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Adams, JM and Warner, M (2005) Elasticity of smectic-$A$ elastomers Physical Review E, 71, 2. 021708-021708.

Adams, JM and Warner, M (2005) Soft elasticity in smectic elastomers Physical Review E, 72, 1. 011703-011703.

Andgren, K, Podolyak, Z, Dewald, A, Xu, F R, Algora, A, Axiotis, M, Bazzacco, D, Bizzeti, P G, Bizzeti-Sona, A M, Cederwall, B, de Angelis, G, Farnea, E, Fitzler, A, Gadea, A, Gelletly, W, Lunardi, S, Moller, O, Marginean, N, Martinez, T, Pissulla, T, Rusu, C, Ur, C A, Venturelli, R, Walker, P M and Wheldon, C (2005) Lifetime Measurements of Normal Deformed States in Lu-165(71) Physical Review C, 71 (1).

Andgren, K., Podolyák, Zs., Dewald, A., Xu, F. R., Algora, A., Axiotis, M., Bazzacco, D., Bizzeti, P. G., Bizzeti-Sona, A. M., Cederwall, B., de Angelis, G., Farnea, E., Fitzler, A., Gadea, A., Gelletly, W., Lunardi, S., Möller, O. HASH(0xa160c18), Marginean, N., Martinez, T., Pissulla, T., Rusu, C., Ur, C. A., VenturellI, R., Walker, P. M. and Wheldon, C. (2005) Lifetime measurements of normal deformed states in 71165Lu Physical Review C, 71 (014312).

Andreev, A D and O'Reilly, E P (2005) Optical Matrix Element in InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots: Dependence on Quantum Dot Parameters Applied Physics Letters, 87 (21).


Barbieri, C (2005) Contribution to the wednesday afternoon discussion on spectroscopic factors In: 2nd Argonne/MSU/JINA/INT RIA Workshop, 2005-03-09 - 2005-03-12, E Lansing, MI.

Barbieri, C and Jennings, BK (2005) Nucleon-nucleus optical potential in the particle-hole approach PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 72 (1), ARTN 0.

Batham, P, Thompson, IJ and Tostevin, JA (2005) Dynamical core deformation effects on single-nucleon knockout reactions at fragmentation beam energies PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 71 (6), ARTN 0.

Branford, W R, Husmann, A, Solin, S A, Clowes, S K, Zhang, T, Bugoslavsky, Y V and Cohen, L F (2005) Geometric Manipulation of the High-Field Linear Magnetoresistance in InSb Epilayers on GaAs(001) Applied Physics Letters, 86 (20).

Braun, F N, Paulsen, S, Sear, RP and Warren, P B (2005) Miscibility Gap in the Microbial Fitness Landscape Physical Review Letters, 94 (17).

Bucurescu, D, Podolyak, Z, Rusu, C, de Angelis, G, Zhang, YH, Cata-Danil, G, Cata-Danil, I, Ivascu, M, Marginean, N, Marginean, R, Mihailescu, LC, Suliman, GA, Regan, PH, Gelletly, W, Langdown, SD, Dobon, JJV, Bazzacco, D, Lunardi, S, Ur, CA, Axiotis, M, Gadea, A, Farnea, E, Ionescu-Bujor, M, Iordachescu, A, Kroll, T, Martinez, T, Bizzetti, PG, Broda, R, Medina, NH, Quintana, B and Rubio, B (2005) High-spin states in the nuclei Y-91 and Nb-95 PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 71 (3), ARTN 0.


Christmas, UME, Andreev, AD and Faux, DA (2005) Calculation of electric field and optical transitions in InGaN/GaN quantum wells JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 98 (7), ARTN 0.


Duckworth, P, Richardson, H, Carelli, C and Keddie, JL (2005) Infrared ellipsometry of interdiffusion in thin films of miscible polymers SURFACE AND INTERFACE ANALYSIS, 37 (1). pp. 33-41.


El-Masri, H M, Walker, P M, Dracoulis, G D, Kibedi, T, Byrne, A P, Bruce, A M, Orce, J N, Emmanouilidis, A, Cullen, D M, Wheldon, C and Xu, F R (2005) High-K States in the Odd-Odd Nuclide Re-180 Physical Review C, 72 (5).

