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Armstrong, Thomas (2017) Distant Beauties. Music composition for flute and viola composed for a re-working of the Prologue to Tchaikovsky’s ballet, The Sleeping Beauty. [Composition]

Armstrong, Thomas, Trio Aporia, and Lightwork, (2016) Lines of Flight: Multimedia composition for baroque flute, viola da gamba, harpsichord and video projection [Composition]

Armstrong, Thomas (2016) JPR. Musical composition for baroque flute, viola da gamba and harpsichord. [Composition]

Goss, SM (2016) Watts Chapel [Composition]

Goss, SM (2016) Labyrinth [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2015) Diversions 3 [Composition]

Goss, SM (2015) Looking Glass Ties [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2015) ACTG [Composition] (Unpublished)

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Another Day [Composition] (Unpublished)

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Birth and Death [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Circles [Composition] (Unpublished)

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Crystals [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Dark Shards [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Distant Harmony [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Geometudes Nos.1-5 [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Irrational Music [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Outbreak [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Seed Pods [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Sound Asleep (video installation) [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Starstuff [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2015) Wave [Composition]

Goss, SM (2015) Cantigas de Santiago [Composition]

Goss, SM (2015) Sonata Capriccioso [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2014) Sound Asleep (2014) [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2014) Frees [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2014) 2 Blue Circles [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2014) Asini [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2014) The Broken Music Box [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2014) I(c)escape [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2014) Limnos [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2014) Spirals [Composition]

Goss, SM (2014) The Book Of Songs [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2014) Damascene Redux for saxophone quartet [Composition]

Goss, SM (2014) Illustrations to The Book of Songs [Composition]

Goss, SM (2014) Sound of Iona [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2013) Albumleaves for trumpet and string quartet [Composition] (Unpublished)

Mermikides, MJ (2013) BloodLines [Composition]

Goss, SM (2013) Concerto for Five [Composition]

Goss, SM (2013) Piano Concerto [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2013) Arachne a theatre piece for voices, harpsichord and electronics [Composition]

Goss, SM (2013) Sonatina after a Concerto [Composition]

Goss, SM and Isaacs, R (2012) Songs of the Solar System [Composition]

Goss, SM (2012) The Flower of Cities [Composition]

Sansom, M (2012) Apparitions [Composition]

Goss, SM (2012) Piano Cycle [Composition]

Goss, SM (2012) Circle Line [Composition]

Goss, SM (2012) Marylebone Elegy [Composition]

Goss, SM (2012) Guitar Concerto (2012) [Composition]

Armstrong, T and Minamore, B (2012) Do the Right Thing [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2012) The Escher Café. [Composition]

Goss, SM (2011) Mahler Lieder [Composition]

Goss, SM (2011) The Shard [Composition]

Goss, SM (2011) River Winds [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2011) Hidden Music: Sonic Translations of the Biological World [Composition]

Sansom, M (2011) SPIRIT REDUX [Composition]

Armstrong, T and Diamond, S (2011) The Cathedral on the Marshes [Composition] (Unpublished)

Goss, SM (2011) Caught Between [Composition]

Goss, SM (2010) The Albéniz Concerto [Composition]

Goss, SM (2010) Portraits and Landscapes [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ and Gregson, P (2010) Terminal [Composition]

Goss, SM (2010) Northern Lights [Composition]

Goss, SM (2010) American Pastoral [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2010) Out of the Sun [Composition]

Goss, SM (2010) The Sea of the Edge [Composition]

Goss, SM (2009) The Autumn Song [Composition]

Mermikides, MJ (2009) Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Soundtrack (22mins) [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2009) Into the Garden [Composition] (Unpublished)

Armstrong, T (2009) Dancing in the Moonlight [Composition] (Unpublished)

Sansom, M (2009) The Blessed Tree [Composition]

Brookes, TS (2009) Katehedral [Composition]

Sansom, M and Harold, J (2009) Last 30 mins [Composition]

Goss, SM (2009) Rough Music [Composition]

Goss, SM (2009) Still the Sea [Composition]

Goss, SM (2009) Variations on a Burns Air: Scherzo [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2008) Akin [Composition] (Unpublished)

Armstrong, T (2008) Capriccio [Composition] (Unpublished)

Mermikides, MJ (2008) Martino Unstrung (Soundtrack, 82 minutes) [Composition]

Goss, SM (2008) Cadenza for Mozart's Violin Concerto in G K216 [Composition]

Goss, SM (2008) El Llanto de los Sueños (the Weeping of Dreams; for guitar, 11 mins.) [Composition]

Goss, SM (2008) The Garden of Cosmic Speculation [Composition]

Goss, SM (2008) Interludes (for solo piano; 32 mins.) [Composition]

Sansom, M and Davies, R (2008) Live and Uncut Vol. 1 [Composition]

Goss, SM (2008) Navarra - Sarasate arr. Goss [Composition]

Goss, SM (2008) Six Welsh Folk Songs (1991/2008) [Composition]

Sansom, M (2008) Southerndown Beach [Composition]

Sansom, M (2008) sacred place: sound installation for St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, London, UK [Composition]

Sansom, M (2007) Heardhere [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2007) Catching the Sun [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2007) Opened Spaces [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2007) Black Maria multimedia ballet for children [Composition]

Goss, SM (2007) The Chinese Garden [Composition]

Sansom, M (2007) GeoPhonoBox:‘The Sun of Tabriz’ (mixed media with sound [Composition]

Goss, SM (2007) Guildford Life [Composition]

Goss, SM (2007) Japanese Water Garden [Composition]

Goss, SM (2007) from Honey to Ashes [Composition]

Sansom, M (2007) solutio [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2006) Akin for violin and piano [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2006) Breath Over Strings [Composition]

Sansom, M (2006) Up in the Air [Composition]

Sansom, M (2006) vital organs [Composition]

Sansom, M (2005) On Remembrance [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2005) Four Instances [Composition]

Sansom, M and Weileder, W (2005) House - Birmingham [Composition]

Sansom, M (2005) A Midsummer Night's Dream [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2005) An Opening Line [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2005) Subterrania [Composition]

Sansom, M and Davies, R (2005) Two Toy Pianos and Harp [Composition]

Sansom, M (2005) Unsilently [Composition]

Sansom, M (2005) muraqabah [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2004) Bounce [Composition]

Harold, J and Sansom, M (2004) last 30 mins [Composition]

Sansom, M (2004) luminae natura [Composition]

Armstrong, T, Jackson, J, Jenkyn-Jones, N and Deveril, (2003) Spin [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2003) Damascene Portrait [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2002) Adagio [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2002) Divertissements [Composition]

Sansom, M and Weileder, W (2002) Muraiki [Composition]

Armstrong, T (2001) Tall Ship Tales [Composition]

Goss, SM (1998) Carmen Fantasy [Composition]

Mermikides, Milton The Escher Cafe (2011) 8'20" [Composition]

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