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Abd Rahni, AA, Lewis, E and Wells, K (2013) Recursive Bayesian estimation of respiratory motion using a modified autoregressive transition model Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE, 8669.

Abd Rahni, AA, Smith, R, Lewis, E and Wells, K (2013) Extracting respiratory motion from 4D MRI using organ-wise registration Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE, 8669.

Alinaghi, A, Jackson, PJB and Wang, W (2013) Comparison between the statistical cues in BSS techniques and Binaural cues in CASA approaches for reverberant speech separation IET Conference Publications, 2013 (619 CP).


Bartlett, F, Donovan, E, Colgan, R, McNair, H, Carr, K, Locke, I, Evans, P, Haviland, J, Yarnold, J and Kirby, A (2013) Partial breast irradiation margins with two deep-inspiratory breath-hold techniques In: 17th ECCO / 38th ESMO / 32nd ESTRO European Cancer Congress on Reinforcing Multidisciplinarity, 2013-09-27 - 2013-10-01, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.

Bartlett, FR, Carr, K, McNair, HA, Locke, I, Yarnold, JR, Kirby, AM, Colgan, RM, Donovan, Ellen, Evans, PM and Haviland, JS (2013) The UK HeartSpare Study: Randomised evaluation of voluntary deep-inspiratory breath-hold in women undergoing breast radiotherapy Radiotherapy and Oncology, 108 (2). pp. 242-247.

Bartlett, FR, Yarnold, JR, Donovan, EM, Evans, PM, Locke, I and Kirby, AM (2013) Multileaf Collimation Cardiac Shielding in Breast Radiotherapy: Cardiac Doses are Reduced, But at What Cost? Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol), 25 (12). pp. 690-696.

Bartlett, FR, Yarnold, JR, Locke, I, Kirby, AM, Donovan, EM and Evans, PM (2013) Multileaf collimation cardiac shielding in breast radiotherapy: Cardiac doses are reduced, but at what cost? Clinical Oncology, 25 (12). pp. 690-696.

Bowden, R, Cox, S, Harvey, R, Lan, Y, Ong, E-J, Owen, G and Theobald, B-J (2013) Recent developments in automated lip-reading In: Conference on Optics and Photonics for Counterterrorism, Crime Fighting and Defence IX; and Optical Materials and Biomaterials in Security and Defence Systems Technology X, 2013-09-23 - 2013-09-25, Dresden, GERMANY.

Budd, C, Huang, P, Klaudiny, M and Hilton, A (2013) Global non-rigid alignment of surface sequences International Journal of Computer Vision, 102 (1-3). pp. 256-270.


Campos, TED, Khan, A, Yan, F, Faraji Davar, N, Windridge, D, Kittler, J and Christmas, W (2013) A framework for automatic sports video annotation with anomaly detection and transfer learning In: 3rd EUCogIII Members Conference, 2013-04-10 - 2013-04-11, Palma de Mallorca.

Chen, X, Alinaghi, A, Wang, W and Zhong, X (2013) Acoustic vector sensor based speech source separation with mixed Gaussian-laplacian distributions In: 18th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing, 2013-07-01 - 2013-07-03, Fira.

Coleman, P, Jackson, PJB, Olik, M and Pedersen, JA (2013) Optimizing the planarity of sound zones


Davies, GA, Clowes, P, Bedford, JL, Evans, PM, Webb, S and Poludniowski, G (2013) An experimental evaluation of the Agility MLC for motion-compensated VMAT delivery. Phys Med Biol, 58 (13). pp. 4643-4657.

Davies, GA, Clowes, P, McQuaid, D, Evans, PM, Webb, S and Poludniowski, G (2013) An experimental comparison of conventional two-bank and novel four-bank dynamic MLC tracking PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 58 (5). pp. 1635-1648.


Ellis, L, Ofjall, K, Hedborg, J, Felsberg, M, Pugeault, N and Bowden, R (2013) Autonomous navigation and sign detector learning In: 2013 IEEE Workshop on Robot Vision (WORV 2013), 2013-01-15 - 2013-01-17, Clearwater Beach, Florida.