El-Masri, H. M., Walker, P. M., Dracoulis, G. D., Kibédi, T., Byrne, A. P., Bruce, A. M., Orce, J. N., Emmanouilidis, A., Cullen, D. M., Wheldon, C. and Xu, F. R. (2005) High-K states in the odd-odd nuclide 180Re Physical Review C, 72 (054306).


Faux, DA and Christmas, UME (2005) Real-space Green's tensors for stress and strain in crystals with cubic anisotropy JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 98 (3), ARTN 0.

Fehse, R, O'Reilly, EP, Sweeney, SJ, Adams, AR, McConville, D, Riechert, H and Geelhaar, L (2005) Investigation of carrier recombination processes and transport properties in GaInAsN/GaAs quantum wells AIP Conference Proceedings, 772. pp. 985-986.

Florescu, M, Lee, H, Stimpson, AJ and Dowling, J (2005) Thermal emission and absorption of radiation in finite inverted-opal photonic crystals PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 72 (3), ARTN 0.

Fridmann, J, Wiedenhover, I, Gade, A, Baby, LT, Bazin, D, Brown, BA, Campbell, CM, Cook, JM, Cottle, PD and Diffenderfer, E (2005) 'Magic' nucleus Si-42 NATURE, 435 (7044). pp. 922-924.


Gade, A, Bazin, D, Bertulani, CA, Brown, BA, Campbell, CM, Church, JA, Dinca, DC, Enders, J, Glasmacher, T, Hansen, PG, Hu, Z, Kemper, KW, Mueller, WF, Olliver, H, Perry, BC, Riley, LA, Roeder, BT, Sherrill, BM, Terry, JR, Tostevin, JA and Yurkewicz, KL (2005) Knockout from Ar-46 : l=3 neutron removal and deviations from eikonal theory PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 71 (5), ARTN 0.

Galbraith, I, Chari, R, Pellegrini, S, Phillips, P J, Dent, C J, van der Meer, A F, Clarke, D G, Kar, A K, Buller, G S, Pidgeon, C R, Murdin, B N, Allam, J and Strasser, G (2005) Excitonic Signatures in the Photoluminescence and Terahertz Absorption of a GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs Multiple Quantum Well Physical Review B, 71 (7).

Galbraith, I., Chari, R., Pellegrini, S., Phillips, P. J., Dent, C. J., van der Meer, A. F. G., Clarke, D. G., Kar, A. K., Buller, G. S., Pidgeon, C. R., Murdin, B. N., Allam, J. and Strasser, G. (2005) Excitonic signatures in the photoluminescence and terahertz absorption of a GaAs/AlxGa1–xAs multiple quantum well Physical Review B, 71 (073302).

Garcia-Camacho, A, Johnson, RC and Tostevin, JA (2005) Improved implementation of the transfer-to-the-continuum method for single-neutron knockout reactions and the validity of standard approximations PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 71 (4), ARTN 0.

Garcia-Camacho, A, Johnson, RC and Tostevin, JA (2005) Polarization observables and spin-dependent distortion effects in single-nucleon knockout reactions PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 72 (4), ARTN 0.

Gehrig, E and Hess, O (2005) Dynamic Amplitude-Phase Coupling in Quantum-Dot Lasers Applied Physics Letters, 86 (20).

Gehrig, E and Hess, O (2005) Optimization of tapered semiconductor optical amplifiers for picosecond pulse amplification APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 87 (25), ARTN 2.

Ginossar, E and Levit, S (2005) Semiconductor Microstructure in a Squeezed Vacuum: Electron-Hole Plasma Luminescence Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics), 72 (7), 075333.


Howell, DJ, Tostevin, JA and Al-Khalili, JS (2005) Coupled channels calculations of Be-11 breakup In: 1st International Conference on Nuclear, Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions (NUSTAR 05), 2005-01-05 - 2005-01-08, Univ Surrey, Guildford, ENGLAND.


Lynch, SA, Paul, DJ, Townsend, P, Matmon, G, Kelsall, RW, Ikonic, Z, Harrison, P, Zhang, J, Norris, DJ, Cullis, AG, Pidgeon, CR, Murzyn, P, Murdin, B, Bain, M and Gamble, HS (2005) Silicon quantum cascade lasers for THz sources In: 18th Annual Meeting of the IEEE-Lasers-and-Electro-Optical-Society, 2005-10-22 - 2005-10-28, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.


Marko, IP, Andreev, AD, Sweeney, SJ, Adams, AR, Krebs, R, Deubert, S, Reithmaier, JP, Forchel, A, Menendez, J and VanDeWalle, CG (2005) The influence of auger processes on recombination in long-wavelength InAs/GaAs quantum dots In: 27th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS-27), 2004-07-26 - 2004-07-30, Flagstaff, AZ.

Marko, Igor, Masse, N, Sweeney, SJ, Adams, AR, Sellers, IR, Mowbray, DJ, Skolnick, MS, Liu, HY and Groom, KM (2005) Effect of gain saturation and nonradiative recombination on the thermal characteristics of InAs/GaAs 1.3 mu m quantum dot lasers In: 18th Annual Meeting of the IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society, 22-28 Oct 2005, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Maruhn, J A, Reinhard, P G, Stevenson, P D, Stone, J R and Strayer, M R (2005) Dipole Giant Resonances in Deformed Heavy Nuclei Physical Review C, 71 (6).

McDonald, PJ, Korb, JP, Mitchell, J and Monteilhet, L (2005) Surface relaxation and chemical exchange in hydrating cement pastes: A two-dimensional NMR relaxation study PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 72 (1), ARTN 0.

Murdin, B N, Litvinenko, K, Allam, J, Pidgeon, C R, Bird, M, Morrison, K, Zhang, T, Clowes, S K, Branford, W R, Harris, J and Cohen, L F (2005) Temperature and Doping Dependence of Spin Relaxation in n-InAs Physical Review B, 72 (8).

Murdin, B. N., Litvinenko, K., Allam, J., Pidgeon, C. R., Bird, M., Morrison, K., Zhang, T., Clowes, S. K., Branford, W. R., Harris, J. and Cohen, L. F. (2005) Temperature and doping dependence of spin relaxation in n-InAs Physical Review B, 72 (085346).

Murzyn, P, Pidgeon, C R, Phillips, P J, Merrick, M, Litvinenko, K L, Allam, J, Murdin, B N, Ashley, T, Jefferson, J H, Miller, A and Cohen, L F (2005) Erratum: Suppression of D'yakonov-Perel Spin Relaxation in InAs and InSb by n-Type Doping at 300 K (vol 83, pg 5220, 2003) Applied Physics Letters, 87 (12).

Murzyn, P., Pidgeon, C. R., Phillips, P. J., Merrick, M., Litvinenko, K. L., Allam, J., Murdin, B. N., Ashley, T., Jefferson, J. H., Miller, A. and Cohen, L. F. (2005) Erratum: "Suppression of D'yakonov-Perel spin relaxation in InAs and InSb by n-type doping at 300 K" [Appl. Phys. Lett. 83, 5220 (2003)] Applied Physics Letters, 129901 (2005).


O'Rourke, C, Allam, J, Boehringer, K, Klaedtke, A, Hamm, J and Hess, O (2005) Coherent interactions and long term evolution of ultrafast transients in a semiconductor laser In: 18th Annual Meeting of the IEEE-Lasers-and-Electro-Optical-Society, 2005-10-22 - 2005-10-28, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

Oi, M (2005) Description of the Yrast States in Mg-24 by the Self-Consistent 3D-Cranking Model Physical Review C, 72 (5).


Pain, SD, Catford, WN, Orr, NA, Angelique, JC, Ashwood, NI, Bouchat, V, Clarke, NM, Curtis, N, Freer, M, Fulton, B, Hanappe, F, Labiche, M, Lecouey, JL, Lemmon, R, Mahboub, D, Ninane, A, Normand, G, Soic, N, Stuttge, L, Timis, CN, Tostevin, JA, Ziman, V, Winfield, J, Seweryniak, D and Khoo, TL (2005) Evidence of a (1d(5/2))(2) component to the Be-12 ground state In: Conference on Nuclei at the Limits, 2004-07-26 - 2004-07-30, Argonne Natl Lab, Argonne, IL.

Pei, J C, Xu, F R and Stevenson, P D (2005) Density Distributions of Superheavy Nuclei Physical Review C, 71 (3).


Rodriguez-Gallardo, M, Arias, JM, Gomez-Camacho, J, Moro, AM, Thompson, IJ and Tostevin, JA (2005) Three-body continuum discretization in a basis of transformed harmonic oscillator states PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 72 (2), ARTN 0.


Sarigiannidou, E, Monroy, E, Daudin, B, Rouviere, J L and Andreev, A D (2005) Strain Distribution in GaN/AlN Quantum-Dot Superlattices Applied Physics Letters, 87 (20).

Sellin, P J and Galbiati, A (2005) Performance of a Diamond X-ray Sensor Fabricated with Metal-less Graphitic Contacts Applied Physics Letters, 87 (9).

Sellin, PJ, Davies, AW, Lohstroh, A, Ozsan, ME and Parkin, J (2005) Drift mobility and mobility-lifetime products in CdTe : Cl grown by the travelling heater method IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, 52 (6). pp. 3074-3078.

Slavcheva, G and Hess, O (2005) Dynamical Model of Coherent Circularly Polarized Optical Pulse Interactions with Two-Level Quantum Systems Physical Review A, 72 (5).

Stevenson, P D, Brine, M P, Podolyak, Z, Regan, P H, Walker, P M and Stone, J R (2005) Shape Evolution in the Neutron-Rich Tungsten Region Physical Review C, 72 (4).

Stevenson, P. D., Brine, M. P., Podolyak, Zs., Regan, P. H., Walker, P. M. and Stone, J. Rikovska (2005) Shape evolution in the neutron-rich tungsten region Physical Review C, 72 (047303).

Sweeney, SJ, Lock, DA, Adams, AR, Menendez, J and VanDeWalle, CG (2005) Carrier recombination in InGaAs(P) quantum well laser structures: Band gap and temperature dependence In: 27th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS-27), 2004-07-26 - 2004-07-30, Flagstaff, AZ.


Timofeyuk, NK and Descouvemont, P (2005) Asymptotic normalization coefficients for mirror virtual nucleon decays in a microscopic cluster model PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 71.

Timofeyuk, NK and Descouvemont, P (2005) Relation between widths of proton resonances and neutron asymptotic normalization coefficients in mirror states of light nuclei in a microscopic cluster model Phys.Rev. C, 72.

Townsend, P, Paul, DJ, Lynch, SA, Kelsall, RW, Ikonic, Z, Harrison, P, Norris, DJ, Cullis, AG, Zhang, J, Li, X, Pidgeon, CR, Murdin, BN and Murzyn, P (2005) LO phonon scattering as a depopulation mechanism in Si/SiGe quantum cascades In: 2nd IEEE International Conference on Group IV Photonics, 2005-09-21 - 2005-09-23, Antwerp, BELGIUM.

Tsakmakidis, K, Hermann, C, Klaedtke, A, Jamois, C and Hess, O (2005) Systematic Modal Analysis of 3-D Dielectric Waveguides Using Conventional and High Accuracy Nonstandard FDTD Algorithm IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 17 (12).


Veal, T D, Piper, L F, Jefferson, P H, Mahboob, I, McConville, C F, Merrick, M, Hosea, T J, Murdin, B N and Hopkinson, M (2005) Photoluminescence Spectroscopy of Bandgap Reduction in Dilute InNAs Alloys Applied Physics Letters, 87 (18).

Veal, T D, Piper, L F, Jollands, S, Bennett, B R, Jefferson, P H, Thomas, P A, McConville, C F, Murdin, B N, Buckle, L, Smith, G W and Ashley, T (2005) Band Gap Reduction in GaNSb Alloys Due to the Anion Mismatch Applied Physics Letters, 87 (13).

Veal, T. D., Piper, L. F. J., Jefferson, P. H., Mahboob, I., McConville, C. F., Merrick, M., Hosea, T. J. C., Murdin, B. N. and Hopkinson, M. (2005) Photoluminescence spectroscopy of bandgap reduction in dilute InNAs alloys Applied Physics Letters, 182114 (2005).

Veal, T. D., Piper, L. F. J., Jollands, S., Bennett, B. R., Jefferson, P. H., Thomas, P. A., McConville, C. F., Murdin, B. N., Buckle, L., Smith, G. W. and Ashley, T. (2005) Band gap reduction in GaNSb alloys due to the anion mismatch Applied Physics Letters, 132101 (2005).

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Williams, DP, Andreev, AD, O'Reilly, EP and Faux, DA (2005) Derivation of built-in polarization potentials in nitride-based semiconductor quantum dots PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 72 (23), ARTN 2.

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