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Cabello, J, Bailey, A, Kitchen, I, Prydderch, M, Clark, A, Turchetta, R and Wells, K (2007) Digital autoradiography using room temperature CCD and CMOS imaging technology. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 52 (16). pp. 4993-5011.

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Csakany, P, Vajda, F and Hilton, A (2007) Recovering Refined Surface Normals for Relighting Clothing in Dynamic Scenes


Edge, JD and Hilton, A (2007) Facial Animation with Motion Capture based on Surface Blending

Ellis, L and Bowden, R (2007) Learning Responses to Visual Stimuli: A Generic Approach In: ICVS 2007, 2007-03-21 - 2007-03-24, Bielefeld, Germany.


Grau, O, Thomas, GA, Hilton, A, Kilner, J and Starck, J (2007) A Robust Free-viewpoint Video System for Sport Scenes In: 3DTV Conference, 2007, 2007-05-07 - ?.

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Guillemaut, Jean-Yves, Kilner, J, Starck, J and Hilton, Adrian (2007) Dynamic feathering: Minimising blending artefacts in view-dependent rendering In: ET 4th European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP 2007), 27 - 28 Nov 2007, London UK.

Gutierrez, DR, Montesdeoca, OD, Santana, AM, Wells, K, Mendichovszky, I and Gordon, I (2007) MR-based renography as a replacement for radionuclide diagnostic studies In: IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium/Medical Imaging Conference, 2007-10-26 - 2007-11-03, Honolulu, HI.


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Harris, EJ, Miller, NR, Bamber, JC, Evans, PM and Symonds-Tayler, JRN (2007) Performance of ultrasound based measurement of 3D displacement using a curvilinear probe for organ motion tracking PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 52 (18). pp. 5683-5703.

Hilton, A and Starck, J (2007) Animation of People from Surface Motion Capture In: Workshop on 3D Cinematography, 2006-06-17 - 2006-06-22, New York.

Huang, P, Starck, A and Hilton, A (2007) Temporal 3D Shape Matching In: 4th European Conference on Visual Media Production, 2007. IETCVMP., 2007-11-27 - 2007-11-28, London, UK.

Huang, P, Starck, J and Hilton, A (2007) A Study of Shape Similarity for Temporal Surface Sequences of People In: Sixth International Conference on 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling, 2007. 3DIM '07., 2007-08-21 - ?.


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Khan, A, Christmas, W and Kittler, J (2007) Lip contour segmentation using kernel methods and level sets

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Kolonias, I, Kittler, J, Christmas, WJ and Yan, F (2007) Improving the Accuracy of Automatic Tennis Video Annotation by High Level Grammar


Mikolajczyk, K and Matas, J (2007) Improving descriptors for fast tree matching by optimal linear projection In: 11th IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, 2007-10-14 - 2007-10-21, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL.

Miller, Graham and Hilton, Adrian (2007) Safe Hulls


Nadtoka, N, Tena, JR, Hilton, A and Edge, J (2007) High-resolution Animation of Facial Dynamics In: 4th European Conference on Visual Media Production, 2007. IETCVMP., 2007-11-27 - ?, London.


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Turkmani, A, Hilton, A, Jackson, PJB and Edge, J (2007) Visual analysis of lip coarticulation in VCV utterances In: INTERSPEECH 2007, 2007-08-27 - 2007-08-31, Antwerp, Belgium.


Wells, K, Chiverton, J, Partridge, M, Barry, M, Kadhem, H and Ott, B (2007) Quantifying the partial volume effect in PET using Benford's law IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, 54 (5). pp. 1616-1625.

Windridge, D and Kittler, J (2007) Open-Ended Inference of Relational Representations in the COSPAL Perception-Action Architecture

Windridge, D, Mottl, V, Tatarchuk, A and Eliseyev, A (2007) The relationship between kernel and classifier fusion in kernel-based multi-modal pattern recognition: An experimental study In: 6th International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 2007-08-19 - 2007-08-22, Hong Kong, PEOPLES R CHINA.

Windridge, D, Mottl, V, Tatarchuk, A, Eliseyev, A, Haindl, M, Kittler, J and Roli, F (2007) The neutral point method for kernel-based combination of disjoint training data in multi-modal pattern recognition In: 7th International Workshop on Multiple Classifier Systems, 2007-05-23 - 2007-05-25, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC.

Windridge, D, Patenall, R and Kittler, J (2007) Factoriality as an Indicator of Stochastic Vector Quantiser Generalising Ability [Report]


Xiao, P, Carrasco, R and Wassell, I (2007) A Comparative Study of Adaptive and Non-adaptive Turbo Equalizers In: International Symposium on Communication Theory and Applications, 2007 - ?.

Xiao, P, Carrasco, R and Wassell, I (2007) A Novel Multistage Equalization Algorithm In: IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2007-06-24 - 2007-06-28, Glasgow.

Xiao, P, Carrasco, R and Wassell, I (2007) On The Asymptotic Performance of The STBC Coded FWA Systems In: IEEE Globecom, 2006-11-27 - 2006-12-01, San Francisco, CA.

Xiao, P, Carrasco, R and Wassell, I (2007) Time Reversal Space-Time Block Coding for FWA Systems In: IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications, 2006-07-29 - 2006-07-31, Bucharest.

Xiao, P, Chatzigeorgiou, I, Carrasco, R and Wassell, I (2007) Comparison of Frequency And Time Domain Schemes for MIMO Broadband Fixed Wireless Access In: IEEE Globecom, 2007-11-26 - 2007-11-30, Washington, DC.


Yan, F, Christmas, W and Kittler, J (2007) All Pairs Shortest Path Formulation for Multiple Object Tracking with Application to Tennis Video Analysis In: British Machine Vision Conference 2007, 2007-09-10 - 2007-09-13, University of Warwick.

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