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Spectroscopy of 2565,67Mn: Strong coupling in the N = 40 “island of inversion”

Liu, X.Y., Liu, Z., Ding, B., Doornenbal, P., Obertelli, A., Lenzi, S.M., Walker, P.M., Chung, L.X., Linh, B.D., Authelet, G. , Baba, H., Calvet, D., Château, F., Corsi, A., Delbart, A., Gheller, J.-M., Gillibert, A., Isobe, T., Lapoux, V., Matsushita, M., Momiyama, S., Motobayashi, T., Niikura, M., Nowacki, F., Otsu, H., Péron, C., Peyaud, A., Pollacco, E.C., Roussé, J.-Y., Sakurai, H., Sasano, M., Shiga, Y., Takeuchi, S., Taniuchi, R., Uesaka, T., Wang, H., Yoneda, K., Lam, Y.H., Huang, T.H., Sun, M.D., Zhang, W.Q., Lu, H.Y., Hou, D.S., Browne, F., Dombradi, Zs., Franchoo, S., Giacoppo, F., Gottardo, A., Hadynska-Klek, K., Korkulu, Z., Koyama, S., Kubota, Y., Lee, J., Lettmann, M., Lozeva, R., Matsui, K., Miyazaki, T., Nishimura, S., Louchart, C., Olivier, L., Ota, S., Patel, Z., Sahin, E., Santamaria, C., Shand, C., Söderström, P.-A., Stefan, G.L., Steppenbeck, D., Sumikama, T., Suzuki, D., Vajta, Zs., Werner, V., Wu, J., Xu, Z., Zhou, X.H., Zhang, Y.H., Xu, H.S. and Zhang, F.S. (2018) Spectroscopy of 2565,67Mn: Strong coupling in the N = 40 “island of inversion” Physics Letters B, 784. pp. 392-396.

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Excited states in 63,65,67Mn were studied via in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy following knockout reactions from 68Fe. Similar level schemes, consisting of the 11/2−, 9/2−, 7/2− and 5/2 g.s.− level sequence, connected by I→I−1 transitions, were established, the first time for 65,67Mn. Their level structures show features consistent with strongly-coupled rotational bands with K=5/2 . State-of-the-art shell-model calculations with the modified LNPS effective interaction reproduce the observed levels remarkably well and suggest the dominance of 4-particle-4-hole neutron configurations for all the states. The data on the low-lying excited states of odd-mass 53−67Mn provide a textbook example of nuclear structure evolution from weak coupling through decoupling to strong coupling along a single isotopic chain on the n-rich side of the β stability line. These results help to deepen our understanding of the N=40 “island of inversion”.

Item Type: Article
Divisions : Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences > Physics
Authors :
Liu, X.Y.
Liu, Z.
Ding, B.
Doornenbal, P.
Obertelli, A.
Lenzi, S.M.
Chung, L.X.
Linh, B.D.
Authelet, G.
Baba, H.
Calvet, D.
Château, F.
Corsi, A.
Delbart, A.
Gheller, J.-M.
Gillibert, A.
Isobe, T.
Lapoux, V.
Matsushita, M.
Momiyama, S.
Motobayashi, T.
Niikura, M.
Nowacki, F.
Otsu, H.
Péron, C.
Peyaud, A.
Pollacco, E.C.
Roussé, J.-Y.
Sakurai, H.
Sasano, M.
Shiga, Y.
Takeuchi, S.
Taniuchi, R.
Uesaka, T.
Wang, H.
Yoneda, K.
Lam, Y.H.
Huang, T.H.
Sun, M.D.
Zhang, W.Q.
Lu, H.Y.
Hou, D.S.
Browne, F.
Dombradi, Zs.
Franchoo, S.
Giacoppo, F.
Gottardo, A.
Hadynska-Klek, K.
Korkulu, Z.
Koyama, S.
Kubota, Y.
Lee, J.
Lettmann, M.
Lozeva, R.
Matsui, K.
Miyazaki, T.
Nishimura, S.
Louchart, C.
Olivier, L.
Ota, S.
Patel, Z.
Sahin, E.
Santamaria, C.
Söderström, P.-A.
Stefan, G.L.
Steppenbeck, D.
Sumikama, T.
Suzuki, D.
Vajta, Zs.
Werner, V.
Wu, J.
Xu, Z.
Zhou, X.H.
Zhang, Y.H.
Xu, H.S.
Zhang, F.S.
Date : 3 July 2018
DOI : 10.1016/j.physletb.2018.06.067
Copyright Disclaimer : © 2018 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V. This is an open access article under the CC BY license ( Funded by SCOAP3.
Uncontrolled Keywords : In-beam γ-ray spectroscopy; “Island of inversion” around , N=40, ; Strong coupling; Structure evolution
Depositing User : Clive Harris
Date Deposited : 17 Sep 2018 09:39
Last Modified : 17 Sep 2018 09:39

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