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Alfonso Muniozguren, Pello, Hazzwan Bohari, Mohd, Sicilia, Anita, Avignone Rossa, Claudio, Bussemaker, Madeleine, Saroj, Devendra and Lee, Judy (2020) Tertiary Treatment of Real Abattoir Wastewater using Combined Acoustic Cavitation and Ozonation Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 64, 104986.

Alfonso-Muniozguren, Pello, Cotillas, Salvador, Boaventura, Rui A.R., Moreira, Francisca C., Lee, Judy and Vilar, Vítor J.P. (2020) Single and combined electrochemical oxidation driven processes for the treatment of slaughterhouse wastewater Journal of Cleaner Production, 270, 121858.

Anagnostopoulos, Argyrios, Sebastia-Saez, Daniel, Campbell, Alasdair N. and Arellano-Garcia, Harvey (2020) Finite element modelling of the thermal performance of salinity gradient solar ponds Energy, 203, 117861.

Angus, Andrew, Yahia, Lyes Ait Ali, Maione, Riccardo, Khala, Marv, Hare, Colin, Ozel, Ali and Ocone, Raffaella (2020) Calibrating Friction Coefficients in Discrete Element Method Simulations with Shear-Cell Experiments Powder Technology.

Archila, Katherine, Campos, Ana María, Lugo, Diana Lorena, Celis, Crispín Astolfo, Moreno, Sonia, Ramirez Reina, Tomas and Pérez-Flórez, Alejandro (2020) Influence of the active phase (Fe, Ni and Ni-Fe) of mixed oxides in CWAO of Crystal Violet Catalysts.

Archila, Katherine, Campos, Ana María, Lugo, Lorena, Celis, Crispín Astolfo, Moreno, Sonia, Reina, Tomas Ramirez and Pérez-Flórez, Alejandro (2020) Influence of the Active Phase (Fe, Ni, and Ni–Fe) of Mixed Oxides in CWAO of Crystal Violet Catalysts, 10 (9).

Artemi, Anna, Chen, George Q., Kentish, Sandra E. and Lee, Judy (2020) Pilot scale concentration of cheese whey by forward osmosis: A short-cut method for evaluating the effective pressure driving force Separation and Purification Technology, 250, 117263.

Artemi, Anna, Chen, George Q., Kentish, Sandra E. and Lee, Judy (2020) The relevance of critical flux concept in the concentration of skim milk using forward osmosis and reverse osmosis Journal of Membrane Science, 611, 118357.

Baena, Francisco, Sebastia Saez, Juan Daniel, Wang, Qiang and Ramirez Reina, Tomas (2020) Is the production of biofuels and bio-chemicals always profitable? Co-production of biomethane and urea from biogas as case study. Energy Conversion and Management.

Baena-Moreno, Francisco M., Pastor-Pérez, Laura, Wang, Qiang and Reina, T.R. (2020) Bio-methane and bio-methanol co-production from biogas: A profitability analysis to explore new sustainable chemical processes Journal of Cleaner Production, 265, 121909.

Baena-Moreno, Francisco M., Pastor-Pérez, Laura, Zhang, Zhien and Reina, T.R. (2020) Stepping towards a low-carbon economy. Formic acid from biogas as case of study Applied Energy, 268, 115033.

Choolaei, Mohammadmehdi, Ramirez Reina, Tomas and Amini Horri, Bahman (2020) Synthesis and characterisation of nanocrystalline CuO–Fe2O3/GDC anode powders for solid oxide fuel cells Ceramics International.

Costello, Katherine M., Gutierrez-Merino, Jorge, Bussemaker, Madeleine, Smet, Cindy, Van Impe, Jan F. and Velliou, Eirini G. (2020) A multi-scale analysis of the effect of complex viscoelastic models on Listeria dynamics and adaptation in co-culture systems AIChE Journal, 66 (1), e16761.

Crossley, Oliver, Thorpe, Rex, Peus, Dominik and Lee, Judy (2020) Phosphorus recovery from process waste water made by the hydrothermal carbonisation of spent coffee grounds Bioresource Technology, 301, 122664.

Enfrin, Marie, Lee, Judy, Le-Clech, Pierre and Dumee, Ludovic F. (2020) Kinetic and mechanistic aspects of ultrafiltration membrane fouling by nano- and microplastics Journal of Membrane Science, 601, 117890.

Gadkari, Siddharth, Fontmorin, Jean-Marie, Yu, Eileen and Sadhukhan, Jhuma (2020) Influence of temperature and other system parameters on microbial fuel cell performance: numerical and experimental investigation Chemical Engineering Journal.

Gadkari, Siddharth and Sadhukhan, Jhuma (2020) A robust correlation based on dimensional analysis to characterize microbial fuel cells Scientific Reports, 10, 8407.

Gao, Xiaoyong, Xie, Yi, Wang, Shuqi, Wu, Mingyang, Wang, Yuhong, Tan, Chaodong, Zuo, Xin and Chen, Tao (2020) Offshore oil production planning optimization: An MINLP model considering well operation and flow assurance Computers and Chemical Engineering, 133, 106674.

