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Turner, MR (2016) Numerical simulations of dynamic coupling between shallow-water sloshing and horizontal vessel motion with baffles dataset [Dataset]

Bushell, Z, Florescu, M and Sweeney, SJ (2016) High-Q photonic crystal cavities in all-semiconductor heterostructures [Dataset]

Jeynes, C, Florescu, M, Fortini, A, Sear, RP and Keddie, JL (2016) Data for Utgenannt et al - ACS Nano [Dataset]

Skeldon, AC (2016) Data for: Modelling changes in sleep timing and duration across the lifespan: changes in sleep homeostasis or circadian rhythmicity? [Dataset]

Turner, MR and Bridges, TJ (2016) Time-dependent conformal mapping of doubly-connected regions dataset [Dataset]

Catmur, C (2016) de Guzman et al. datasets [Dataset]

Marko, IP, Sweeney, SJ, Ikyo, BA and Hild, K (2015) Temperature stable mid-infrared GaInAsSb/GaSb Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) [Dataset]

Turner, MR (2015) The pendulum-slosh problem: simulation using a time-dependent conformal mapping dataset [Dataset]

Francombe, J, Brookes, T and Mason, R (2015) Data to accompany "Loudness matching multichannel audio programme materials" paper [Dataset]

Franck, A, Fazi, FM and Melchior, F (2015) Optimization-Based Reproduction of Diffuse Audio Objects [Dataset]

Varcoe, JR (2015) IEC data for paper "Separation of carbon dioxide with a low temperature electrochemical anion exchange membrane" [Dataset]

Yahya, I, Bonaccorso, F, Clowes, SK, Ferrari, AC and Silva, SRP (2015) Temperature dependent separation of metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotubes using gel agarose chromatography [Dataset]

Robins, AG, Hayden, P and Carpentieri, M (2015) DIPLOS 1 [Dataset]

Brown, Hayley (2015) Data for Paper: The Impact of Substrate Bias on a Remote Plasma Sputter Coating Process for Conformal Coverage of Trenches and 3D Structures [Dataset]

Silva, SRP (2015) High efficiency air stable organic photovoltaics with an aqueous inorganic contact [Dataset]

Kim, H (2015) IMPART multi-modal dataset [Dataset]

Silva, SRP (2015) Optical nanostructures in 2D for wide-diameter and broadband beam collimation [Dataset]

Marko, IP (2015) Physical properties and characteristics of III-V lasers on silicon [Dataset]

Marko, IP (2015) Semiconductor Quantum Well Lasers With a Temperature-Insensitive Threshold Current [Dataset]

Roma, G, Simpson, AJR and Plumbley, MD (2015) deepkaraoke [Dataset]

Schneider, SA (2015) vVote evaluation survey [Dataset]

Hadfield, S (2013) Hollywood 3D [Dataset]

Moran, Murat (2013) Voting Systems CSP Models [Dataset] (Unpublished)

Holt, B (2011) Pose_Holt11 [Dataset]

Chumakina, Marina (2010) Archi Vocabulary [Dataset]

Chumakina, M, Brown, DP, Quilliam, H and Corbett, GG (2007) Slovar´ arčinskogo jazyka (arčinsko-russko-anglijskij) [A dictionary of Archi: Archi-Russian-English] [Dataset]

Baerman, M, Corbett, G, Brown, D and Hippisley, A (2006) The Surrey Deponency databases [Available at: ] [Dataset]

Corbett, GG, Brown, D, Chumakina, M and Hippisley, A (2004) The Surrey Suppletion database [Dataset]

Baerman, Matthew (2002) The Surrey Person Syncretism Database [Dataset]

Baerman, Matthew, Brown, Dunstan and Corbett, Greville G. (2002) The Surrey Syncretisms Database [Dataset]

Corbett, GG, Tiberius, C, Brown, D and Barron, J (2002) The Surrey Database of Agreement [Dataset]

Lebeda, Karel, Hadfield, Simon J. and Bowden, Richard 3DCars [Dataset]

Shaukat, A and Gao, Y Binary Images of Real-World Nuclear Waste Simulants for Visual Object Recognition [Dataset]

Silva, R Carbon nanotube interconnects realised through functionalization and sintered silver attachment [Dataset]

Woodcock, J, Davies, WJ, Melchior, F and Cox, TJ Categorisation of broadcast audio objects in complex auditory scenes [Dataset]

