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Gawer, AR (2016) Competition Policy and Regulatory Reforms for Big Data: Propositions to Harness the Power of Big Data while Curbing Platforms’ Abuse of Dominance. DAF/COMP/WD(2016)74. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Ogunlowo, O, Sohail, M and Bristow, A (2016) Understanding the barriers to the use of CNG as an NGV fuel in Nigeria ISSUU.

Grainger, S, Curatella, F, Gisslen, L, Malcolm, RN and Kelly, D (2016) CWA 17046:2016 Humanitarian demining. Non-technical survey in the land release process European Committee for Standardization, Brussels.

Kucherenko, S, Klymenko, OV and Shah, N (2016) Sobol’ indices for problems defined in non-rectangular domains .

Thomas, SA, Lloyd, D and Skeldon, A (2016) EMBER: Emergent and Macroscopic Behavioural ExtRaction .

Patton, R (2016) Alcohol & e-Health: New technologies for an old problem .

Brizard, AJ and Tronci, C (2016) Variational principles for the guiding-center Vlasov-Maxwell equations .

Steafel, E (2016) New alcohol guidelines: six tips for cutting down on your booze intake The Telegraph.

Wiley, C (2016) ‘The Boatswain’s Mate in the context of Smyth’s life and works’ Retrospect Opera.

Vlitos, PMJ (2016) The Scarlet Ceremony: An Alex Blizard Story .

Taylor, SRJ and Lim, R (2015) Evaluation of a modified graft-free technique of Ahmed glaucoma valve (AGV) implantation .


Raleigh, Mary (2015) Restricting access to thesis Mary Raleigh.

Jackson, T (2015) If the rich world aimed for minimal growth, would it be a disaster or a blessing? The Economist.

Power, S (2015) Case 8: Values and behaviours for sustainable tourism Pearson, Harlow.

Bonet-Luz, E and Tronci, C (2015) Hamiltonian approach to Ehrenfest expectation values and Gaussian quantum states .

Fedden, O, Feist, T, Baerman, M, Brown, D, Corbett, G and Senft, G (2015) Mian and Kilivila Collection The University of Surrey.

Shao, EH, Tempest-Roe, S and Taylor, SR (2015) Increases in markers of renal damage in patients with diabetic maculopathy receiving intravitreal Avastin .

Konstadinides, T (2015) The Law of EU External Relations: Cases, Materials, and Commentary on the EU as an International Legal Actor SWEET MAXWELL LTD.

Lopez-Aviles, A, Chenoweth, J, Druckman, A, Morse, S, Kauffmann, D, Hayoon, L, Pereira, A, Vence, X, Carballo, A, González, M, Turne, A, Feitelson, E and Givoni, M (2015) Servicizing Policy Packages for the Water sector SPREE.

Hodgkins, CE, Raats, MM, Fife-Schaw, C, Peacock, M, Groeppel-Klein, A, Koenigstorfer, J, Wasowicz, G, Stysko-Kunkowska, M, Gulcan, Y, Kustepeli, Y, Gibbs, M, Shepherd, R and Grunert, KG (2015) Guiding healthier food choice: systematic comparison of four front-of-pack labelling systems and their effect on judgements of product healthiness CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS.

Patton, R (2015) Alcohol, Adolescents & the Emergency Department .

Cull, L (2015) Performance Philosophy Open Access / OASPA, UK.

Jackson, TD (2015) Growth is not the answer to inequality The Guardian.

Wright, KA (2015) Book Review: Gender integration in NATO military forces: cross-national analysis .

Lopez-Aviles, A, Chenoweth, J, Druckman, A and Morse, S (2015) SPREE Country Feasibility Study Report: Water Sector in the UK SPREE.

Powrie, PP and Sellier, G (2015) Bibliography for French cinema in the 1950s .

Patton, R (2015) Alcohol related deaths in the UK .

Ganz, F, Enshaeifar, S, Puschmann, D, Ahrabian, A and Elsaleh, T (2015) The Knowledge Acquisition Toolkit – KAT (Extracting knowledge from sensor data) ICS/University of Surrey.

Armstorng, A and Jackson, T (2015) The Mindful Consumer. Mindfulness training and the escape from consumerism .

Sporea, RA, Trainor, M, Young, N, Shannon, JM and Silva, SRP (2015) Temperature Effects in Complementary Inverters Made With Polysilicon Source-Gated Transistors IEEE.

Thomas, H, Earthy, SM and Sleney, J (2014) Recovery as work: the tasks of the patient in ICU and beyond .

