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Royall, E, Doyle, N, Abdul-Wahab, A, Emmott, E, Morley, SJ, Goodfellow, I, Roberts, LO and Locker, N (2015) Murine Norovirus 1 (MNV1) Replication Induces Translational Control of the Host by Regulating eIF4E Activity during Infection JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 290 (8). pp. 4748-4758.

Chung, L, Bailey, D, Leen, EN, Emmott, EP, Chaudhry, Y, Roberts, LO, Curry, S, Locker, N and Goodfellow, IG (2014) Norovirus Translation Requires an Interaction between the C Terminus of the Genome-linked Viral Protein VPg and Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 4G JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 289 (31). pp. 21738-21750.

Wypijewski, KJ, Howie, J, Reilly, L, Tulloch, LB, Aughton, KL, McLatchie, LM, Shattock, MJ, Calaghan, SC and Fuller, W (2013) A Separate Pool of Cardiac Phospholemman That Does Not Regulate or Associate with the Sodium Pump MULTIMERS OF PHOSPHOLEMMAN IN VENTRICULAR MUSCLE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 288 (19). pp. 13808-13820.

Choe, J, Oh, N, Park, S, Lee, YK, Song, O-K, Locker, N, Chi, S-G and Kim, YK (2012) Translation Initiation on mRNAs Bound by Nuclear Cap-binding Protein Complex CBP80/20 Requires Interaction between CBP80/20-dependent Translation Initiation Factor and Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 3g JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 287 (22). pp. 18500-18509.

Hall, BS, Bot, C and Wilkinson, SR (2011) Nifurtimox Activation by Trypanosomal Type I Nitroreductases Generates Cytotoxic Nitrile Metabolites JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 286 (15). pp. 13088-13095.

Thakur, S, Du, J, Hourani, S, Ledent, C and Li, J-M (2010) Inactivation of Adenosine A(2A) Receptor Attenuates Basal and Angiotensin II-induced ROS Production by Nox2 in Endothelial Cells JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 285 (51). pp. 40104-40113.

Durrington, HJ, Upton, PD, Hoer, S, Boname, J, Dunmore, BJ, Yang, J, Crilley, TK, Butler, LM, Blackbourn, DJ, Nash, GB, Lehner, PJ and Morrell, NW (2010) Identification of a Lysosomal Pathway Regulating Degradation of the Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor Type II JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 285 (48). pp. 37641-37649.

AbuOun, M, Suthers, PF, Jones, GI, Carter, BR, Saunders, MP, Maranas, CD, Woodward, MJ and Anjum, MF (2009) Genome Scale Reconstruction of a Salmonella Metabolic Model COMPARISON OF SIMILARITY AND DIFFERENCES WITH A COMMENSAL ESCHERICHIA COLI STRAIN JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 284 (43). pp. 29480-29488.

Areste, C, Mutocheluh, M and Blackbourn, DJ (2009) Identification of Caspase-mediated Decay of Interferon Regulatory Factor-3, Exploited by a Kaposi Sarcoma-associated Herpesvirus Immunoregulatory Protein JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 284 (35). pp. 23272-23285.

Okroj, M, Mark, L, Stokowska, A, Wong, SW, Rose, N, Blackbourn, DJ, Villoutreix, BO, Spiller, OB and Blom, AM (2009) Characterization of the Complement Inhibitory Function of Rhesus Rhadinovirus Complement Control Protein (RCP) JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 284 (1). pp. 505-514.

Borodina, I, Siebring, J, Zhang, J, Smith, CP, van Keulen, G, Dijkhuizen, L and Nielsen, J (2008) Antibiotic overproduction in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) mediated by phosphofructokinase deletion JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 283 (37). pp. 25186-25199.

Boshoff, HIM, Xu, X, Tahlan, K, Dowd, CS, Pethe, K, Camacho, LR, Park, T-H, Yun, C-S, Schnappinger, D, Ehrt, S, Williams, KJ and Barry, CE (2008) Biosynthesis and recycling of nicotinamide cofactors in Mycobacterium tuberculosis - An essential role for NAD in nonreplicating bacilli JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 283 (28). pp. 19329-19341.

