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Antoniades, Andreas, Spyrou, Loukianos, Martin-Lopez, David, Valentin, Antonio, Alarcon, Gonzalo, Sanei, Saeid and Cheong Took, Clive (2018) Deep neural architectures for mapping scalp to intracranial EEG International Journal of Neural Systems, 28 (8), 1850009.

Au, Man Ho, Liang, Kaitai, Liu, Joseph K., Lu, Rongxing and Ning, Jianting (2018) Privacy-preserving personal data operation on mobile cloud — Chances and challenges over advanced persistent threat Future Generation Computer Systems, 79. pp. 337-349.


Banerjee, Nikhil, Giannetsos, Thanassis, Panaousis, Emmanouil and Cheong Took, Clive (2018) Unsupervised Learning for Trustworthy IoT In: 2018 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE 2018), 08-13 Jul 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Baritel-Ruet, Cécile, Dupressoir, Francois, Fouque, Pierre-Alain and Grégoire, Benjamin (2018) Formal Security Proof of CMAC and its Variants In: 31st IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, 09-12 Jul 2018, Oxford, UK.

Bhargavan, Karthikeyan, Boureanu, Ioana, Delignat-Lavaud, Antoine, Fouque, Pierre-Alain and Onete, Cristina (2018) A Formal Treatment of Accountable Proxying Over TLS In: 2018 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP), 20-24 May 2018, San Francisco, California, USA.


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Cortier, Véronique, Dragan, Constantin Cătălin, Dupressoir, Francois and Warinschi, Bogdan (2018) Machine-checked proofs for electronic voting: privacy and verifiability for Belenios In: 31st IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, 09-12 Jul 2018, Oxford, UK.


Doherty, Simon, Dongol, Brijesh, Wehrheim, Heike and Derrick, John (2018) Making Linearizability Compositional for Partially Ordered Executions In: International Conference on Integrated Formal Methods - IFM 2018, 05-07 Sep 2018, Maynooth University, Ireland.

Dongol, Brijesh, Doherty, Simon, Wehrheim, Heiki and Derrick, John (2018) Brief Announcement: Generalising Concurrent Correctness to Weak Memory In: 32nd International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC 2018), 15 - 19 October 2018, New Orleans.

Dragan, Catalin, Gardham, Daniel and Manulis, Mark (2018) Hierarchical Attribute-based Signatures In: International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security.

Dragan, Catalin and Manulis, Mark (2018) Bootstrapping Online Trust: Timeline Activity Proofs In: International Workshop on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology.

Dragan, Constantin-Catalin, Gardham, Daniel and Manulis, Mark (2018) Hierarchical Attribute-based Signatures. 17th International Conference, CANS 2018, Naples, Italy, September 30 – October 3, 2018 In: Cryptology and Network Security. CANS 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Verlag, pp. 212-234. ISBN 978-3-030-00433-0 Online ISBN: 978-3-030-00434-7

Du, W, Zhong, W, Tang, Y, Du, W and Jin, Yaochu (2018) High-Dimensional Robust Multi-Objective Optimization for Order Scheduling: A Decision Variable Classification Approach IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics.


Fielder, Andrew, König, Sandra, Panaousis, Emmanouil, Schauer, Stefan and Rass, Stefan (2018) Risk Assessment Uncertainties in Cybersecurity Investments Games, 9 (2).


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Guo, Dan, Jin, Yaochu, Ding, Jinliang and Chai, Tianyou (2018) Heterogeneous Ensemble-Based Infill Criterion for Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization of Expensive Problems IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.


Han, Jinguang, Chen, Liqun, Schneider, Steve, Treharne, Helen and Wesemeyer, Stephan (2018) Anonymous Single-Sign-On for n designated services with traceability In: 23rd European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS) 2018, 2018-09-03-2018-09-07, Barcelona, Spain.

Han, Jinguang, Yang, Ye, Liu, Joseph K., Li, Jiguo, Liang, Kaitai and Shen, Jian (2018) Expressive attribute-based keyword search with constant-size ciphertext Soft Computing, 22 (15). pp. 5163-5177.

He, Debiao, Ma, Mimi, Zeadally, Sherali, Kumar, Neeraj and Liang, Kaitai (2018) Certificateless Public Key Authenticated Encryption With Keyword Search for Industrial Internet of Things IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 14 (8). pp. 3618-3627.