Bantman, C (2014) Making Another World Possible, Anarchism, Anti-Capitalism and Ecology in Late 19th and Early 2oth Century Britain. Bloomsbury CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS.

Mermikides, MJ (2014) Bossa Appreciation Future Publishing.

Patton, R and Rose, H (2014) Hard Evidence: are drunk young people driving up A&E visits? The Conversation.

Lau, K, Hou, Y and Ho, K (2014) Utilizing Technology to Promote Hong Kong Brands Hong Kong Economic Journal.

Lau, K, Hou, Y and Ho, K (2014) The New Consumer Trends under O2O Hong Kong Economic Journal.

Sleney, JS, Earthy, SM and Thomas, H (2014) Patients’ perceptions of a changing body: coming to terms with Heart Attack .

Grant, JDE and LeFloch, PG (2014) Null injectivity estimate under an upper curvature bound .

Jackson, TD (2014) The dilemma of growth: prosperity v economic expansion. The Guardian 'Rethinking Prosperity' Blog.

Sarvarian, A (2014) Statehood Westlaw UK Insight.

Celik, Ilker C. (2014) A particle-gamma coincidence study of 26Na using the transfer reaction 25Na(d,p gamma) 26Na University of Surrey.

Du, M (2014) China-South Korea FTA would help open up wider regional trade Global Times.

David, M (2014) Russia must co-operate with investigation of MH17 or risk wearing the blame .

Moffett, J (2014) Designing a teaching space to support experiential learning: Eight questions .

Shokry, IM and Moffett, J (2014) How toxic plants are taught at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, St. Kitts, West Indies .

Ghiglino, C and Tabasso, N (2014) Risk Aversion in a Model of Endogenous Growth . (Unpublished)

Du, M (2014) China needs to offer plausible alternatives to TPP in Asia-Pacific region Global Times.

Du, M (2014) Trans-Pacific Partnership not best way forward for China at present Global Times.

Delis, M, Kokas, S and Ongena, S (2014) Foreign ownership and market power in banking: Evidence from a world sample . (Unpublished)

Barham, JM (2014) Pre-concert talk at Usher Hall, Edinburgh, for performance of Mahler Symphony no 9 by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, on the influences on and of Mahler's music .

Barham, JM (2014) Pre-concert talk at City Halls, Glasgow, for performance of Mahler Symphony no 9 by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, on the influences on and of Mahler's music .

David, M (2014) One nation, one voice: press control and propaganda in Putin’s Russia .

Barham, JM (2014) The organ in the movies .

David, M (2014) On Ukraine, Putin has outfoxed the West at every turn .

Mermikides, MJ (2014) Texas Blues .

David, M (2014) Russia or EU? Ukraine torn by the horns of a dilemma .

Quintana-Domeque, C, Chiappori, P-A and Oreffice, S (2014) Bidimensional Matching with Heterogeneous Preferences: Smoking in the Marriage Market .

David, M (2014) East or West? Battle lines clear in struggle for Ukraine’s future .

Westwood, S (2014) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Aging International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Duggan, P (2014) Playtexts Intellect.

Omitola, T, Breslin, J and Barnaghi, P (2014) Preface .

Kluge, A and Negt, O (2014) History and Obstinacy Zone Books, New York.

Khan, A, Windridge, D and Kittler, J (2014) Multilevel Chinese Takeaway Process and Label-Based Processes for Rule Induction in the Context of Automated Sports Video Annotation .

Meadows, RAL (2014) Review of "Late Capitalism and the ends of sleep" .

Konstadinides, T (2014) Review of A. O’Neil, EU Law for UK Lawyers (2nd ed., Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2011) .

Konstadinides, T (2014) Review of R.A. Wessel and S. Blockmans (eds.) Between Autonomy and Dependence: The EU Legal Order under the Influence of International Organisations (Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer, 2013) . (Submitted)

Meadows, RAL (2014) Review of Sociologies of Interaction .

Behrens, K, Mion, G, Murata, Y and Suedekum, J (2014) Spatial frictions .

Birtel, MD (2014) You may say I’m a dreamer': Using psychotherapeutic techniques to fight prejudice and stigma. .

David, M (2013) Dreams of a new Europe dashed in Ukraine .

Bantman, C (2013) Making Sense of Anarchism. Errico Malatesta's Experiments with Revolution, 1889-1900 CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS.

Palmer, BL (2013) Alice Munro Nobel a victory for the neglected short story The Conversation Trust, UK Ltd..

Jackson, TD (2013) Developing an Ecological Macroeconomics Centre for International Governance Innovation.

Jackson, TD (2013) The Altruist Within .

David, M (2013) It’s the Syrian people that matter, not British politics .

