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Alreshoodi, Mohammed, Danish, Emad, Woods, John, Fernando, Anil and De Alwis, Chamitha (2015) Prediction of Perceptual Quality for Mobile Video Using Fuzzy Inference Systems IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, 61 (4). pp. 546-554.

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Hadfield, S and Bowden, R (2015) Exploiting high level scene cues in stereo reconstruction In: ICCV 2015, 2015-12-13 - 2015-12-16, Santiago, Chile.

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Pabst, S, Kim, H, Polok, L, Ila, V, Waine, T, Hilton, A and Clifford, J (2015) Jigsaw - Multi-Modal Big Data Management in Digital Film Production In: SIGGRAPH 2015, 2015-08-09 - 2015-08-13, USA. (Unpublished)

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Pugeault, N and Bowden, RICHARD (2015) How much of driving is pre-attentive? IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.


Remaggi, L, Jackson, PJB and Coleman, P (2015) Source, sensor and reflector position estimation from acoustical room impulse responses In: 22nd International Congress on Sound and Vibration, 2015-07-12 - 2015-07-16, Florence, Italy.

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Tirunagari, S, Poh, N, Abdulrahman, H, Nemmour, N and Windridge, D (2015) Breast Cancer Data Analytics With Missing Values: A study on Ethnic, Age and Income Groups

Tirunagari, S, Poh, N, Hu, G and Windridge, D (2015) Identifying Similar Patients Using Self-Organising Maps: A Case Study on Type-1 Diabetes Self-care Survey Responses arXiv.

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Tirunagari, Santosh, Poh, Norman, Bober, Miroslaw and Windridge, David (2015) Windowed DMD as a microtexture descriptor for finger vein counter-spoofing in biometrics. In: IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security (WIFS), 2015-11-16 - 2015-11-19.


Veta, M, van Diest, PJ, Willems, SM, Wang, H, Madabhushi, A, Cruz-Roa, A, Gonzalez, F, Larsen, ABL, Vestergaard, JS, Dahl, AB, Ciresan, DC, Schmidhuber, J, Giusti, A, Gambardella, LM, Tek, FB, Walter, T, Wang, C-W, Kondo, S, Matuszewski, BJ, Precioso, F, Snell, V, Kittler, J, de Campos, TE, Khan, AM, Rajpoot, NM, Arkoumani, E, Lacle, MM, Viergever, MA and Pluim, JPW (2015) Assessment of algorithms for mitosis detection in breast cancer histopathology images MEDICAL IMAGE ANALYSIS, 20 (1). pp. 237-248.


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Zhao, L, Hu, Q and Wang, W (2015) Heterogeneous Feature Selection with Multi-Modal Deep Neural Networks and Sparse Group Lasso IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 17 (11). pp. 1936-1948.

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