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Akutsu, H, Hashimoto, R, Yamada, J, Nakatsuji, S, Turner, Scott and Nakazawa, Y (2018) Structure and properties of a BEDT-TTF-based organic conductor with a ferrocene-based magnetic anion octamethylferrocenedisulfonate European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2018 (27). pp. 3249-3252.

Akutsu, H, Ito, S, Kadoya, T, Yamada, J, Nakatsuji, S, Turner, Scott and Nakazawa, Y (2018) A new Ni(dmit)2-based organic magnetic charge-transfer salt, (m-PO-CONH- N-methylpyridinium)[Ni(dmit)2]·CH3CN Inorganica Chimica Acta, 482. pp. 654-658.

Aldhaher, A, Langat, Moses, Knirsch, W, Andriantiana, J and Mulholland, Dulcie (2018) Isoquinoline alkaloids from three Madagascan Crinum (Amaryllidaceae) species. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 77. pp. 7-9.

Attwood, Max Julian David, Akutsu, Hiroki, Martin, Lee, Cruickshank, Dyanne and Turner, Scott S (2018) Above Room Temperature Spin Crossover in Thioamide-Functionalised 2,6-bis(pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine Iron(II) Complexes Dalton Transactions (48). pp. 90-98.

Aziz, Ahmad Nazif, Ismail, Nor Hadiani, Abdul Halim, Siti Nadiah, Loo, Chung Yeng, El Hassane, Anouar, Langat, Moses K, Mulholland, Dulcie and Awang, Khalijah (2018) Laevifins A-G, Clerodane Diterpenoids from the Bark of Croton oblongus Burm.f. Phytochemistry, 156. pp. 193-200.


Benniou, L, Langat, Moses, Mulholland, Dulcie, Benayache, F and Benayache, S (2018) Oleanane Triterpenoids from the Algerian Salvia phlomoides Phytochemistry Letters, 24. pp. 136-139.

Bingham, Nathaniel M. and Roth, Peter J. (2018) Degradable Vinyl Copolymers through Thiocarbonyl Addition–Ring-Opening (TARO) Polymerization Chemical Communications (55). pp. 55-58.

Binks, F, Cavalli, Gabriel, Henningsen, M, Howlin, Brendan and Hamerton, Ian (2018) Investigating the mechanism through which ionic liquids initiate the polymerisation of epoxy resins Polymer, 139. pp. 163-176.

Binks, Fiona C, Cavalli, Gabriel, Henningsen, Michael, Howlin, Brendan and Hamerton, Ian (2018) Examining the effects of storage on the initiation behaviour of ionic liquids towards the cure of epoxy resins Reactive and Functional Polymers, 133. pp. 9-20.

Binks, Fiona C., Cavalli, Gabriel, Henningsen, Michael, Howlin, Brendan J. and Hamerton, Ian (2018) Examining the nature of network formation during epoxy polymerisation initiated with ionic liquids Polymer, 150. pp. 318-325.

Busatto, Nicolas, Van Luc, Stolojan, Vlad, Shaw, M, Keddie, Joseph and Roth, Peter (2018) Reactive Polymorphic Nanoparticles: Preparation via Polymerization-induced Self-assembly and Post-synthesis Thiol–para-Fluoro Core Modification Macromolecular Rapid Communications.


Danil de Namor, Angela, Abou Hamdan, W, Webb, O, Bance- Soualhi, R, Howlin, Brendan and Al Hakawati, N (2018) Calix(4)arene urea derivatives: the pathway from fundamental studies to the selective removal of fluorides and phosphates from water Journal of Hazardous Materials.

De Jesus, Janella, Bunch, Josephine, Verbeck, Guido, Webb, Roger, Costa, Catia, Goodwin, Richard and Bailey, Melanie (2018) Application of Various Normalisation Methods for Microscale Analysis of Tissues Using Direct Analyte Probed Nano-extraction (DAPNe) Analytical Chemistry, 90 (20). pp. 12094-12100.


García-Torres, José and Crean, Carol (2018) Ternary composite solid-state flexible supercapacitor based on nanocarbons/manganese dioxide/PEDOT:PSS fibres Materials & Design, 155. pp. 194-202.

Gonzalez Montilla, Valeska and Taylor, Spencer (2018) Physical and Chemical Aspects of "Precursor Films" Spreading on Water from Natural Bitumen Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 170. pp. 291-303.