David, M (2013) Fatal attraction: Russia’s flawed friendship with Syria .

David, M (2013) Now is not the time to play at Cold War politics with Putin .

Armstrong, T, Frohlich, D and Calic, J (2013) Com-Note the Composer's Notebook .

Gershkov, A, Moldovanu, B and Shi, X (2013) Optimal Voting Rules .

David, M (2013) Online & Offline Protest .

Moffett, J (2013) Investigating the use of the flipped classroom in veterinary education. .

Corcos, G, Irac, DM, Mion, G and Verdier, T (2013) The determinants of intrafirm trade: evidence from French firms .

Trace, C, Erian, E and Short, N (2013) Piloting the use of e-Lectures in veterinary education; a case study from the Royal Veterinary College .

Tan, LT, Davagnaman, I, Isa, H, Taylor, SRJ, Rose, GE, Verity, DH, Pusey, CD and Lightman, S (2013) Clinical and imaging features predictive of granulomatosis with polyangiitis in orbital inflammation .

Mermikides, MJ (2013) Chicago Blues Future Publishing.

Brand, C, Musadiq, M, Yang, Y, Taylor, SRJ, Gale, R, Brittain, C and Hamilton, R (2013) Baseline characteristics of the UK wet age-related macular degeneration (wAMD) cohort of the LUMINOUS observational study .

Liolios, V, Joshi, L, Menezo, V, McLoone, E, Lightman, S and Taylor, SRJ (2013) Dexamethasone intravitreal implant in paediatric non-infectious intermediate and posterior uveitis .

Joshi, L, Menezo, V, Yaganti, S, Talat, L, Lightman, S and Taylor, SRJ (2013) Uveitis refractory to mycophenolate mofetil: value & safety of switching or adding alternative non-biological agents .

Pal, S and Kingdon, G (2013) Can the Private Sector Deliver 'Education for All'? . (Unpublished)

Tomkins-Netzer, O, Taylor, SRJ and Lightman, S (2013) Long-term clinical outcomes among patients with birdshot chorioretinopathy .

Gershkov, A and Toxvaerd, F (2013) On Seller Estimates and Buyer Returns Economic Theory Bulletin.

Pal, S and Kuznecovs, M (2013) Does corporate governance reform necessarily boost firm performance? A Quasi-Experimental Analysis . (Unpublished)

Dippold, D, Hagen, S, Angouri, J and Aponte-Moreno, M (2013) Addressing Cultural and Language Barriers in International Business . (Unpublished)

Mermikides, MJ (2013) Classic Jazz Future Publishing.

Guerrina, R and Chappell, L (2013) Women on the Front Line and Other Equality Matters e-International Relations.

Itaya, S, Kanhere, S, Aust, S, Alfandi, O, Altintas, O, Bochow, B, Bohli, JM, Boyle, D, Chakraborty, D, Chou, CT, Davis, P, Doi, SI, Emmelmann, M, Heemstra De Groot, S, Iwaoka, M, Konishi, T, Krishnaswamy, D, Marusic, S, Moessner, K, Mogre, P, Prasad, V, Rao, VS, Saha, D, Schülke, A, Shinkuma, R, Takai, M, Yan, Z, Dong, AY and Headley, W (2013) Welcome message from the IEEE goSMART chairs .

Li, DM, Kreuzbauer, R and Chiu, CY (2013) Cultural Politeness in International Marketing Chinese Academy of Marketing.

Jackson, TD (2013) Opinion-Moving to a Green Economy Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC.

Cristiano Cantore, , Paul Levine, , Giovanni Melina, and Joseph Pearlman, (2013) Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Rules in Normal and Abnormal Times School of Economics, University of Surrey\.

Barham, JM (2013) Proms Plus Intro - Mahler's Resurrection Symphony. Available on BBC I-player at: .

Duerr, M, Kueng, N, Stangl, B and Schegg, R (2013) eFitness of Destination Websites – Still more to go .

Cantore, C and Levine, P (2012) Getting normalization right: Dealing with 'dimensional constants' in macroeconomics .

Watt, D (2012) 'Margery Kempe'. In Oxford Bibliographies in British and Irish Literature. Ed. Andrew Hadfield. New York: Oxford University Press.

Parvini, N (2012) Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory (Podcast series) School of English and Languages, University of Surrey.

Pal, S and Wahaaj, Z (2012) Fiscal Decentralisation, Local Institutions and Public Goods Provision: Evidence from Indonesia .

Jackson, TD (2012) Vision? SOL-Kalender 2012 (Sol Zeitschrift fur Solidarität, Ökologie und Lebensstil)..

