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Abi Jaoude, M, Polychronopolou, K, Hinder, SJ, Katsiotis, MS, Baker, MA, Greish, YE and Alhassan, SM (2016) Synthesis and properties of 1D Sm-doped CeO2 composite nanofibers fabricated using a coupled electrospinning and sol-gel methodology Ceramics International, 42 (9). pp. 10734-10744.

Adjei, T, Abasolo, Daniel Emilio and Santamarta, D (2016) Characterisation of the complexity of intracranial pressure signals measured from idiopathic and secondary normal pressure hydrocephalus patients Healthcare Technology Letters, 3 (3). pp. 226-229.

Ajmal, OZ, Crocombe, AD, Gower, MRL, Jesson, DA and Ogin, SL (2016) DETECTION OF DELAMINATIONS IN 5-HARNESS SATIN GFRP EPOXY LAMINATES USING DIC In: ECCM17 - 17th European Conference on Composite Materials, 2016-06-26 - 2016-10-30, Munich, Germany.

Amirante, D, Sun, Z, Chew, J, Hills, N J and Atkins, NR (2016) MODELING OF COMPRESSOR DRUM CAVITIES WITH RADIAL INFLOW In: ASME Turbo Expo 2016 Power for Land, Sea and Air, 2016-06-13 - 2016-06-17, Seoul, South Korea.

Angioni, S.L., Ciampa, F., Pinto, F., Scarselli, G., Almond, D.P. and Meo, M. (2016) An Analytical Model for Defect Depth Estimation Using Pulsed Thermography EXPERIMENTAL MECHANICS, 56 (6). pp. 1111-1122.


Beard, PF, Chew, John, Gao, Feng and Chana, KS (2016) UNSTEADY FLOW PHENOMENA IN TURBINE RIM SEALS ASME Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 139 (3), 032501.

Bohl, T, Tian, Guohong, Smallbone, A and Roskilly, AP (2016) Macroscopic spray characteristics of next-generation bio-derived diesel fuels in comparison to mineral diesel Applied Energy, 186 (3). pp. 562-573.

Brown, NWA, Worrall, CM, Ogin, SL and Smith, PA (2016) Investigation into the mechanical properties of thermoplastic composites containing holes machined by a thermally-assisted piercing (TAP) process. Advanced Manufacturing: Polymer and Composites Science.


Chew, J, Pitz, DB, Marxen, O and Hills, N (2016) DIRECT NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF ROTATING CAVITY FLOWS USING A SPECTRAL ELEMENT-FOURIER METHOD In: ASME Turbo Expo 2016:, 2016-06-13 - 2016-06-17, Seoul, Korea.

Chew, John, Onori, Michel, Amirante, Dario and Hills, Nicholas (2016) LES VALIDATION FOR A ROTATING CYLINDRICAL CAVITY WITH RADIAL INFLOW In: ASME Turbo Expo 2016, 2016-06-13 - 2016-06-16, Seoul, South Korea.

Ciampa, Francesco, Boccardi, Salvatore and Meo, Michele (2016) Factors affecting the imaging of the impact location with inverse filtering and diffuse wave fields Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 27 (11). pp. 1523-1533.

Cirovic, Srdjan, Gould, David, Park, Derek H and Solan, Matthew C (2016) Cadaveric experiments to evaluate pressure wave generated by radial shockwave treatment of plantar fasciitis Foot and Ankle Surgery, 23 (4). pp. 285-289.

Coelho, Lazaro, Placidi, Marco, Atkin, Chris and Sun, Zhengzhong (2016) Experimental Investigation of a Handley Page Triple Slotted Aerofoil In: The 2016 RAeS Applied Aerodynamics Conference, 19-21 Jul 2016, Bristol, UK.


De Pinto, S, Camocardi, P, Sorniotti, A, Gruber, P, Perlo, P and Viotto, F (2016) Torque-fill control and energy management for a 4-wheel-drive electric vehicle layout with 2-speed transmissions IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications.

