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Seabourne, CR, Brydson, R, Brown, AP, Latham, CD and Heggie, MI (2014) EELS modelling of graphitisation In: Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group Conference 2013 (EMAG2013), 2013-09-03 - 2013-09-06, University of York.

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Somà, V, Duguet, T and Barbieri, C (2012) Self-consistent Gorkov Green's function calculations of one-nucleon spectral properties

Lalkovski, S, Kisyov, S, Zhekova, M, Bruce, AM, Bacelar, AMD, Górska, M, Pietri, S, Bednarczyk, P, Caceres, L, Doornenbal, P, Geissel, H, Gerl, J, Grȩbosz, J, Kojouharov, I, Kurz, N, Prokopowicz, W, Schaffner, H, Tashenov, S, Wollersheim, HJ, Podolyák, Z, Cullen, IJ, Farrelly, GF, Garnsworthy, AB, Gelletly, W, Regan, PH, Steer, S, Walker, PM, Casarejos, E, Myalski, S, Hinke, C, Ilie, G, Jaworski, G and Palacz, M (2012) Single-particle isomeric states in Pd and Ru Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 366 (1). ISSN 1742-6588

Fomichev, AS, Ter-Akopian, GM, Bezbakh, AA, Chudoba, V, Daniel, AV, Golovkov, MS, Gorshkov, AV, Gorshkov, VA, Grigorenko, LV, Kaminski, G, Krupko, SA, Oganessian, YT, Parfenova, YL, Sidorchuk, SI, Slepnev, RS, Standylo, L, Stepantsov, SV, Wolski, R, Ershov, SN, Lukyanov, VK, Danilin, BV, Korsheninnikov, AA, Goldberg, VZ, Pfützner, M, Mukha, IG, Simon, H, Tarasov, OB, Timofeyuk, NK and Zhukov, MV (2012) Status of the ACCULINNA-2 project at FLNR

Reed, MW, Walker, PM, Cullen, IJ, Deo, AY, Kempley, RS, Swan, TPD, Litvinov, YA, Bosch, F, Brandau, C, Shubina, D, Winckler, N, Litvinov, YA, Blaum, K, Dimopoulou, C, Farinon, F, Geissel, H, Heil, M, Knöbel, R, Kozhuharov, C, Kurcewicz, J, Kuzminchuk, N, Litvinov, S, Nociforo, C, Nolden, F, Prochazka, A, Scheidenberger, C, Steck, M, Stöhlker, T, Sun, B, Weick, H, Winckler, N, Winkler, M, Brandau, C, Carroll, JJ, Cullen, DM, Detwiler, B, Trees, G, Dracoulis, GD, Geissel, H, Haettner, E, Pla, WR, Scheidenberger, C, Liu, Z, Woods, PJ, Mao, R, Stöhlker, T and Yamaguchi, T (2012) Technique for resolving low-lying isomers in the experimental storage ring (ESR) and the occurrence of an isomeric state in Re Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 381 (1). ISSN 1742-6588

Bruce, AM, Bacelar, AMD, Benzoni, G, Gottardo, A, Nicolini, R, Sahin, E, Gadea, A, Algora, A, Górska, M, Pietri, S, Boutachkov, P, Cortés, ML, Domingo-Prado, C, Farinon, F, Geissel, H, Gerl, J, Goel, N, Gregor, E, Haberman, T, Hoischen, R, Kojouharov, I, Kurz, N, Nociforo, C, Prochazka, A, Prokopowicz, W, Schaffner, H, Sharma, A, Weick, H, Wollersheim, H-J, Valiente-Dobón, JJ, Mengoni, D, Podolyák, Z, Al-Dahan, N, Alkhomashi, N, Bowry, M, Bunce, M, Deo, AY, Farrelly, GF, Regan, PH, Walker, PM, Alcántara-Núñez, JA, Ayyad, Y, Allegro, PRP, Casarejos, E, Doncel, M, Eppinger, K, Klupp, S, Steiger, K, Grȩbosz, J, Rudolph, D, Janik, R, Sitar, B, Strmen, P, Szarka, I, Lunardi, S, Menegazzo, R, Mandal, S, Siwal, D, Naqvi, F and Pissulla, T (2012) β decay of Y produced in projectile fission of U Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 381 (1). ISSN 1742-6588

Somà, V, Duguet, T and Barbieri, C (2011) Gorkov self-consistent Green's function calculations of semi-magic nuclei

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Tostevin, JA (2006) Probing the shell model using nucleon knockout reactions Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 49 (1). 21 - 26. ISSN 1742-6588

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