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Chen, L, Laing, TM and Martin, KM (2017) Revisiting and extending the AONT-RS scheme: a robust computationally secure secret sharing scheme In: 9th International Conference on Cryptology and Information Security. AFRICACRYPT 2017, 2017-05-24 - 2017-05-26, Dakar, Senegal.

Zakarya, M and Gillam, L (2017) An energy aware cost recovery approach for virtual machine migration In: 13th International Conference on Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems and Services, 2016-09-20 - 2016-09-22, Athens, Greece.

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Alghamdi, HS, Tang, HL, Waheeb, SA and Peto, T (2016) Automatic Optic Disc Abnormality Detection in Fundus Images: A Deep Learning Approach In: OMIA3 (MICCAI 2016), 2016-10-17 - 2016-10-21, Athens.

Simpson, AR, Roma, G and Plumbley, M (2015) Deep Karaoke: Extracting Vocals from Musical Mixtures Using a Convolutional Deep Neural Network In: Latent Variable Analysis and Signal Separation: 12th International Conference, LVA/ICA 2015, 25-28 Aug 2015, Liberec, Czech Republic.

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Lebeda, Karel, Matas, Jiri and Bowden, Richard (2013) Tracking the Untrackable: How to Track When Your Object Is Featureless In: ACCV workshop on Detection and Tracking in Challenging Environments, 5-9 November 2012, Daejeon, South Korea.

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Yusoff, N and Grüning, A (2010) Supervised Associative Learning in Spiking Neural Network In: Artificial Neural Networks – ICANN 2010, 2010-09-15 - 2010-09-18, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Yusoff, N and Grüning, A (2010) Supervised Associative Learning in Spiking Neural Network In: Artificial Neural Networks – ICANN 2010, 2010-09-15 - 2010-09-18, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Xia, Z, Culnane, C, Heather, JA, Jonker, H, Ryan, PYA, Schneider, SA and Srinivasan, S (2010) Versatile Pret a Voter: Handling Multiple Election Methods with a Unified Interface In: Indocrypt, 2010-12-12 - 2010-12-15, Hyderabad, India.

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Brown, AW, Delbaere, M and Johnston, S (2007) A Practical Perspective on the Design and Implementation of Service-oriented Solutions

Brown, AW and Johnston, SK (2006) A Model-driven Development Approach to Creating Service-oriented Solutions

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Schneider, SA and Heather, JA A Formal Framework for Modelling Coercion Resistance and Receipt Freeness In: FM 2012: 18th International Symposium on Formal Methods, 2012-08-27 - 2012-08-31.

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