Gonçalves Biancolli, Ana Laura, Herranz, Daniel, Wang, Lianqin, Stehlíkov, Gabriela, Bance-Soualhi, Rachida, Ponce-González, Julia, Ocón, Pilar, Ticianelli, Edson A., Whelligan, Daniel K., Varcoe, John R. and Santiago, Elisabete I. (2018) ETFE-based anion-exchange membrane ionomer powders for alkaline membrane fuel cells: a first performance comparison of head-group chemistry Journal of Materials Chemistry A.


Ismail, Mahado, Stevenson, Derek, Costa, Catia, Webb, Roger, de Puit, M and Bailey, Melanie (2018) Noninvasive Detection of Cocaine and Heroin Use with Single Fingerprints: Determination of an Environmental Cutoff Clinical Chemistry, 64 (6). pp. 909-917.


Langat, Moses, Helfenstein, A, Horner, C, Tammel, P, Hokkanen, H, Izotov, D and Mulholland, Dulcie (2018) Pumilol, a Diterpenoid with a Rare Strobane Skeleton from Pinus pumila (Pinaceae) Chemistry and Biodiversity, 15 (10), e1800056.


Martens, A., Petersen, O., Scherer, H., Riddlestone, Ian and Krossing, I. (2018) From a (Pseudo) Aluminum Sesquihalide Al₂(Et)₃(ORF)₃ to Me₃Si-Cl-Al(ORF)₃ (RF = C(CF₃)₃) Organometallics, 37 (5). pp. 706-711.

Martens, A., Weis, P., Krummer, M.C., Kreuzer, M., Meierhöfer, A., Meier, S.C., Bohnenberger, J., Scherer, H., Riddlestone, Ian and Krossing, I. (2018) Facile and systematic access to the least-coordinating WCA [(RFO)₃Al–F–Al(ORF)₃]− and its more Lewis-basic brother [F–Al(ORF)₃]− (RF = C(CF₃)₃) Chemical Science, 9 (35). pp. 7058-7068.

Mohamud, Hibaaq, Ivanov, P., Russell, B. C., Regan, Patrick and Ward, Neil (2018) Selective sorption of uranium from aqueous solution by graphene oxide-modified materials Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 316 (2). pp. 839-848.

Mooring, Lyndsey, Thompson, Scott, Hall, Stephen A., Pani, Silvia, Zioupos, Peter, Swan, Martin, Stone, Corinne, Howlin, Brendan and Hamerton, Ian (2018) ‘Phoenix polymers’: fire induced nanohardness in fibril-forming aromatic cyanate esters RSC Advances, 8 (63). pp. 36264-36271.


Nicklin, Richard Edward John, Shavorskiy, Andrey, Aksoy Akgul, Funda, Liu, Zhi, Bennett, Roger Alexander, Sacchi, Marco and Held, Georg (2018) "Pop-On and Pop-Off" Surface Chemistry of Alanine on Ni{111} Under Elevated Hydrogen Pressures The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122 (14). pp. 7720-7730.


Omasta, T, Park, A, LaManna, J, Zhang, Y, Wang, Lianqin, Jacobson, D, Varcoe, John and Hussey, D (2018) Beyond catalysis and membranes: visualizing and solving the challenge of electrode water accumulation and flooding in AEMFCs Energy and Environmental Science, 11. pp. 551-558.

Omasta, Travis J., Peng, Xiong, Miller, Hamish A., Vizza, Francesco, Wang, Lianqin, Varcoe, John R., Dekel, Dario R. and Mustain, William E. (2018) Beyond 1.0 W cm−2 Performance without Platinum: The Beginning of a New Era in Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 165 (15). J3039-J3044.

Omasta, Travis J., Zhang, Yufeng, Park, Andrew M., Peng, Xiong, Pivovar, Bryan, Varcoe, John R. and Mustain, William E. (2018) Strategies for Reducing the PGM Loading in High Power AEMFC Anodes Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 165 (9). F710-F717.


Ponce-González, J, Varcoe, John and Whelligan, Daniel (2018) Commercial monomer availability leading to missed opportunities? Anion-exchange membranes made from meta-vinylbenzyl chloride exhibit an alkali stability enhancement ACS Applied Energy Materials, 1 (5). pp. 1883-1887.

