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Alston, Adam (2013) Politics in the Dark: Risk Perception, Affect and Emotion in Lundahl and Seitl's Rotating in a Room of Images. In: Affective Performance and Cognitive Science: Body, Brain and Being. Methuen, London, pp. 217-228. ISBN 9781408183984

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Mermikides, Milton (2013) All at Sea Total Guitar, TG230.

Mermikides, Milton (2013) A Clean Grave Total Guitar, TG224.

Mermikides, Milton (2013) God save the Queen Total Guitar, TG228.

Mermikides, Milton (2013) Hall of the Mountain King Total Guitar, TG225.

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Mermikides, Milton (2013) Perfect 5th Total Guitar, TG229.

Mermikides, Milton (2013) Sorcery Total Guitar, T226.

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