De Pinto, S, Lu, Q, Camocardi, P, Chatzikomis, Christoforos, Sorniotti, Aldo and Lekakou, Constantina (2016) Electric vehicle driving range extension using photovoltaic panels In: 13th IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC), 2016-10-17 - 2016-10-20, Hangzhou, China.

Dizqah, AM, Lenzo, B, Sorniotti, A, Gruber, P, Fallah, S and De Smet, J (2016) A Fast and Parametric Torque Distribution Strategy for Four-Wheel-Drive Energy-Efficient Electric Vehicles IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 63 (7). pp. 4367-4376.

Douse, E, Kopsidas, S, Jesson, DA and Hamerton, I (2016) Modification of stress-strain behaviour in aromatic polybenzoxazines using core shell rubbers Reactive and Functional Polymers, 103. pp. 117-130.

Duarte, DD, Lipp, JD, Schneider, A, Seller, P, Veale, MC, Wilson, MD, Baker, MA and Sellin, PJ (2016) Simulation of active-edge pixelated CdTe radiation detectors NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION A-ACCELERATORS SPECTROMETERS DETECTORS AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT, 806. pp. 139-145.

de Filippis, G, Lenzo, B, Sorniotti, Aldo, Gruber, Patrick, Sannen, K and De Smet, J (2016) On the energy efficiency of electric vehicles with multiple motors In: IEEE VPPC2016., 2016-10-17 - 2016-10-20, Hangzhou, China.


Elsayed, Y, Lekakou, C, Labeed, F and Tomlins, P (2016) Fabrication and characterisation of biomimetic, electrospun gelatin fibre scaffolds for tunica media-equivalent, tissue engineered vascular grafts MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING C-MATERIALS FOR BIOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS, 61. pp. 473-483.

Escudero, J, Smith, K, Azami, H and Abasolo, Daniel Emilio (2016) Inspection of Short-Time Resting-State Electroencephalogram Functional Networks in Alzheimer's Disease In: EMBC 2016, 2016-08-16 - 2016-08-20, Orlando, USA.


Gao, Feng, Wei, Ma, Jinjing, Sun, Boudet, Jerome, Ottavy, Xavier, Yangwei, Liu, Lipeng, Lu and Liang, Shao (2016) Parameter study on numerical simulation of corner separation in LMFA-NACA65 linear compressor cascade Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, 30 (1). pp. 15-30.

Gavgani, AM, Sorniotti, A, Doherty, J and Cavallino, C (2016) Optimal Gearshift Control for a Novel Hybrid Electric Drivetrain Mechanism and Machine Theory, 105. pp. 352-368.

Gruber, P and Sharp, RS (2016) Preface: Special issue on the 4th International Tyre Colloquium Vehicle System Dynamics: International Journal of Vehicle Mechanics and Mobility, 54 (4). pp. 445-447.

Gruber, Patrick, Sorniotti, Aldo, Lenzo, B, De Filippis, G and Fallah, Saber (2016) Energy efficient torque vectoring control In: 13th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control (AVEC'16), 2016-09-13 - 2016-09-16, Munich, Germany.


Healey, Adam, Cotton, J, Maclachlan, S, Smith, Paul and Yeomans, Julie (2016) Understanding the Ballistic Event: Methodology and Initial Observations Journal of Materials Science, 52 (6). pp. 3074-3085.

Horovitz, I, Avisar, D, Baker, MA, Grilli, R, Lozzi, L, Di Camillo, D and Mamane, H (2016) Carbamazepine degradation using a N-doped TiO2 coated photocatalytic membrane reactor: Influence of physical parameters. J Hazard Mater, 310. pp. 98-107.

Hughes, Michael (2016) Fifty Years of Dielectrophoretic Cell Separation Technology Biomicrofluidics, 10 (3), 032801.


Jiang, L, Wang, Y, Mohagheghian, Iman, Li, X, Guo, X, Li, L, Dear, JP and Yan, Y (2016) Effect of residual stress on the fracture of chemically strengthened thin aluminosilicate glass Journal of Materials Science, 52 (3). pp. 1405-1415.