Feng, Z-H, Kittler, J, Christmas, WJ and Wu, X (2013) Feature Level Multiple Model Fusion Using Multilinear Subspace Analysis with Incomplete Training Set and Its Application to Face Image Analysis

Francombe, J, Baykaner, K, Mason, R, Dewhirst, M, Coleman, P, Olik, M, Jackson, PJB, Bech, S and Pedersen, JA (2013) Perceptually optimised loudspeaker selection for the creation of personal sound zones


Hadfield, S (2013) Hollywood 3D [Dataset]

Hadfield, S (2013) The estimation and use of 3D information, for natural human action recognition Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey.

Hadfield, Simon and Bowden, Richard (2013) Scene Particles: Unregularized Particle Based Scene Flow Estimation IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 36 (3), 3. pp. 564-576.

Holt, B and Bowden, R (2013) Efficient Estimation of Human Upper Body Pose in Static Depth Images Communications in Computer and Information Science, 359 CC. pp. 399-410.

Holt, B, Ong, EJ and Bowden, R (2013) Accurate static pose estimation combining direct regression and geodesic extrema 2013 10th IEEE International Conference and Workshops on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, FG 2013. pp. 1-7.

Hope, C, Sterr, A, Elangovan, P, Geades, N, Windridge, D, Wells, K and Young, K (2013) High throughput screening for mammography using a human-computer interface with Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) Proceedings of SPIE - Medical Imaging, 8673.

Hu, G, Mortazavian, P, Kittler, J and Christmas, W (2013) A Facial Symmetry Prior for Improved Illumination Fitting of 3D Morphable Model In: 6th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics, 2013-06-04 - 2013-06-07, Univ Autonoma Madrid, Madrid, SPAIN.


Jackson, PJ, Jacobsen, F, Coleman, P and Pedersen, JA (2013) Sound field planarity characterized by superdirective beamforming Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, 19.

Jackson, PJB and Desiraju, NK (2013) Use of 3D Head Shape for Personalized Binaural Audio In: 49th AES Audio for Games Conference, 2013-02-06 - 2013-02-08, London.

Juneja, P, Evans, PM and Harris, EJ (2013) The Validation Index: A New Metric for Validation of Segmentation Algorithms Using Two or More Expert Outlines With Application to Radiotherapy Planning IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING, 32 (8). pp. 1481-1489.


Kilic, V, Barnard, M, Wang, W and Kittler, J (2013) Adaptive particle filtering approach to audio-visual tracking In: 21st European Signal Processing Conference, 2013-09-09 - 2013-09-13, Marrakech.

Kim, H and Hilton, A (2013) 3D Scene Reconstruction from Multiple Spherical Stereo Pairs International Journal of Computer Vision, 104 (1). pp. 94-116.

Kim, H and Hilton, A (2013) Evaluation of 3D Feature Descriptors for Multi-modal Data Registration In: 3DV, 2013-06-29 - 2013-06-30, Seattle, USA.

Kim, H and Hilton, A (2013) Planar Urban Scene Reconstruction from Spherical Images using Facade Alignment In: 11th IEEE IVMSP Workshop, 2013-06-10 - 2013-06-13, Seoul, South Korea.

King, A (2013) Prepare for Impact? Reflecting on Knowledge Exchange Work to Improve Services for Older LGBT People in Times of Austerity Social Policy and Society. pp. 1-13.

Kittler, J, Christmas, W, de Campos, T, Windridge, D, Yan, F, Illingworth, J and Osman, M (2013) Domain Anomaly Detection in Machine Perception: A System Architecture and Taxonomy. IEEE Trans Pattern Anal Mach Intell.

Koller, O, Koller, O, Ney, H and Bowden, R (2013) May the force be with you: Force-aligned signwriting for automatic subunit annotation of corpora 2013 10th IEEE International Conference and Workshops on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, FG 2013. pp. 1-6.

