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Cull, LK (2012) Performance-Philosophy: A ‘philosophical turn’ in Performance Studies (and a non-philosophical turn in Philosophy) In: Performing Research: Creative Exchanges, 2012-01-19 - 2012-01-20, Central School of Speech and Drama. (Unpublished)

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Lavender, AM (2012) Motion Capture for A Tempest: visual analysis of human movement, digital/corporeal interaction and performance In: Practice-based R&D workshop, 2012-07-12 - 2012-07-19, Ivy Arts Centre, University of Surrey. (Unpublished)


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Wiley, Christopher (2012) Divided by a Common Language? Evaluating Students’ Understanding of the Vocabulary of Assessment and Feedback at a Single UK Higher Education Institution In: 19th International Conference on Learning, 2012-08-14 - 2012-08-16, Institute of Education, London.

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