John, Reiner, Kahrimanovic, Elvir, Otto, Alexander, Tavernini, Davide, Camocardi, Mauricio, Perelli, Paolo, Dalmasso, Davide, Blaz, Stefe, Trojaniello, Diana, Oleari, Elettra, Sanna, Alberto, Groppo, Riccardo and Romano, Claudio (2016) Light Electric Vehicle Enabled by Smart Systems Integration In: 20th AMAA Conference: Smart Systems for the Automobile of the Future, 22-23 Sep 2016, Brussels, Belgium.


Kalargaris, Ioannis, Tian, Guohong and Gu, Sai (2016) Combustion, performance and emission analysis of a DI diesel engine using plastic pyrolysis oil Fuel Processing Technology, 157. pp. 108-115.

Khor, W, Moore, P L, Pisarski, H G, Haslett, M and Brown, C J (2016) Measurement and prediction of CTOD in austenitic stainless steel Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, 39 (11). pp. 1433-1442.

Knott, Geoffrey and Viquerat, Andrew (2016) Modeling the Bistability of Laminated Composite Toroidal Slit Tubes In: 57th AIAA/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference, 2016-01-04 - 2016-01-08, San Diego, CA, USA.


Lamb, DA, Irvine, SJC, Clayton, AJ, Kartopu, G, Barrioz, V, Hodgson, SD, Baker, MA, Grilli, R, Hall, J, Underwood, CI and Kimber, R (2016) Characterization of MOCVD Thin-Film CdTe Photovoltaics on Space-Qualified Cover Glass IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 6 (2). pp. 557-561.

Leibinger, A, Oldfield, Matthew and Rodriguez y Baena, F (2016) Minimally disruptive needle insertion: a biologically inspired solution Interface Focus, 6 (3).

Lekakou, C, Fields, R, Lei, C and Markoulidis, F (2016) The Composite Supercapacitor Energy Technology, 4 (4). pp. 517-525.

Lenzo, B, De Filippis, G, Sorniotti, Aldo, Gruber, Patrick and Sannen, K (2016) Understeer characteristics for energy-efficient fully electric vehicles with multiple motors In: EVS29 International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium, 2016-06-19 - 2016-06-22, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Lu, Q, Gentile, P, Tota, A, Sorniotti, A, Gruber, P, Costamagna, F and De Smet, J (2016) Enhancing vehicle cornering limit through sideslip and yaw rate control Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 75. pp. 455-472.

Lu, Q, Sorniotti, A, Gruber, P, Theunissen, J and De Smet, J (2016) H∞ loop shaping for the torque-vectoring control of electric vehicles: Theoretical design and experimental assessment Mechatronics, 35. pp. 32-43.


Mallinson, CF, Harvey, A and Watts, JF (2016) The Nobility of Second Phase Particles in S-65 Beryllium Studied by Scanning Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy Corrosion Science.

Mallinson, Christopher and Watts, John (2016) The Effect of Hydrocarbon Contamination on the Volta Potential of Second Phase Particles in Beryllium JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY, 163 (8). C420-C422.

Mohagheghian, Iman, McShane, GJ and Stronge, WJ (2016) Impact perforation of polymer-metal laminates: projectile nose shape sensitivity International Journal of solids and structures, 88-9. pp. 337-353.

Mohagheghian, Iman, Stronge, WJ and McShane, GJ (2016) Predicting indenter nose shape sensitivity for quasi-static perforation of thin metallic plates European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids, 61. pp. 134-150.

Mohagheghian, Iman, Wang, Y., Zhou, J., Yu, L., Guo, X., Charalambides, M.N., Yan, Y. and Dear, J.P. (2016) Soft impact of laminated glass as used for aircraft windshields In: 22nd Dymat Technical Meeting, 19-21 Oct 2016, Grenoble, France.


Noor Mohamed, S, Chew, J and Hills, N (2016) Flow and windage due to bolts on a rotating disc Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science (Part C, Proc. IMechE).