Gabriel, V, Levine, P, Pearlman, J and Yang, B (2012) An Estimated DSGE Model of the Indian Economy .

Hughes, HA (2012) Introduction to Peter Nestler's 'The Waiting' (1985) and 'The North Calotte' (1990/1) at Tate Modern London on 10th November 2012 .

Jackson, TD (2012) Wachstum rettet uns nicht Der Tagesspiegel.

Guerrina, R (2012) The UK’s Approach to UNSCR 1325: Limitations of Gender Mainstreaming? e-International Relations.

Guerrina, R (2012) Birthing on the Front Line: A Tale of Military Femininity e-International Relations.

Guerrina, R (2012) Birthing on the Frontline: Tales of Military Femininity .

Armstrong, T (2012) Opened Spaces (2007): 'London Song' and 'Song of Inishmaan' Meridian Records, London.

McGuigan, M, McNally, S and Wyness, G (2012) Student Awareness of Costs and Benefits of Educational Decisions: Effects of an Information Campaign .

Jackson, TD (2012) The Cinderella economy: an answer to unsustainable growth? The Ecologist.

Yang, J (2012) Equity and Participation: Pacific Asia Indigenous Tourism Conference .

Trace, C, Short, N, Stanikova, B and Gaitskell-Phillips, G (2012) Open Educational Resources Online Through a Collaborative Initiative .

Exadaktylos, T (2012) Ouzo and out!: it remains to be seen what Greece is in for after ‘exiting’ the Euro 2012. .

Rogers, MA (2012) Margaret Rogers interviews David Bennett, freelance translator .

Ayyadurai, V, Moessner, K and Tafazolli, R (2012) Multipath network coding in wireless mesh networks .

Md Din, S, Isa, H, Lightman, S and Taylor, SRJ (2012) Retinal nerve fibre layer thickness changes in raised Intraocular pressure in uveitis .

Shirodkhar, A, Lightman, S and Taylor, SRJ (2012) Retinal vein occlusions in uveitis .

Jackson, TD (2012) Let's be less productive New York Times, New York.

Mason, A, Agyei-Ampomah, S, Thomas, S and McGroarty, F (2012) Investment Style in a Turbulent Decade .

Mason, A and McGroarty, F (2012) Style Analysis for Diversified U.S. Equity Funds .

Yang, Y and Jiang, J (2012) HMM-based hybrid meta-clustering ensemble for temporal data . (Submitted)

Massacci, D (2012) Estimation and Inference in Structural Threshold Regression: With an Application to Estimating the U.S. New Keynesian Phillips Curve .

Pal, S and Kuznecovs, M (2012) Does corporate governance reform necessarily boost firm performance? Recent evidence from Russia .

Tabasso, N (2012) Endogenous Growth and Consumption Aggregation: DP 07/12 Department of Economics, University of Surrey, Guildford.

Quinn, T (2012) Evidence Update 9 – Transient loss of consciousness Natinal Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

Geay, C, McNally, S and Telhaj, S (2012) Non-Native Speakers of English in the Classroom: What are the Effects on Pupil Performance? .

Massacci, D (2012) Threshold Estimation from a Generated Auxiliary Regression: With an Application to U.S. Stock Returns .

Quinn, T (2012) Venous thromboembolism: reducing the risk. Evidence update February 2012 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

Cornaglia, F, Crivellaro, E and McNally, S (2012) Mental Health and Education Decisions .

Barham, JM (2012) Delusion, untimeliness, immemory? Fragments of improper music historiography from Mahler to Jazz and beyond .

Ahmad, JJ and Li, SJ (2012) Crypto Tools Library (CTL) Based on RVC-CAL .

Grover, R, Yakovleva, N, Soloviev, M and Platonova, V (2012) Valuing terra nullis: Dealing with the impact of pipeline and infrastructure projects in the Arctic .

Jackson, TD (2012) Prosperite sans croissance : comment faire Constructif.

Taylor, K and Barnaghi, P (2012) Special issue on sensor networks, internet of things and smart devices .

Akinci, C (2012) Adding to Corporate Memory: A Study into the Role of Intuition in Police Decision-Making .

Todeva, E (2012) Business Clusters, Networks and Economic Development Reading Databank University of Surrey.

Dilaver Kalkan, O (2012) Markets as complex emergent phenomena Awareness Magazine.

Jackson, TD (2012) RE-modelando Desde El Bien Comon - Tim Jackson Recoloca Paradigmas Opciones.

Carr, I (2012) Review - The European Union's Fight against Corruption: The Evolving Policy towards Member States and Candidate Countries (Patrycja Szarek-Mason) .

