUKIN 6 AND SELENOPROTEIN S THAT HAVE A ROLE IN INFLAMMATION AND CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE In: Autumn Meeting of the British-Atherosclerosis-Society (BAS), 2014-09-25 - 2014-09-26, Queens Coll, Cambridge, ENGLAND.

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