Noor Mohamed, S, Chew, J and Hills, N J (2016) EFFECT OF BOLTS ON FLOW AND HEAT TRANSFER IN A ROTOR-STATOR DISC In: ASME Turbo Expo 2016, 2016-06-13 - 2016-06-17, Seoul, South Korea.


Ogin, SL, Brøndsted, P and Zangenberg, J (2016) Composite materials: constituents, architecture and generic damage In: Modeling damage, fatigue and failure of composite materials. Woodhead Publishing Series in Composites Science and Engineering (1). Woodhead Publishing (Elsevier), pp. 3-23. ISBN 9781782422860

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Placidi, Marco and Atkin, C. J. (2016) Effect of different surface roughnesses on crossflow instability In: DiPaRT 2016 Flight Physics Symposium, 21-23 Nov 2016, Bristol, UK.

Placidi, Marco and Atkin, Chris J. (2016) On the effect of different step geometries on disturbance growth in 3D boundary layers In: The 2016 RAeS Applied Aerodynamics Conference, 19-21 Jul 2016, Bristol, UK.

Placidi, Marco, van Bokhorst, Evelien and Atkin, Christopher J. (2016) On the effect of discrete roughness on crossflow instability in very low turbulence environment In: The 8th AIAA Flow Control Conference, AIAA AVIATION Forum, 13-17 Jun 2016, Washington, D.C., USA.


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Smith, K, Abasolo, Daniel Emilio and Escudero, J (2016) A Comparison of the Cluster-Span Threshold and the Union of Shortest Paths as Objective Thresholds of EEG Functional Connectivity Networks from Beta Activity in Alzhaimer’s Disease In: EMBC 2016, 2016-08-16 - 2016-09-20, Orlando, USA.

Sofocleous, K, Drakonakis, M, Ogin, Stephen and Doumanidis, C (2016) The influence of carbon nanotubes and shape memory alloy wires to controlled impact resistance of polymer composites Journal of Composite Materials.

Sorniotti, A, Barber, P and De Pinto, S (2016) Path Tracking for Automated Driving: A Tutorial on Control System Formulations and Ongoing Research In: Automated Driving - Safer and More Efficient Future Driving. Springer International Publishing, pp. 71-140. ISBN 978-3-319-31893-6

Suliga, Agnieszka and Viquerat, Andrew (2016) Life Span Modelling of Ultra-Thin CFRP Mast Subjected to Accelerated Environmental Ageing In: The 14th European Conference on Spacecraft Structures, Materials and Environmental Testing (ECSSMET), 2016-09-27 - 2016-09-30, Toulouse, France.

Suliga, Agnieszka, Viquerat, Andrew and Hamerton, Ian (2016) Ultra-thin hybrid organic-inorganic deployable CFRP structures with improved resistance to UV in the space environment In: SAMPE Europe Conference, 2016-09-13 - 2016-09-15, Liège, Belgium.


Todorova, N, Giannakopoulou, T, Boukos, N, Vermisoglou, E, Lekakou, Constantina and Trapalis, C (2016) Self-propagating solar light reduction of graphite oxide in water Applied Surface Science., 391 (Part B). pp. 601-608.

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van Bokhorst, Evelien, Placidi, Marco and Atkin, Christopher J. (2016) The influence of the spatial frequency content of discrete roughness distributions on the development of the crossflow instability In: The 8th AIAA Flow Control Conference, AIAA AVIATION Forum, 13-17 Jun 2016, Washington, D.C., USA.


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Wu, Chenchen, Knott, Geoffrey and Viquerat, Andrew (2016) Dynamics of Curved Bistable Reeled Composites In: The 14th European Conference on Spacecraft Structures, Materials and Environmental Testing (ECSSMET), 2016-09-27 - 2016-09-30, Toulouse, France.

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Zhao, M, Wei, M, Song, P, Lui, Z and Tian, Guohong (2016) Performance evaluation of a diesel engine integrated with ORC system Applied Thermal Engineering, 115. pp. 221-228.

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