Gupta, Priyanka, Perez-Mancera, Pedro A., Kocher, Hemant, Nisbet, Andrew, Schettino, Giuseppe and Velliou, Eirini (2020) A novel scaffold based hybrid multicellular model for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma – towards a better mimicry of the in vivo tumour microenvironment Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology.

Jin, Wei, Pérez, L. Pastor-, Yu, J., Odriozola, J.A., Gu, S. and Reina, T.R (2020) Cost-effective routes for Catalytic Biomass Upgrading Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry.

Joubert, Johannes C., Wilke, Daniel N., Govender, Nicolin, Pizette, Patrick, Tuzun, Ugur and Abriak, Nor-Edine (2020) 3D gradient corrected SPH for fully resolved particle–fluid interactions Applied Mathematical Modelling, 78. pp. 816-840.

Kazi, Saif R., Short, Michael and Biegler, Lorenz T. (2020) Heat exchanger network synthesis with detailed exchanger designs: Part 1. A discretized differential algebraic equation model for shell and tube heat exchanger design AIChE Journal, e17056.

Kazi, Saif R., Short, Michael, Isafiade, Adeniyi J. and Biegler, Lorenz T. (2020) Heat exchanger network synthesis with detailed exchanger designs—2. Hybrid optimization strategy for synthesis of heat exchanger networks AIChE Journal.

Ketabchi, Elham, Pastor Perez, Laura, Ramirez Reina, Tomas and Arellano-Garcia, Harvey (2020) Catalytic Upgrading of Acetone, Butanol and Ethanol (ABE): A Step Ahead for the Production of Added Value Chemicals in Bio-refineries Renewable Energy, 156. pp. 1065-1075.

Lee, Judy, Hallez, Loïc, Touyeras, Francis, Ashokkumar, Muthupandian and Hihn, Jean-Yves (2020) Influence of frequency sweep on sonochemiluminescence and sonoluminescence Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 64, 105047.

Lee, Judy, Kentish, Sandra E. and Chen, George Q. (2020) The Use of Ultrasound in the Recovery of Food Materials: Sonocrystallization and Membrane Processing Reference Module in Food Science, 2020 . Elsevier.

Li, Daoliang, Miao, Zheng, Peng, Fang, Wang, Liang, Hao, Yinfeng, Wang, Zhenhu, Chen, Tao, Li, Hui and Zheng, Yingying (2020) Automatic counting methods in aquaculture: a review Journal of the World Aquaculture Society.

Li, Daoliang, Zhang, Pan, Chen, Tao and Qin, Wei (2020) Recent development and challenges in spectroscopy and machine vision technologies for crop nitrogen diagnosis: A Review Remote Sensing.

Li, Weijun, Gu, Sai, Zhang, Xiangping and Chen, Tao (2020) Transfer learning for process fault diagnosis: Knowledge transfer from simulation to physical processes Computers & Chemical Engineering, 139, 106904.

Li, Weijun, Gu, Sai, Zhang, Xiangping and Chen, Tao (2020) A pattern matching and active simulation method for process fault diagnosis Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.

Li, Weijun, Li, Hui, Gu, Sai and Chen, Tao (2020) Process fault diagnosis with model- and knowledge-based approaches: Advances and opportunities Control Engineering Practice, 105, 104637.

Liu, Guang-Yu, Xu, Wen-Jie, Govender, Nicolin and Wilke, Daniel N. (2020) A cohesive fracture model for discrete element method based on polyhedral blocks Powder Technology, 359. pp. 190-204.

Liu, Wenwei and Wu, Charley (2020) Migration and agglomeration of adhesive micro-particle suspensions in a pressure-driven duct flow AIChE Journal.

Olaleye, Busayo, Wu, Chuan-Yu and Liu, Lian (2020) The effects of screw-to-roll speed ratio on ribbon porosity during roll compaction International Journal of Pharmaceutics.

Paul, Mathew and Bussemaker, Madeleine (2020) A web-based geographic interface system to support decision making for municipal solid waste management in England Journal of Cleaner Production.

Price, Cameron, Ramirez Reina, Tomas and Liu, Jian (2020) Engineering heterogenous catalysts for chemical CO2 utilization: Lessons from thermal catalysis and advantages of yolk@shell structured nanoreactors Journal of Energy Chemistry.

Price, Cameron Alexander Hurd, Pastor-Perez, Laura, Ramirez Reina, Tomas and Liu, Jian (2020) Yolk-Shell structured NiCo@SiO₂ nanoreactor for CO₂ upgrading via reverse water-gas shift reaction Catalysis Today.

Price, Cameron Alexander Hurd, Ramirez Reina, Tomas and Liu, Jian (2020) Engineering heterogenous catalysts for chemical CO₂ utilization: Lessons from thermal catalysis and advantages of yolk@shell structured nanoreactors Journal of Energy Chemistry.

Ramirez Reina, Tomas and Moreno, Francisco Manuel Baena (2020) Profitability analysis of a novel configuration to synergize Biogas Upgrading and Power-to-Gas" Energy Conversion and Management.