Krejov, Philip and Bowden, Richard (2013) Multi-touchless: Real-time fingertip detection and tracking using geodesic maxima 2013 10th IEEE International Conference and Workshops on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, FG 2013. pp. 1-7.

Kristan, M, Pflugfelder, R, Leonardis, A, Matas, J, Porikli, F, Cehovin, L, Nebehay, G, Fernandez, G, Vojir, T, Gatt, A, Khajenezhad, A, Salahledin, A, Soltani-Farani, A, Zarezade, A, Petrosino, A, Milton, A, Bozorgtabar, B, Li, B, Chan, CS, Heng, C, Ward, D, Kearney, D, Monekosso, D, Karaimer, HC, Rabiee, HR, Zhu, J, Gao, J, Xiao, J, Zhang, J, Xing, J, Huang, K, Lebeda, K, Cao, L, Maresca, ME, Lim, MK, ELHelw, M, Felsberg, M, Remagnino, P, Bowden, R, Goecke, R, Stolkin, R, Lim, SY, Maher, S, Poullot, S, Wong, S, Satoh, S, Chen, W, Hu, W, Zhang, X, Li, Y and Niu, Z (2013) The Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 challenge results 2013 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER VISION WORKSHOPS (ICCVW). pp. 98-111.


Lebeda, K, Hadfield, S, Matas, J and Bowden, R (2013) Long-Term Tracking Through Failure Cases In: IEEE workshop on visual object tracking challenge at ICCV, 2013-12-01-2013-12-08, Sydney, NSW.

Lebeda, K, Matas, J and Bowden, R (2013) Tracking the untrackable: How to track when your object is featureless Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 7729 L (PART 2). pp. 347-359.

Lebeda, Karel, Matas, Jiri and Bowden, Richard (2013) Tracking the Untrackable: How to Track When Your Object Is Featureless In: ACCV workshop on Detection and Tracking in Challenging Environments, 5-9 November 2012, Daejeon, South Korea.


Malleson, C and Collomosse, J (2013) Virtual Volumetric Graphics on Commodity Displays using 3D Viewer Tracking International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV), 101 (3). pp. 519-532.

Malleson, C, Klaudiny, M, Hilton, A and Guillemaut, J-Y (2013) Single-view RGBD-based reconstruction of dynamic human geometry In: IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCVW 2013), 2013-12-02 - 2013-12-08, Sydney, NSW.

Miroslaw, Bober, Syed, Husain, Stavros, Paschalakis and Karol, Wnukowicz (2013) Improvements to TM6.0 with a Robust Visual Descriptor – Proposal from University of Surrey and Visual Atoms In: MPEG Standardisation meeting: ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11 CODING OF MOVING PICTURES AND AUDIO, 28 July 2013 - 2 August 2013, Vienna, Austria.

Mukesh, MB, Coles, CE, Wilkinson, J, Jena, R, Harris, E, Collette, S, Bartelink, H, Evans, PM, Graham, P, Haviland, J, Poortmans, P and Yarnold, J (2013) Normal tissue complication probability (NTCP) parameters for breast fibrosis: Pooled results from two randomised trials Radiotherapy and Oncology, 108 (2). pp. 293-298.

Mukesh, MB, Harris, E, Collette, S, Coles, CE, Bartelink, H, Wilkinson, J, Evans, PM, Graham, P, Haviland, J, Poortmans, P, Yarnold, J and Jena, R (2013) Normal tissue complication probability (NTCP) parameters for breast fibrosis: Pooled results from two randomised trials RADIOTHERAPY AND ONCOLOGY, 108 (2). pp. 293-298.


Olik, M, Coleman, P, Jackson, PJB, Francombe, J, Mason, R, Olsen, M, Møller, M and Bech, S (2013) A comparative performance study of sound zoning methods in a reflective environment


Poludniowski, GG and Evans, PM (2013) Optical photon transport in powdered-phosphor scintillators. Part 1. Multiple-scattering and validity of the Boltzmann transport equation. Med Phys, 40 (4).

