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Zhang, W, Zuo, X, Zhang, D, Wu, C and Silva, SRP (2016) Cr3+ substituted spinel ferrite nanoparticles with high coercivity NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27 (24), ARTN 24570.

Synnott, DW, Seery, MK, Hinder, SJ, Colreavy, J and Pillai, SC (2013) Novel microwave assisted synthesis of ZnS nanomaterials NANOTECHNOLOGY, 24 (4), ARTN 04570.

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Forbes, RG (2012) Extraction of emission parameters for large-area field emitters, using a technically complete Fowler-Nordheim-type equation NANOTECHNOLOGY, 23 (9), ARTN 09570.

Guan, W, Ghatak, J, Peng, Y, Peng, N, Jeynes, C, Inkson, B and Moebus, G (2012) Patterned ion beam implantation of Co ions into a SiO2 thin film via ordered nanoporous alumina masks NANOTECHNOLOGY, 23 (4), ARTN 0.

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Henley, SJ, Fryar, J, Jayawardena, KDGI and Silva, SRP (2010) Laser-assisted hydrothermal growth of size-controlled ZnO nanorods for sensing applications NANOTECHNOLOGY, 21 (36), 365502. - - -.

Sharma, P, Anguita, JV, Stolojan, V, Henley, SJ and Silva, SRP (2010) The growth of silica and silica-clad nanowires using a solid-state reaction mechanism on Ti, Ni and SiO2 layers NANOTECHNOLOGY, 21 (29), ARTN 2.

Lamprecht, C, Liashkovich, I, Neves, V, Danzberger, J, Heister, E, Rangl, M, Coley, HM, McFadden, J, Flahaut, E, Gruber, HJ, Hinterdorfer, P, Kienberger, F and Ebner, A (2009) AFM imaging of functionalized carbon nanotubes on biological membranes NANOTECHNOLOGY, 20 (43), ARTN 43400.

Rod, I, Kazakova, O, Cox, DC, Spasova, M and Farle, M (2009) The route to single magnetic particle detection: a carbon nanotube decorated with a finite number of nanocubes NANOTECHNOLOGY, 20 (33), ARTN 33530.

Dissanayake, DMNM, Hatton, RA, Lutz, T, Curry, RJ and Silva, SRP (2009) The fabrication and analysis of a PbS nanocrystal:C-60 bilayer hybrid photovoltaic system NANOTECHNOLOGY, 20 (24), ARTN 2.

Dissanayake, DMNM, Hatton, RA, Lutz, T, Curry, RJ and Silva, SRP (2009) Charge transfer between acenes and PbS nanocrystals NANOTECHNOLOGY, 20 (19), ARTN 1.

Smith, PR, Carey, JD, Cox, DC, Forrest, RD and Silva, SRP (2009) On the importance of the electrostatic environment for the transport properties of freestanding multiwall carbon nanotubes NANOTECHNOLOGY, 20 (14), ARTN 1.

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Tan, LW, Hatton, RA, Latini, G, Shannon, JM and Silva, SRP (2008) Modification of charge transport in triphenyldiamine films induced by acid oxidized single-walled carbon nanotube interlayers NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (48), ARTN 48570.

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Mollah, S, Henley, SJ and Silva, SRP (2008) Continuous-flow laser synthesis of large quantities of iron oxide nanowires in solution NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (20), ARTN 2.

Errachid, A, Caballero, D, Crespo, E, Bessueille, F, Pla-Roca, M, Mills, CA, Teixidor, F and Samitier, J (2007) Electropolymerization of nano-dimensioned polypyrrole micro-ring arrays on gold substrates prepared using submerged micro-contact printing NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18 (48), ARTN 4.

Kerr, GL, Smith, PR, Carey, JD and Silva, SRP (2007) Electrical conduction and transmission coefficients of suspended multiwalled carbon nanotubes NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18 (29), ARTN 2.

Kumar, RTR, McGlynn, E, McLoughlin, C, Chakrabarti, S, Smith, RC, Carey, JD, Mosnier, JP and Henry, MO (2007) Control of ZnO nanorod array density by Zn supersaturation variation and effects on field emission NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18 (21), ARTN 2.

Watts, PCP, Henley, SJ, Mendoza, E, Silva, SRP, Irvine, JK and McAdams, ET (2007) Core-shell silver/silver chloride nanoparticles on carbon nanofibre arrays for bio-potential monitoring NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18 (20), ARTN 20550.

Watts, PCP, Mureau, N, Tang, Z, Miyajima, Y, Carey, JD and Silva, SRP (2007) The importance of oxygen-containing defects on carbon nanotubes for the detection of polar and non-polar vapours through hydrogen bond formation NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18 (17), ARTN 1.

Misra, SK, Watts, PCP, Valappil, SP, Silva, SRP, Roy, I and Boccaccini, AR (2007) Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)/Bioglass (R) composite films containing carbon nanotubes NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18 (7), ARTN 07570.

Adikaari, AADT, Carey, JD, Stolojan, V, Keddie, JL and Silva, SRP (2006) Bandgap enhancement of layered nanocrystalline silicon from excimer laser crystallization NANOTECHNOLOGY, 17 (21). pp. 5412-5416.

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Mills, CA, Escarre, J, Engel, E, Martinez, E, Errachid, A, Bertomeu, J, Andreu, J, Planell, JA and Samitier, J (2005) Micro- and nanostructuring of poly(ethylene-2,6-naphthalate) surfaces, for biomedical applications, using polymer replication techniques NANOTECHNOLOGY, 16 (4). pp. 369-375.

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Carey, JD, Ong, LL and Silva, SRP (2003) Formation of low-temperature self-organized nanoscale nickel metal islands NANOTECHNOLOGY, 14 (11), PII S0. pp. 1223-1227.

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