Wang, W and Dong, J Data and Codes for Reproducing the Results of Analysis SimCO Dictionary Learning Algorithms [Dataset]

Lloyd, DJB and Santitissadeekorn, N Data for Exploring data assimilation and forecasting issues for an urban crime model [Dataset]

Thewalt, M, Murdin, BN and Litvinenko, KL Data for publication entitled "Optical pumping and readout of bismuth hyperfine states in silicon for atomic clock applications" [Dataset]

Francombe, J, Brookes, T, Mason, R and Woodcock, J Data to accompany "Analysis of listener preference for spatial audio reproduction methods" [Dataset]

Francombe, J, Brookes, T, Mason, R and Woodcock, J Data to accompany "Determining and Labeling the Preference Dimensions of Spatial Audio Replay" [Dataset]

Francombe, J, Brookes, T and Mason, R Data to accompany "Elicitation of the perceptual differences between spatial audio reproduction methods" [Dataset]

Sear, RP, Little, LJ and Keddie, JL Dataset for 2015 CGD paper on crystallisation of glycine from solution (Little, Sear and Keddie) [Dataset]

Mithen, JP and Sear, RP Dataset for GCM simulations by James Mithen [Dataset]

Suckling, JR Eco-Design Article Data [Dataset]

Curry, RJ and Fedorenko, YG Electrical Properties of Bi-implanted amorphous chalcogenide films [Dataset]

Ginossar, Eran Fermion parity measurement and control in Majorana circuit quantum electrodynamics [Dataset]

Cole, A Flow Cytometry Data and Fluorescence Microscopy Images of V79 and LN18 Cells Exposed to 250 kVp X Rays [Dataset]

3rd Party, GEANT/Abilene Network Topology Data and Traffic Traces [Dataset]

Carey, JD, Ahmad, M, Anguita, JV, Stolojan, V, Corless, T and Silva, SRP High Quality Carbon Nanotubes on Conductive Substrates Grown at Low Temperatures [Dataset]

Lloyd, DJB Homoclinic snaking near the surface instability of a polarisable fluid [Dataset]

Stokes, T and Hummersone, C Improving the perceptual quality of single-channel blind audio source separation [Dataset]

Suckling, JR and Lee, J International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment Literature Review Data [Dataset]

Cooper, HM Kinect Sign Recognition [Dataset]

Arena, Noemi Life Cycle Assessment of activated carbon production from coconut shells [Dataset]

Turner, M and Bridges, T Liquid sloshing in a horizontally forced vessel with bottom topography dataset [Dataset]

Jones, S North West London Integrated Care Pilot [Dataset]

Palancar, EL and Feist, T Oto-Manguean Inflectional Class Database [Dataset]

Coleman, P POSZ Room Impulse Responses [Dataset]

Coleman, P, Remaggi, L and Jackson, PJB S3A Room Impulse Responses [Dataset]

de Campos, TE, Liu, Q and Barnard, M S3A speaker tracking with Kinect2 [Dataset]

Klaudiny, M, Tejera, M, Malleson, C, Guillemaut, J-Y and Hilton, A SCENE Digital Cinema Datasets [Dataset]

Bajpai, A and Gao, Y Simulated Data For Evaluation Of Planetary Monocular Vision-based Localisation, Navigation and Mapping Techniques [Dataset]

Joo, Jaewoo, Elliott, Matthew, Oi, Daniel K, Ginossar, Eran and Spiller, Timothy P Supporting Data for 'Deterministic amplification of Schrödinger cat states in circuit quantum electrodynamics' [Dataset]

Elliott, Matthew and Ginossar, Eran Supporting Data for 'Enhanced state tomography of squeezed vacuum with circuit quantum electrodynamics' [Dataset]

Brown, M Test Images for Line Detection in Urban Scenes [Dataset]

Anguita, JV, Ahmad, M, Saq, S, Allam, J and Silva, SRP Ultra-broadband light trapping using nanotextured decoupled graphene multilayers [Dataset]

Florescu, M Unfolding the band structure of non-crystalline photonic band gap materials [Dataset]

Bajpai, A, Shaukat, A, Burroughes, G and Gao, Y West Wittering Beach Data For Evaluation Of Planetary Monocular Vision-based Localisation, Navigation and Mapping Techniques [Dataset]

Litvinenko, KL and Murdin, BN data for publication entitled "Donor-Bound Exciton Photoluminescence in phosphorus doped silicon at high magnetic field" [Dataset]

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