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Gawer, AR (2016) Competition Policy and Regulatory Reforms for Big Data: Propositions to Harness the Power of Big Data while Curbing Platforms’ Abuse of Dominance. DAF/COMP/WD(2016)74. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Grainger, S, Curatella, F, Gisslen, L, Malcolm, RN and Kelly, D (2016) CWA 17046:2016 Humanitarian demining. Non-technical survey in the land release process European Committee for Standardization, Brussels.

Patton, R (2016) Alcohol & e-Health: New technologies for an old problem .

Wiley, C (2016) ‘The Boatswain’s Mate in the context of Smyth’s life and works’ Retrospect Opera.

Vlitos, PMJ (2016) The Scarlet Ceremony: An Alex Blizard Story .

Raleigh, Mary (2015) Restricting access to thesis Mary Raleigh.

Jackson, T (2015) If the rich world aimed for minimal growth, would it be a disaster or a blessing? The Economist.

Fedden, O, Feist, T, Baerman, M, Brown, D, Corbett, G and Senft, G (2015) Mian and Kilivila Collection The University of Surrey.

Lopez-Aviles, A, Chenoweth, J, Druckman, A, Morse, S, Kauffmann, D, Hayoon, L, Pereira, A, Vence, X, Carballo, A, González, M, Turne, A, Feitelson, E and Givoni, M (2015) Servicizing Policy Packages for the Water sector SPREE.

Hodgkins, CE, Raats, MM, Fife-Schaw, C, Peacock, M, Groeppel-Klein, A, Koenigstorfer, J, Wasowicz, G, Stysko-Kunkowska, M, Gulcan, Y, Kustepeli, Y, Gibbs, M, Shepherd, R and Grunert, KG (2015) Guiding healthier food choice: systematic comparison of four front-of-pack labelling systems and their effect on judgements of product healthiness CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS.

Jackson, TD (2015) Growth is not the answer to inequality The Guardian.

Lopez-Aviles, A, Chenoweth, J, Druckman, A and Morse, S (2015) SPREE Country Feasibility Study Report: Water Sector in the UK SPREE.

Armstorng, A and Jackson, T (2015) The Mindful Consumer. Mindfulness training and the escape from consumerism .

Sporea, RA, Trainor, M, Young, N, Shannon, JM and Silva, SRP (2015) Temperature Effects in Complementary Inverters Made With Polysilicon Source-Gated Transistors IEEE.

Mermikides, MJ (2014) Bossa Appreciation Future Publishing.

Patton, R and Rose, H (2014) Hard Evidence: are drunk young people driving up A&E visits? The Conversation.

Grant, JDE and LeFloch, PG (2014) Null injectivity estimate under an upper curvature bound .

Celik, Ilker C. (2014) A particle-gamma coincidence study of 26Na using the transfer reaction 25Na(d,p gamma) 26Na University of Surrey.

Du, M (2014) China-South Korea FTA would help open up wider regional trade Global Times.

Ghiglino, C and Tabasso, N (2014) Risk Aversion in a Model of Endogenous Growth . (Unpublished)

Du, M (2014) China needs to offer plausible alternatives to TPP in Asia-Pacific region Global Times.

Du, M (2014) Trans-Pacific Partnership not best way forward for China at present Global Times.

Delis, M, Kokas, S and Ongena, S (2014) Foreign ownership and market power in banking: Evidence from a world sample . (Unpublished)

Barham, JM (2014) Pre-concert talk at Usher Hall, Edinburgh, for performance of Mahler Symphony no 9 by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, on the influences on and of Mahler's music .

Barham, JM (2014) Pre-concert talk at City Halls, Glasgow, for performance of Mahler Symphony no 9 by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, on the influences on and of Mahler's music .

Barham, JM (2014) The organ in the movies .

Khan, A, Windridge, D and Kittler, J (2014) Multilevel Chinese Takeaway Process and Label-Based Processes for Rule Induction in the Context of Automated Sports Video Annotation .

