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Allen, James M, Skeldon, Anne C and Hoyle, Rebecca B (2018) Social influence preserves cooperative strategies in the conditional cooperator public goods game on a multiplex network Physical Review E, 98, 062305. 062305-1.

Aston, Philip (2018) A New Model for the Dynamics of Hepatitis C Infection: Derivation, Analysis and Implications Viruses, 10 (4), 195.

Aston, Philip, Christie, Mark I, Huang, Ying and Nandi, Manasi (2018) Beyond HRV: attractor reconstruction using the entire cardiovascular waveform data for novel feature extraction Physiological Measurement, 39 (2), 024001.

Aston, Philip, Cranfield, Katie, O'Farrell, Haley, Cassenote, Alex, Mendes-Correa, Cassia J, Segurado, Aluisio, Hoang, Phuong, Lankford, George and Tran, Hien (2018) Hepatitis C Viral Dynamics Using a Combination Therapy of Interferon, Ribavirin, and Telaprevir: Mathematical Modeling and Model Validation In: Hepatitis C - From Infection to Cure. IntechOpen, pp. 183-201. ISBN 978-1-78984-208-1


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Bridges, Thomas and Ratliff, Daniel (2018) Nonlinear modulation near the Lighthill instability threshold in 2+1 Whitham theory Philosophical Transactions A, 376 (2117).

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Cazzola, Emanuele, Curreli, Davide and Lapenta, Giovanni (2018) On magnetic reconnection as promising driver for future plasma propulsion systems Physics of Plasmas, 25 (7), 073512. 073512-1 - 073512-14.

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Close, Alex, Burby, Joshua W and Tronci, Cesare (2018) A low-frequency variational model for energetic particle effects in the pressure-coupling scheme Journal of Plasma Physics, 84 (4), 905840401.

Cucurull-Sanchez, Lourdes, Chappell, Michael, Chelliah, Vijayalakshmi, Cheung, Amy, Derks, Gianne, Penney, Mark, Phipps, Alex, Malik-Sheriff, Rahuman, Timmis, Jon, Tindall, Marcus, van der Graaf, Piet, Vicini, Paolo and Yates, James (2018) Best practices to maximise the use and re-use of QSP models: Recommendations from the UK QSP Network CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology.


Deane, Jonathan (2018) Power computation for the triboelectric nanogenerator Nano Energy, 54. pp. 39-49.

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Fraser, Jonathan M, Jordan, Thomas and Jurga, Natalia (2018) Dimensions of equilibrium measures on a class of planar self-affine sets Journal of Fractal Geometry.


Godolphin, Janet (2018) A note on the robustness of PBIBD(2)s against breakdown in the event 2 of observation loss Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics, 60 (2). pp. 199-208.

Gourley, Stephen, Lai, X, Shi, J, Wang, W, Xiao, Y and Zou, X (2018) Role of white-tailed deer in geographic spread of the black-legged tick Ixodes scapularis : analysis of a spatially nonlocal model Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 15 (4). pp. 1033-1054.

Grant, James, Kunzinger, Michael and Samann, Clemens (2018) Inextendibility of spacetimes and Lorentzian length spaces Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry, 55 (1). pp. 133-147.


Hardy, Kate, Mora, Jocelyn M, Dunlop, Carina, Carzaniga, Raffaella, Franks, Stephen and Fenwick, Mark A (2018) Nuclear exclusion of SMAD2/3 in granulosa cells is associated with cell proliferation and follicle activation in the mouse ovary. Journal of Cell Science, 131, jcs218123.


Kostianko, Anna, Titi, Edriss and Zelik, Sergey (2018) Large dispersion, averaging and attractors: three 1D paradigms Nonlinearity, 31 (12), R317.


Littlejohns, Euan and Dunlop, Carina (2018) Mechanotransduction mechanisms in growing spherically structured tissues New Journal of Physics, 20, 043041. 043041-1-043041-13.


Morris, Ian (2018) Some observations on Käenmäki measures Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ, 43. pp. 945-960.

Morris, Ian (2018) An explicit formula for the pressure of box-like affine iterated function systems Journal of Fractal Geometry.


Nandi, Manasi, Venton, Jenny and Aston, Philip (2018) A novel method to quantify arterial pulse waveform morphology: attractor reconstruction for physiologists and clinicians Physiological Measurement: Special Issue, 39 (10), 104008.


Ratliff, Daniel and Bridges, Tom (2018) Reduction to modified KdV and its KP-like generalization via phase modulation Nonlinearity, 31 (8), 3794.


Santitissadeekorn, Naratip, Short, M and Lloyd, David (2018) Sequential data assimilation for 1D self-exciting processes with application to urban crime data Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 128. pp. 163-183.

Siddi, Lorenzo, Cazzola, Emanuele and Lapenta, Giovanni (2018) Comparison of Preconditioning Strategies in Energy Conserving Implicit Particle in Cell Methods Communications in Computational Physics.

Skeldon, A.C., Schiller, F., Yang, A., Balke-Visser, T., Penn, A. and Gilbert, N. (2018) Agent-based modelling to predict policy outcomes: a food waste recycling example Environmental Science and Policy, 87. pp. 85-91.


Turner, Matthew (2018) Fluid sloshing in rectangular vessels with side-wall baffles using conformal mappings of multiply-connected domains Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, 71 (3). pp. 245-272.


Wang, Feng-Bin, Gourley, Stephen A. and Xiao, Yanyu (2018) An integro-differential equation with variable delay arising in machine tool vibration SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics.

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