Maskrey, BH, Bermudez-Fajardo, A, Morgan, AH, Stewart-Jones, E, Dioszeghy, V, Taylor, GW, Baker, PRS, Coles, B, Coffey, MJ, Kuehn, H and O'Donnell, VB (2007) Activated platelets and monocytes generate four hydroxyphosphatidylethanolamines via lipoxygenase JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 282 (28). pp. 20151-20163.

Hall, BS, Gabernet-Castello, C, Voak, A, Goulding, D, Natesan, SK and Field, MC (2006) TbVps34, the trypanosome orthologue of Vps34, is required for Golgi complex segregation JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 281 (37). pp. 27600-27612.

Chaudhry, Y, Nayak, A, Bordeleau, M-E, Tanaka, J, Pelletier, J, Belsham, GJ, Roberts, LO and Goodfellow, IG (2006) Caliciviruses differ in their functional requirements for eIF4F components JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 281 (35). pp. 25315-25325.

Murphy, HN, Stewart, GR, Mischenko, VV, Apt, AS, Harris, R, McAlister, MSB, Driscoll, PC, Young, DB and Robertson, BD (2005) The OtsAB pathway is essential for trehalose biosynthesis in Mycobacterium tuberculosis JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 280 (15). pp. 14524-14529.

Boyer-Guittaut, M, Birsoy, K, Potel, C, Elliott, G, Jaffray, E, Desterro, JM, Hay, RT and Oelgeschlager, T (2005) SUMO-1 modification of human transcription factor (TF) IID complex subunits JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 280 (11). pp. 9937-9945.

Hamimes, S, Arakawa, H, Stasiak, AZ, Kierzek, AM, Hirano, S, Yang, YG, Takata, M, Stasiak, A, Buerstedde, JM and Van Dyck, E (2005) RDM1, a novel RNA recognition motif (RRM)-containing protein involved in the cell response to cisplatin in vertebrates JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 280 (10). pp. 9225-9235.

Swales, K, Kakizaki, S, Yamamoto, Y, Inoue, K, Kobayashi, K and Negishi, M (2005) Novel CAR-mediated mechanism for synergistic activation of two distinct elements within the human cytochrome P4502B6 gene in HepG2 cells JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 280 (5). pp. 3458-3466.

Zaim, J, Speina, E and Kierzek, AM (2005) Identification of new genes regulated by the Crt1 transcription factor, an effector of the DNA damage checkpoint pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 280 (1). pp. 28-37.

Hitchcock, TM, Dong, L, Connor, EE, Meira, LB, Samson, LD, Wyatt, MD and Cao, WG (2004) Oxanine DNA glycosylase activity from mammalian alkyladenine glycosylase JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 279 (37). pp. 38177-38183.

Raffoul, JJ, Cabelof, DC, Nakamura, J, Meira, LB, Friedberg, EC and Heydari, AR (2004) Apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease (APE/REF-1) haploinsufficient mice display tissue-specific differences in DNA polymerase beta-dependent base excision repair JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 279 (18). pp. 18425-18433.

Kierzek, AM, Zaim, J and Zielenkiewicz, P (2001) The effect of transcription and translation initiation frequencies on the stochastic fluctuations in prokaryotic gene expression JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 276 (11). pp. 8165-8172.

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Dunstan, SL, Sala-Newby, GB, Fajardo, AB, Taylor, KM and Campbell, AK (2000) Cloning and expression of the bioluminescent photoprotein pholasin from the bivalve mollusc Pholas dactylus JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 275 (13). pp. 9403-9409.

Kemball-Cook, G, Johnson, DJD, Takamiya, O, Banner, DW, McVey, JH and Tuddenham, EGD (1998) Coagulation factor VII Gln(100)-> Arg - Amino acid substitution at the epidermal growth factor 2-protease domain interface results in severely reduced tissue factor binding and procoagulant function JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 273 (14). pp. 8516-8521.

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