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Wang, Helen Yu Chi, Donovan, Ellen M, Nisbet, Andrew, South, Christopher P, Alobaidli, Sheaka, Ezhil, Veni, Phillips, Iain, Prakash, Vineet, Ferreira, Mark, Webster, Philip and Evans, Philip M (2019) The stability of imaging biomarkers in radiomics: a framework for evaluation Physics in Medicine and Biology, 64 (16), 165012. pp. 1-12.

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Bartlett, FR, Donovan, Ellen, McNair, HA, Corsini, LA, Colgan, RM, Evans, Philip, Maynard, L, Griffin, C, Haviland, JS, Yarnold, JR and Kirby, AM (2016) The UK HeartSpare Study (Stage II): Multicentre Evaluation of a Voluntary Breath-hold Technique in Patients Receiving Breast Radiotherapy Clinical Oncology, 29 (3). e51-e56.

Harris, EJ, Mukesh, MB, Donovan, EM, Kirby, AM, Haviland, JS, Jena, R, Yarnold, J, Baker, A, Dean, J, Eagle, S, Mayles, H, Griffin, C, Perry, R, Poynter, A, Coles, CE, Evans, PM and IMPORT high trialists, (2016) A multicentre study of the evidence for customized margins in photon breast boost radiotherapy. British Journal of Radiology, 89 (1058).

Donovan, EM, Harris, EJ, Mukesh, MB, Haviland, JS, Titley, J, Griffin, C, Coles, CE and Evans, PM (2015) The IMPORT HIGH Image-guided Radiotherapy Study: A Model for Assessing Image-guided Radiotherapy CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, 27 (1). pp. 3-5.

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Harris, E, Mukesh, M, Jena, R, Baker, A, Bartelink, H, Brooks, C, Dean, J, Donovan, E, Collette, S, Eagle, S, Fenwick, J, Graham, P, Haviland, J, Kirby, A, Mayles, H, Mitchell, RA, Perry, R, Poortmans, P, Poynter, A, Shentall, G, Titley, J, Thompson, A, Yarnold, JR, Coles, CE and Evans, PM (2014) A multicentre observational study evaluating image-guided radiotherapy for more accurate partial-breast intensity-modulated radiotherapy: comparison with standard imaging technique Efficacy and Mechanisms Evaluation, 1 (3), 1. i-73.

Bartlett, FR, Colgan, RM, Donovan, EM, Carr, K, Landeg, S, Clements, N, McNair, HA, Locke, I, Evans, PM, Haviland, JS, Yarnold, JR and Kirby, AM (2014) Voluntary breath-hold technique for reducing heart dose in left breast radiotherapy Journal of Visualized Experiments (89).

Bartlett, FR, Colgan, RM, Donovan, EM, Carr, K, Landeg, S, Clements, N, McNair, HA, Locke, I, Evans, PM, Haviland, JS, Yarnold, JR and Kirby, AM (2014) Voluntary Breath-hold Technique for Reducing Heart Dose in Left Breast Radiotherapy JOVE-JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS (89), ARTN e.

Bartlett, FR, Yarnold, JR, Donovan, EM, Evans, PM, Locke, I and Kirby, AM (2013) Multileaf Collimation Cardiac Shielding in Breast Radiotherapy: Cardiac Doses are Reduced, But at What Cost? Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol), 25 (12). pp. 690-696.

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Donovan, EM, James, H, Bonora, M, Yarnold, JR and Evans, PM (2012) Second cancer incidence risk estimates using BEIR VII models for standard and complex external beam radiotherapy for early breast cancer MEDICAL PHYSICS, 39 (10). pp. 5814-5824.

Harris, EJ, Donovan, EM, Coles, CE, de Boer, HCJ, Poynter, A, Rawlings, C, Wishart, GC and Evans, PM (2012) How does imaging frequency and soft tissue motion affect the PTV margin size in partial breast and boost radiotherapy? RADIOTHERAPY AND ONCOLOGY, 103 (2). pp. 166-171.

Kirby, AM, Evans, PM, Helyer, SJ, Donovan, EM, Convery, HM and Yarnold, JR (2011) A randomised trial of Supine versus Prone breast radiotherapy (SuPr study): Comparing set-up errors and respiratory motion RADIOTHERAPY AND ONCOLOGY, 100 (2). pp. 221-226.

Kirby, AM, Evans, PM, Donovan, EM, Convery, HM, Haviland, JS and Yarnold, JR (2010) Prone versus supine positioning for whole and partial-breast radiotherapy: A comparison of non-target tissue dosimetry RADIOTHERAPY AND ONCOLOGY, 96 (2). pp. 178-184.


Donovan, EM, Yarnold, JR, Adams, EJ, Morgan, A, Warrington, APJ and Evans, PM (2008) An investigation into methods of IMRT planning applied to breast radiotherapy BRITISH JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY, 81 (964). pp. 311-322.

Donovan, E, Bleakley, N, Denholm, E, Evans, P, Gothard, L, Hanson, J, Peckitt, C, Reise, S, Ross, G, Sharp, G, Symonds-Tayler, R, Tait, D and Yarnold, J (2007) Randomised trial of standard 2D radiotherapy (RT) versus intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) in patients prescribed breast radiotherapy RADIOTHERAPY AND ONCOLOGY, 82 (3). pp. 254-264.

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Donovan, EM, Bleackley, NJ, Evans, PM, Reise, SF and Yarnold, JR (2002) Dose-position and dose-volume histogram analysis of standard wedged and intensity modulated treatments in breast radiotherapy BRITISH JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY, 75 (900). pp. 967-973.

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Evans, PM, Donovan, EM, Partridge, M, Bidmead, AM, Garton, A and Mubata, C (1999) Radiological thickness measurement using a liquid ionization chamber electronic portal imaging device PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 44 (6). N89-N97.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Tahavoria, F, Adams, E, Dabbs, M, Aldridge, L, Liversidge, N, Donovan, E, Jordan, T, Evans, PM and Wells, K (2015) Combining Marker-less Patient Setup and Respiratory Motion Monitoring Using Low Cost 3D Camera Technology In: Conference on Medical Imaging - Image-Guided Procedures, Robotic Interventions, and Modeling, 2015-02-22 - 2015-02-24, Orlando, FL.

Bartlett, F, Donovan, E, Colgan, R, McNair, H, Carr, K, Locke, I, Evans, P, Haviland, J, Yarnold, J and Kirby, A (2013) Partial breast irradiation margins with two deep-inspiratory breath-hold techniques In: 17th ECCO / 38th ESMO / 32nd ESTRO European Cancer Congress on Reinforcing Multidisciplinarity, 2013-09-27 - 2013-10-01, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.

Tahavori, F, Jones, J, Elangovan, P, Wells, K, Alnowami, M and Donovan, E (2013) Assessment of Microsoft Kinect technology (Kinect for Xbox and Kinect for windows) for patient monitoring during external beam radiotherapy In: Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2013, 2013-10-27 - 2013-11-02, Seoul.

Evans, PM, Bleackley, N, Convery, DJ, Donovan, EM, Hansen, VN, Partridge, M, Reise, S, Symonds-Tayler, JRN and Yarnold, JR (2000) The use of compensators and multiple static fields for IMRT of the breast In: 13th International Conference on the Use of Computers in Radiation Therapy, 2000-05-22 - 2000-05-25, HEIDELBERG, GERMANY.

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