Meadows, RAL (2014) Review of "Late Capitalism and the ends of sleep" .

Meadows, RAL (2014) Review of Sociologies of Interaction .

Palmer, BL (2013) Alice Munro Nobel a victory for the neglected short story The Conversation Trust, UK Ltd..

Jackson, TD (2013) The Altruist Within .

Armstrong, T, Frohlich, D and Calic, J (2013) Com-Note the Composer's Notebook .

Pal, S and Kingdon, G (2013) Can the Private Sector Deliver 'Education for All'? . (Unpublished)

Pal, S and Kuznecovs, M (2013) Does corporate governance reform necessarily boost firm performance? A Quasi-Experimental Analysis . (Unpublished)

Dippold, D, Hagen, S, Angouri, J and Aponte-Moreno, M (2013) Addressing Cultural and Language Barriers in International Business . (Unpublished)

Guerrina, R and Chappell, L (2013) Women on the Front Line and Other Equality Matters e-International Relations.

Jackson, TD (2013) Opinion-Moving to a Green Economy Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC.

Cristiano Cantore, , Paul Levine, , Giovanni Melina, and Joseph Pearlman, (2013) Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Rules in Normal and Abnormal Times School of Economics, University of Surrey\.

Barham, JM (2013) Proms Plus Intro - Mahler's Resurrection Symphony. Available on BBC I-player at: .

Watt, D (2012) 'Margery Kempe'. In Oxford Bibliographies in British and Irish Literature. Ed. Andrew Hadfield. New York: Oxford University Press.

Parvini, N (2012) Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory (Podcast series) School of English and Languages, University of Surrey.

Pal, S and Wahaaj, Z (2012) Fiscal Decentralisation, Local Institutions and Public Goods Provision: Evidence from Indonesia .

Hughes, HA (2012) Introduction to Peter Nestler's 'The Waiting' (1985) and 'The North Calotte' (1990/1) at Tate Modern London on 10th November 2012 .

Guerrina, R (2012) The UK’s Approach to UNSCR 1325: Limitations of Gender Mainstreaming? e-International Relations.

Guerrina, R (2012) Birthing on the Front Line: A Tale of Military Femininity e-International Relations.

Armstrong, T (2012) Opened Spaces (2007): 'London Song' and 'Song of Inishmaan' Meridian Records, London.

Pal, S and Kuznecovs, M (2012) Does corporate governance reform necessarily boost firm performance? Recent evidence from Russia .

Barham, JM (2012) Delusion, untimeliness, immemory? Fragments of improper music historiography from Mahler to Jazz and beyond .

Murua, J, Palacios, R and Graham, JMR (2011) 'Stability analysis of coupled aeroelastic/flight dynamics equations using unsteady vortex-lattice aerodynamics' Airbus Flight Physics Distributed R&T Partnership, Loads and Aeroelastics (workshop presentation)., Bristol, UK.

Barham, JM (2011) Mahler and the Moving Image: Truth or Travesty? .

Barham, JM (2011) Pre-concert talk for Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performance of Mahler's Symphony no. 8 .

Holden, T (2011) Products, patents and productivity persistence: A DSGE model of endogenous growth . (Unpublished)

Barham, JM (2011) Study on Mahler's Symphony no. 3, Austrian Cultural Forum, London .

Schneider, Steve A., Treharne, Helen and Wehrheim, Heike (2011) Bounded Retransmission in Event-B||CSP: A Case Study Department of Computing, University of Surrey. (Unpublished)

Barham, JM (2011) Radio 3 Discovering Music panel discussion on Mahler's Symphony no. 2 .

Barham, JM (2011) Mahler in the Marketplace: Cultural Capitalism and its Discontents .

Barham, JM (2011) Five London Philharmonic Orchestra pre-concert talks, 2010-11; available as online podcasts at: .