Premathasan, Nesani and Taylor, Spencer E. (2018) Viscometric analysis of the hydration of a surface cross-linked EM-HEC polymer European Polymer Journal, 102. pp. 111-119.


Riddlestone, Ian M., Kraft, A., Schaefer, J. and Krossing, I. (2018) Taming the Cationic Beast: Novel Developments in the Synthesis and Application of Weakly Coordinating Anions Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 57 (43). pp. 13982-14024.

Riddlestone, Ian M., Rajabi, N.A., Macgregor, S.A., Mahon, M.F. and Whittlesey, M.K. (2018) Well-Defined Heterobimetallic Reactivity at Unsupported Ruthenium–Indium Bonds Chemistry - A European Journal, 24 (7). pp. 1732-1738.


Schwikkard, S, Whitmore, Hannah, Corson, T, Sishtla, K, Langat, Moses, Carew, M and Mulholland, Dulcie (2018) Antiangiogenic Activity and Cytotoxicity of Triterpenoids and Homoisoflavonoids from Massonia pustulata and Massonia bifolia Planta Medica, 84 (09/10). pp. 638-644.

Sweilam, Mona N., Varcoe, John R. and Crean, Carol (2018) Fabrication and Optimization of Fiber-Based Lithium Sensor: A Step towards Wearable Sensors for Lithium Drug Monitoring in Interstitial Fluid ACS Sensors, 3 (9). pp. 1802-1810.


Taylor, Spencer (2018) Interfacial Chemistry in Steam-Based Thermal Recovery of Oil Sands Bitumen with Emphasis on Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage and the Role of Chemical Additives Colloids and Interfaces: Special Issue "Colloids and Interfaces in Oil Recovery", 2 (16). pp. 1-26.

Taylor, Spencer, Chu, Hiu Tung and Isiocha, Ugochukwu I (2018) Addendum: Taylor, S.E., et al. Metal Ion Interactions with Crude Oil Components: Specificity of Ca2+ Binding to Naphthenic Acid at an Oil/Water Interface. Colloids Interfaces 2018, 2, 40. Colloids and Interfaces, 2 (4), 54.

Taylor, Spencer E and Chu, Hiu Tung (2018) Metal Ion Interactions with Crude Oil Components: Specificity of Ca2+ Binding to Naphthenic Acid at an Oil/Water Interface Colloids and Interfaces, 2 (3), 40.

Thompson, Scott, Howlin, Brendan J., Stone, Corinne A. and Hamerton, Ian (2018) Exploring the thermal degradation mechanisms of some polybenzoxazines under ballistic heating conditions in helium and air Polymer Degradation and Stability, 156. pp. 180-192.

Thompson, Scott, Stone, Corinne, Howlin, Brendan and Hamerton, Ian (2018) Exploring Structure-Property Relationships in Aromatic Polybenzoxazines through Molecular Simulation Polymers.

Tuovinen, Hanna, Pelkonen, Mila, Lempinen, Janne, Pohjolainen, Esa, Read, David, Solatie, Dina and Lehto, Jukka (2018) Behaviour of Metals during Bioheap Leaching at the Talvivaara Mine, Finland Geosciences, 8 (2). pp. 66-79.


Wang, Lianqin, Bellini, Marco, Miller, Hamish Andrew and Varcoe, John R. (2018) A high conductivity untrathin anion-exchange membrane with 500+ h alkali stability for use in alkaline membrane fuel cells that can achieve 2 W cm-2 at 80 °C Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018 (31). pp. 15404-15412.


Zheng, Y, Ash, U, Pandey, R, Ozioko, A, Ponce, Julia, Handl, M, Weissbach, T, Varcoe, John, Holdcroft, S, Liberatore, M, Hiesgen, R and Dekel, D (2018) Water Uptake Study of Anion Exchange Membranes Macromolecules, 51 (9). pp. 3264-3278.

Zhu, Yuan, Ding, Liang, Liang, Xian, Shehzad, Muhammad A., Wang, Lianqin, Ge, Xiaolin, He, Yubin, Wu, Liang, Varcoe, John R and Xu, Tongwen (2018) Beneficial use of rotatable-spacer side-chains in alkaline anion exchange membranes for fuel cells Energy & Environmental Science, 11 (12). pp. 3472-3479.

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