Behrens, K, Mion, G, Murata, Y and Suedekum, J (2012) Trade, Wages, and Productivity .

Magazine, (2011) Who, What, Why: Why are Indians dying from alcohol poisoning? BBC.

Murua, J, Palacios, R and Graham, JMR (2011) 'Stability analysis of coupled aeroelastic/flight dynamics equations using unsteady vortex-lattice aerodynamics' Airbus Flight Physics Distributed R&T Partnership, Loads and Aeroelastics (workshop presentation)., Bristol, UK.

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McNally, S (2011) The Effects of Education Policy ESRC.

Massacci, D (2011) Testing Linearity Against Smooth Transition Models with Endogenous Variables .

Quinn, T (2011) Chronic heart failure: Evidence Update November 2011 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

Massacci, D (2011) A Simple Test for Linearity Against Exponential Smooth Transition Models with Endogenous Variables .

Fensham, RS (2011) Australian Choreographic Histories .

Jackson, TD (2011) Wir Unersattlichen Die Zeit.

Jackson, TD (2011) Has Western Capitalism failed? World Service's Busimess Daily programme, London.

Barham, JM (2011) Mahler and the Moving Image: Truth or Travesty? .

Chumakina, M, Brown, D, Corbett, G and Quilliam, H (2011) Surrey Periphrasis Database [Available at:] .

Skinner, FS and Mason, A (2011) Covered Interest Rate Parity in Emerging Markets .

Al-Siyabi, M, Cruickshank, H, Sun, Z and Ansa, G (2011) Fairness and satisfaction model for DTN applications using various transportation means .

Hayward, B and Jackson, TD (2011) New Graduates face a more uncertain future than ever before The Guardian, Sustainable Business Blog.

Mason, A, Thomas, S and McGroarty, F (2011) Complementary or Contradictory? Combining Returns Based & Characteristics Based Investment Style Analysis .

Barham, JM (2011) Pre-concert talk for Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performance of Mahler's Symphony no. 8 .

Holden, T (2011) Products, patents and productivity persistence: A DSGE model of endogenous growth . (Unpublished)

Barham, JM (2011) Study on Mahler's Symphony no. 3, Austrian Cultural Forum, London .

Schneider, Steve A., Treharne, Helen and Wehrheim, Heike (2011) Bounded Retransmission in Event-B||CSP: A Case Study Department of Computing, University of Surrey. (Unpublished)

Barham, JM (2011) Radio 3 Discovering Music panel discussion on Mahler's Symphony no. 2 .

Elangovan, P (2011) Challenges in Phase Extraction and Quantification of Micro-CT Data .

Barham, JM (2011) Mahler in the Marketplace: Cultural Capitalism and its Discontents .

Wood, L (2011) SaVi Satellite constellation Visualization software Lloyd Wood, Sourceforge.

Massacci, D (2011) An Asymptotically Smoothed Two-Stage Nonlinear Least Squares Estimator for Threshold Regression Models with Endogenous Variable .

Mason, A, Thomas, S and McGroarty, FJ (2011) Combining Returns Based and Characteristics Based Style Analysis for US Diversified Equity Funds .

Mason, A, Thomas, S and McGroarty, FJ (2011) Complementary or Contradictory? Combining Returns Based & Characteristics Based Investment Style Analysis .

Jackson, TD (2011) Die Droge Wachstum KULTURAUSTAUSCH - Zeitchrift für internationale Beziehungen.

Gibbons, S, McNally, S and Viarengo, M (2011) Does Additional Spending Help Urban Schools? An Evaluation Using Boundary Discontinuities .

Konstadinides, T (2011) EU citizenship: Breaking loose from the constraints of nation-statist settings and free movement requirements? Euroscope Autumn 2011, Sussex European Institute.

McNally, S (2011) England v Wales: Education Performance and Accountability University of York.

Barham, JM (2011) Five London Philharmonic Orchestra pre-concert talks, 2010-11; available as online podcasts at: .

Cantore, C, Ferroni, F and León-Ledesma, MA (2011) Interpreting the Hours-Technology time-varying relationship .

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Konstadinides, T (2011) Review of Fichera M. The Implementation of the European Arrest Warrant in the European Union: Law, Policy and Practice (Antwerp, Intersentia, 2011) .

Uzzell, D and Räthzel, N (2011) Why do individuals seem to be so unwilling to change their behavior when they readily accept that global climate change will affect us? One Million Climate Jobs Campaign.

Bauwens, L, Mion, G and Thisse, J-F (2011) The resistible decline of European science .

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