Uzzell, D and Räthzel, N (2011) Why do individuals seem to be so unwilling to change their behavior when they readily accept that global climate change will affect us? One Million Climate Jobs Campaign.

Murua, J, Hesse, H, Dizy, J, Palacios, R, Graham, JMR and Pinho, S (2010) 'Coupled aeroelasticity and flight mechanics with large wing deformations' Airbus Flight Physics Distributed R&T Partnership, Loads and Aeroelastics (workshop presentation)., Bristol, UK.

Hummersone, C (2010) A Localisation- and Precedence-based Binaural Separation Algorithm .

Ghiglino, C and Tabasso, N (2010) Are Patent Citations Driven by Quality? . (Unpublished)

Barham, JM (2010) Mahler study day, Austrian Cultural Forum, London .

David, M (2010) EU Flexes Its Global Muscles Public Service.

Lavender, AM and Coates, J (2010) The Good Actor .

Barham, JM (2010) Introducing Mahler Symphony no. 5. DVD, and online excerpt, available at: EuroArts, Berlin.

Hughes, HA (2010) Review 'Shell Shock Cinema: Weimar Culture and the Wounds of War' British Film Institute.

Kluge, A (2010) Seven Love Stories Shakespeare and Company, Paris.

Barham, JM (2009) Barbican/LSO study day talk on Mahler's Wunderhorn songs .

Garn, W (2009) Chess with "Greedy Edi" Matlab-Central,

Bristow, A (2009) Organizing Words: A Critical Thesaurus for Social and Organization Studies SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD.

Barham, JM (2009) Mahler Symphony no. 9: Proms Plus discussion .

Fielding, NG (2009) Getting the best out of community policing Police Foundation.

Krasovitsky, A, Baerman, M, Brown, D, Corbett, GG, Long, A and Quilliam, H (2009) Database of Short Term Morphosyntactic Change: variation in Russian 1801-200. .

Corbett, GG (2009) Preface to New challenges in Typology. Transcending the Borders and Refining the Distinctions Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, Germany.

Baerman, M, Corbett, GG and Brown, D (2009) The Surrey Defectiveness Database (consisting of a Typological Database and a 100-language Survey) University of Surrey.

Silva, ACSD (2008) Personagens sempre na moda A Tarde, Salvador, Brazil.

Ebert, U and Derks, G (2008) Comment on "Mechanism of Branching in Negative Ionization Fronts'' AMER PHYSICAL SOC.

Silva, ACSD (2008) Texto original, tradução, adaptação ou imitação? UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil.

Mooney, S (2008) Stephen Mooney on MJ Weller's Secret Blue Book CPRC Birkbeck.

Tonks, M.R., Beaudoin, A.J., Schilder, Frank and Tortorelli, D.A. (2008) Investigation of Preferred Orientations in Planar Polycrystals .

Chumakina, M, Brown, D, Corbett, G and Quilliam, H (2008) Archi: A dictionary of the language of the Archi People, Daghestan, Caucasus, with sounds and pictures (reference edition, DVD for Windows) .

Miller, G, Akinci, C and Walsh, PR (2008) Changing Gears and Shifting Lanes: The Case of Duncton Plc ECCH.

Underwood, Hilary (2008) G.F. Watts Parables in Paint Watts Gallery, Guildford, Surrey.

Minnaert, L (2008) Holidays are for Everyone. Research into the Effects and the Importance of Holidays for People living in Poverty Tourism Flanders & Brussels, Brussels.

Silva, ACSD and Ferreira, EFCF (2008) Introdução crítico-filológica Editora Unicamp.

Corbett, GG, Trippel, T, Maxwell, M, Prince, C, Manning, C, Grimes, S and Moran, S (2008) Lexicon Schemas and Related Data Models: when standards meet users .

Hughes, HA (2008) Review of 'Verschollen im Meer der Medien: Kafkas Romanfragment "Amerika": Zur Rekonstruktion und Deutung eines Medienkomplexes (Lost in a media seascape: Kafka's fragmentary novel "America": the reconstruction and interpretation of a media complex) Wiley.