Schenk, C., Short, M., Rodriguez, J.S., Thierry, D., Biegler, L.T., García-Muñoz, S. and Chen, W. (2020) Introducing KIPET: A novel open-source software package for kinetic parameter estimation from experimental datasets including spectra Computers & Chemical Engineering, 134, 106716.

Short, Michael, Biegler, L.T., García-Muñoz, S. and Chen, W. (2020) Estimating variances and kinetic parameters from spectra across multiple datasets using KIPET Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 203, 104012.

Stavrou, Alexandros Georgios, Hare, Colin, Hassanpour, Ali and Wu, Charley (2020) Investigation of powder flowability at low stresses: Influence of particle size and size distribution Powder Technology, 364. pp. 98-114.

Stavrou, Alexandros Georgios, Hare, Colin, Hassanpour, Ali and Wu, Chuan-Yu (2020) Investigation of powder flowability at low stresses by DEM modelling Chemical Engineering Science, 211, 115307.

Sulistya, Erick, Hui-Hui, Lim, Attenborough, Nicole K., Pourshahrestani, Sara, Kadri, Nahrizul Adib, Zeimaran, Ehsan, Razak, Nasrul Anuar bin Abd, Amini Horri, Bahman and Salamatinia, Babak (2020) Hydrothermal synthesis of carbon microspheres from sucrose with citric acid as a catalyst: physicochemical and structural properties Journal of Taibah University for Science, 14 (1). pp. 1042-1050.

Tang, Xue, Zakhvatayeva, Anastasiya, Zhang, Ling, Wu, Zhen-Feng, Sun, Ping and Wu, Chuan-Yu (2020) Flow behaviour of pharmaceutical powders during rotary die filling with a paddle feeder International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 585, 119547.

Tirapelle, Monica, Santomaso, Andrea C. and Hare, Colin (2020) Dynamic ball indentation for powder flow characterization Powder Technology, 360. pp. 1047-1054.

Wang, Hua, Gu, Sai and Chen, Tao (2020) Experimental Investigation of the Impact of CO, C₂H₆, and H₂ on the Explosion Characteristics of CH₄ ACS Omega, 5 (38). pp. 24684-24692.

Wojtasik, Arek, Bolt, Matthew, Clark, Catherine H., Nisbet, Andrew and Chen, Tao (2020) Multivariate log file analysis for multi-leaf collimator failure prediction in radiotherapy delivery Physics & Imaging in Radiation Oncology.

Wood, Richard James, Sidnell, Tim, Ross, Ian, McDonough, Jeff, Lee, Judy and Bussemaker, Madeleine (2020) Ultrasonic degradation of perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) correlated with sonochemical and sonoluminescence characterisation Ultrasonics Sonochemistry.

Yang, Liuqingqing, Pastor Perez, Laura, Villora-Pico, J.J, Gu, Sai, Sepúlveda-Escribano, A. and Ramirez Reina, Tomas (2020) CO2 valorisation via Reverse Water-Gas Shift reaction using promoted Fe/CeO2-Al2O3 catalysts: showcasing the potential of advanced catalysts to explore new processes design APPLIED CATALYSIS A-GENERAL, 593, 117442.

Yates, James W T, Byrne, Helen Byrne, Chapman, Sonya C, Chen, Tao, Cucurull-Sanchez, Lourdes, Delgado-SanMartin, Juan, Di Veroli, Giovanni, Dovedi, Simon J, Dunlop, Carina, Jena, Rajesh, Jodrell, Duncan, Martin, Emma, Mercier, Francois, Ramos-Montoya, Antonio, Struemper, Herbert and Vicini, Paolo (2020) Opportunities for quantitative translational modelling in Oncology Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

Zhang, Duo, Forner-Cuenca, Antoni, Taiwo, Oluwadamilola O., Yufit, Vladimir, Brushett, Fikile R., Brandon, Nigel P., Gu, Sai and Cai, Qiong (2020) Understanding the role of the porous electrode microstructure in redox flow battery performance using an experimentally validated 3D pore-scale lattice Boltzmann model Journal of Power Sources, 447, 227249.

Zhang, Ling and Wu, Chuan-Yu (2020) Discrete element analysis of normal elastic impact of wet particles Powder Technology, 362. pp. 628-634.

Zhang, Qi, Pastor-Perez, L., Gu, S. and Ramirez Reina, Tomas (2020) Transition Metal Carbides (TMCs) catalysts for gas phase CO2 upgrading reactions: a comprehensive overview Catalysts.

Zhou, Jiacheng, Velliou, Eirini and Hong, Seok Hoon (2020) Investigating the effects of nisin and free fatty acid combined treatment on Listeria monocytogenes inactivation LWT - Food Science and Technology, 133, 110115.

Zhou, Le, Chuang, Yao-Chen, Hsu, Shao-Heng, Yao, Yuan and Chen, Tao (2020) Prediction and Uncertainty Propagation for Completion Time of Batch Processes based on Data-driven Modeling Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research.

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