Huang, Li, Ding, Y and Jin, Yaochu (2018) Multiple-solution Optimization Strategy for Multi-robot Task Allocation IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Systems.


Isupova, Olga, Li, Yunpeng, Kuzin, Danil, Roberts, Stephen J, Willis, Katherine and Reece, Steven (2018) BCCNet: Bayesian classifier combination neural network In: NeurlPS Workshop on Machine Learning for the Developing World, 2018-12-08, Montreal, Canada.


Jennings, Emily, de Lusignan, Simon, Michalakidis, Georgios, Krause, Paul, Sullivan, Frank, Liyanage, Harshana and Delaney, Brendan C. (2018) An instrument to identify computerised primary care research networks, genetic and disease registries prepared to conduct linked research: TRANSFoRm International Research Readiness (TIRRE) survey Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics, 25.

Jin, Yaochu, Wang, Handing, Chugh, Tinkle, Guo, Dan and Miettinen, Kaisa (2018) Data-Driven Evolutionary Optimization: An Overview and Case Studies IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation.


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Karlsen, Matthew R. and Moschoyiannis, Sotiris K. (2018) Optimal control rules for random Boolean networks In: The 7th International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications (Complex Networks 2018), 11-13 Dec 2018, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Kosmanos, Dimitrios, Maglaras, Leandros, Mavrovouniotis, Michalis, Moschoyiannis, Sotiris, Argyriou, Antonios, Maglaras, Athanasios and Janicke, Helge (2018) Route Optimization of Electric Vehicles based on Dynamic Wireless Charging IEEE Access, 6. pp. 42551-42565.


Laszka, Aron, Panaousis, Emmanouil and Grossklags, Jens (2018) Cyber-Insurance as a Signaling Game: Self-Reporting and External Security Audits In: 9th Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security (GameSec 2018), 29-31 Oct 2018, Seattle, WA, USA.

Liu, Joseph K., Yuen, Tsz Hon, Zhang, Peng and Liang, Kaitai (2018) Time-Based Direct Revocable Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Short Revocation List In: 16th International Applied Cryptography and Network Security Conference (ACNS 2018), 02-04 Jul 2018, Leuven, Belgium.

Loukas, George, Karapistoli, Eirini, Panaousis, Emmanouil, Sarigiannidis, Panagiotis, Bezemskij, Anatolij and Vuong, Tuan (2018) A taxonomy and survey of cyber-physical intrusion detection approaches for vehicles Ad Hoc Networks, 84. pp. 124-147.

Lu, Xiuhua, Yin, Wei, Wen, Qiaoyan, Liang, Kaitai, Chen, Liqun and Chen, Jiageng (2018) Message Integration Authentication in the Internet-of-Things via Lattice-Based Batch Signatures Sensors, 18 (11).


Manaf, Nurulhuda A., Antoniades, Andreas and Moschoyiannis, Sotiris (2018) SBVR2Alloy: an SBVR to Alloy compiler In: 10th IEEE International Conference on Service Oriented Computing and Applications (IEEE SOCA 2017), 22-25 Nov 2017, Kanazawa, Japan.


Pan, Linqiang, He, Cheng, Tian, Ye, Wang, Handing, Zhang, Xingyi and Jin, Yaochu (2018) A Classification Based Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Algorithm for Expensive Many-Objective Optimization IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation.

Peng, Xingguang, Jin, Yaochu and Wang, Handing (2018) Multi-Modal Optimization Enhanced Cooperative Coevolution for Large-Scale Optimization IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2168-2.


Rong, Miao, Gong, Dunwei, Zhang, Yong, Jin, Yaochu and Wang, Gaige (2018) Multi-directional Prediction Approach for Dynamic Multi-objective Optimization Problems IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.


Sun, Chaoli, Jin, Yaochu and Tan, Ying (2018) Semi-supervised learning assisted particle swarm optimization of computationally expensive problems In: GECCO '18 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, 15-19 Jul 2018, Kyoto, Japan.


Thorne, Tom (2018) Approximate inference of gene regulatorynetwork models from RNA-Seq time series data BMC Bioinformatics, 19 (127).

Tian, Jie, Tan, Ying, Zeng, Jianchao, Sun, Chaoli and Jin, Yaochu (2018) Multi-objective Infill Criterion Driven Gaussian Process Assisted Particle Swarm Optimization of High-dimensional Expensive Problems IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation.

Tian, Ye, Cheng, