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Aguiar Oliveira Rosa, Joao Aguiar, Pelacci, Manuel and Birch, David (2018) Wake vortex mechanisms behind semi-porous cylinders In: 2018 Applied Aerodynamics Conference, 2018 AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition., 25 - 29 June 2018, Atlanta. Georgia.

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Andreades, Christos, Mahmoodi, Pooya and Ciampa, Francesco (2018) Characterisation of smart CFRP composites with embedded PZT transducers for nonlinear ultrasonic applications Composite Structures, 206. pp. 456-466.


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Belden, T.J., Jesson, D.A. and Watts, J.F. (2018) Digital Image Correlation using the natural beauty of wood In: 13th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics, 29-31 Aug 2018, Southampton, UK.

Belden, Tim J., Jesson, David J. and Watts, John F. (2018) The effect of metal fixings on the fire based degradation of timber: Implications for BS EN 1995 Eurocode 5 In: Timber 2018 Conference, 26-27 Jun 2018, London, UK.

Bianchi, Gianmarco, Doherty, John and Pekris, Michael (2018) Aerodynamic Investigation of a Boundary Layer Ingesting Wing-Electric Ducted Fan Model In: 2018 Applied Aerodynamics Conference: “The Future of Aerodynamics”, 24-26 Jul 2018, Bristol, UK.

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Boccardi, Salvatore, Ciampa, Francesco and Meo, Michele (2018) Design and development of a heatsink for thermo-electric power harvesting in aerospace applications Smart Materials and Structures.

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Bucchi, F, Lenzo, B, Frendo, F, De Nijs, W and Sorniotti, Aldo (2018) The effect of the front-to-rear wheel torque distribution on vehicle handling: an experimental assessment In: 25th International Symposium on Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks, 14 - 18 August 2017, Queensland, Australia.


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Charisiou, N.D., Tzounis, L., Sebastian, V., Hinder, S.J., Baker, M.A., Polychronopoulou, K. and Goula, M.A. (2018) Investigating the correlation between deactivation and the carbon deposited on the surface of Ni/Al2O3 and Ni/La2O3-Al2O3 catalysts during the biogas reforming reaction Applied Surface Science.

Chatzikomis, Christoforos, Sorniotti, Aldo, Gruber, Patrick, Zanchetta, Mattia, Willans, D and Balcombe, B (2018) Comparison of Path Tracking and Torque-Vectoring Controllers for Autonomous Electric Vehicles IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles.

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Dixit, S, Fallah, Saber, Montanaro, Umberto, Dianati, M, Stevens, A, Mccullough, F and Mouzakitis, A (2018) Trajectory planning and tracking for autonomous overtaking: State-of-the-art and future prospects Annual Reviews in Control, 45. pp. 76-86.

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Lenzo, B, Sorniotti, Aldo and Gruber, Patrick (2018) A Single Input Single Output Formulation for Yaw Rate and Sideslip Angle Control via Torque-Vectoring In: 14th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control (AVEC 2018), 16 - 20 July 2018, Beijing, China.

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