Yeomans, JA (2008) Structural Ceramics Network: Road Map Executive Summary .

Palmer, W, Brown, D, Corbett, G and Quilliam, H (2008) Turning Owners into Actors. Possessive morphology as subject-indexing in the languages of the Bougainville region Surrey Morphology Group, School of English and Languages, University of Surrey.

Druckman, A and Jackson, TD (2007) Towards a Low Carbon Society: a highly disaggregated model of household energy consumption and production. Paper presented to the 11th European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production. .

Schilder, Frank (2007) Rauto: running AUTO more efficiently .

Barham, JM (2006) Gustav Mahler: the Lost Rosenzweig Manuscript .

Li, SJ (2005) When Chaos Meets Computers .

Barham, JM (2005) Technology, the Metropolis and Science-Fiction Film Music .

Li, SJ (2005) Permutation Polynomials modulo m .

Li, SJ (2005) Null Polynomials modulo m .

Li, S (2005) Evaluating Determinants of Two Classes of Special Matrices .

Li, SJ and Shum, HY (2005) Secure Human-Computer Identification (Interface) Systems against Peeping Attacks: SecHCI . (Unpublished)

Connolly, MJ (2004) Whose car is it anyway? Waterlow Legal and Regulatory Ltd.

Connolly, MJ (2004) Whose car is it anyway? Waterlow Legal and Regulatory Ltd.

Li, SJ and Shum, HY (2003) Secure Human-Computer Identification against Peeping Attacks (SecHCI): A Survey .

Belinicher, V, Ginossar, E and Levit, S (2001) Universal Features of Interacting Chaotic Quantum Dots. Application to Statistics of Coulomb Blockade Peak Spacings .

Barrett, Martyn (2000) The development of national identity in childhood and adolescence. University of Surrey.

Buhalis, Dimitrios (1999) Limits of tourism development in peripheral destinations: problems and challenges .

Bowden, R (1998) Non-linear Point Distribution Models The University of Edinburgh.

Walker, P. M. and Dracoulis, G. D. (1994) Comment on ‘‘Novel decay modes of high-K isomers: Tunneling in a triaxial landscape’’ .

Adcroft, AP, Williams, K, Haslam, C, Williams, J and Johal, S (1994) Japanese Foreign Direct Investment: The case for regulation University of Birmingham Occasional Papers on Business.

Adcroft, AP, Williams, K, Haslam, C, Williams, J and Johal, S (1992) Factories or Warehouses: Japanese foreign direct investment in the UK and USA University of East London Occasional Papers on Business, Economy and Society.

Walker, P. M. (1991) Comment on ‘‘Landau-Zener crossing in superdeformed 193Hg: Evidence for octupole correlations in superdeformed nuclei’’ .

Adcroft, AP, Cutler, T, Haslam, C, Williams, J and Williams, K (1991) Hanson and ICI: The consequences of financial engineering University of East London Occasional Papers on Business, Economy and Society.

Velenturf, Anne P.M. Developing bio-based industries: The role of governmental organisations N/A.

Velenturf, Anne P.M. Developing bio-based industries: The role of social networks in innovative material synergies N/A.

Edwards, Justin, D The Gothic in Contemporary Literature and Popular Culture: Pop Goth Routledge.

Husted, Margaret E M Husted - author deposit agreement re thesis UNIS. (Unpublished)

Rogatzki, Paul Restricting access form, Paul Rogatzki none.

McGrath, Sophie Thesis Deposit Agreement not applicable. (Unpublished)

Husted, Margaret E Thesis Embargo UNIS. (Unpublished)

Bachmann, Reinhard and Nielsen, Klaus Unlocking Social Capital. M.E.Sharpe, Armonk, NY.

Harle, Thomas author deposited agreement form Thomas Harle. (Unpublished)

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