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Spieker, M., Weisshaar, D., Gade, A., Brown, B. A., Adrich, P., Bazin, D., Bentley, M.A., Brown, J.R., Campbell, C.M., Diget, C.Aa., Elman, B., Glasmacher, T., Hill, M., Longfellow, B., Pritychenko, B., Ratkiewicz, A., Rhodes, D. and Tostevin, J.A. (2019) Experimental identification of the T = 1, Jπ = 6+ state of 54Co and isospin symmetry in A = 54 studied via one-nucleon knockout reactions Physical Review C, 100 (6), 061303(R).

Spieker, M., Gade, A., Weisshaar, D., Brown, B. A., Tostevin, J.A., Longfellow, B., Adrich, P., Bazin, D., Bentley, M. A., Brown, J. R., Campbell, C. M., Diget, C. Aa., Elman, B., Glasmacher, T., Hill, M., Pritychenko, B., Ratkiewicz, A. and Rhodes, D. (2019) One-proton and one-neutron knockout reactions from N = Z = 28 56Ni to the A = 55 mirror pair 55Co and 55Ni Physical Review C, 99 (5), 051304(R). 051304-1.

Terry, J. R., Brown, B. A., Campbell, C. M., Cook, J. M., Davies, A. D., Dinca, D.-C., Gade, A., Glasmacher, T., Hansen, P. G., Sherrill, B. M., Zwahlen, H., Bazin, D., Yoneda, K., Tostevin, J. A., Otsuka, T., Utsuno, Y. and Pritychenko, B. (2008) Single-neutron knockout from intermediate energy beams of 30,32Mg: Mapping the transition into the “island of inversion” Physical Review C, 77 (014316).

Terry, J R, Brown, B A, Campbell, C M, Cook, J M, Davies, A D, Dinca, D C, Gade, A, Glasmacher, T, Hansen, P G, Sherrill, B M, Zwahlen, H, Bazin, D, Yoneda, K, Tostevin, J A, Otsuka, T, Utsuno, Y and Pritychenko, B (2008) Single-Neutron Knockout from Intermediate Energy Beams of Mg-30,Mg-32: Mapping the Transition into the "Island of Inversion" Physical Review C, 77 (1).

Terry, JR