Poludniowski, GG and Evans, PM (2013) Optical photon transport in powdered-phosphor scintillators. Part II. Calculation of single-scattering transport parameters. Med Phys, 40 (4).

Popa, V, Wang, W and Alinaghi, A (2013) Underdetermined model-based blind source separation of reverberant speech mixtures using spatial cues in a variational bayesian framework In: IET Intelligent Signal Processing Conference, 2013-12-02 - 2013-12-03, London.


Rahni, AAA, Lewis, E and Wells, K (2013) Characterisation of respiratory motion extracted from 4D MRI Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE, 8669.

Rashidnasab, A, Elangovan, P, Diaz, O, Mackenzie, A, Young, K, Dance, D, Wells, K, Nishikawa, RM, Whiting, BR and Hoeschen, C (2013) Simulation of 3D DLA masses in digital breast tomosynthesis MEDICAL IMAGING 2013: PHYSICS OF MEDICAL IMAGING, 8668.

Rashidnasab, A, Elangovan, P, Yip, M, Diaz, O, Dance, DR, Young, KC and Wells, K (2013) Simulation and assessment of realistic breast lesions using fractal growth models. Phys Med Biol, 58 (16). pp. 5613-5627.


Schubert, F and Mikolajczyk, K (2013) Performance evaluation of image filtering for classification and retrieval In: ICPRAM 2013, 2013-02-15 - 2013-02-18, Barcelona, Spain.

Sheerman-Chase, T, Ong, E-J and Bowden, R (2013) Non-linear predictors for facial feature tracking across pose and expression 2013 10th IEEE International Conference and Workshops on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, FG 2013.

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Sohail, A, Imari, M, Xiao, P and Evans, B (2013) Optimal Power Allocation for MIMO-OFDM Based Cognitive Radio Systems with Arbitrary Input Distributions In: IEEE 24th International Symposium on Personal Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC’2013, 2013-09-08 - 2013-09-11, London, UK.


Tahavori, F, Jones, J, Elangovan, P, Wells, K, Alnowami, M and Donovan, E (2013) Assessment of Microsoft Kinect technology (Kinect for Xbox and Kinect for windows) for patient monitoring during external beam radiotherapy In: Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2013, 2013-10-27 - 2013-11-02, Seoul.

Taya, S, Windridge, D and Osman, M (2013) Trained eyes: experience promotes adaptive gaze control in dynamic and uncertain visual environments. PLoS One, 8 (8).

Tejera, M and Hilton, A (2013) Learning Part-Based Models for Animation from Surface Motion Capture 2013 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON 3D VISION (3DV 2013). pp. 159-166.


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Yuan, Haiyue, Calic, Janko, Fernando, A and Kondoz, Ahmet (2013) Investigation and evaluation of pointing modalities for interactive stereoscopic 3D TV In: Multimedia and Expo (ICME), 2013 IEEE International Conference on, 2013-07-15 - 2013-07-19, San Jose, CA.


Zhong, X, Premkumar, AB, Chen, X, Wang, W and Alinaghi, A (2013) Acoustic vector sensor based reverberant speech separation with probabilistic time-frequency masking In: 21st European Signal Processing Conference, 2013-09-09 - 2013-09-13, Marrakech.

Zhong, X, Premkumar, AB and Wang, Wenwu (2013) Direction of arrival tracking of an underwater acoustic source using particle filtering: Real data experiments In: TENCON Spring Conference 2013, 2013-04-17 - 2013-04-19, Sydney, Australia.

Zor, Cemre, Windeatt, Terry and Kittler, Josef (2013) ECOC Pruning using Accuracy, Diversity and Hamming Distance Information In: 21st Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), 2013-04-24 - 2013-04-26, CYPRUS.

Zubair, S and Wang, W (2013) Tensor dictionary learning with sparse tucker decomposition In: 18th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing, 2013-07-01 - 2013-07-03, Fira.

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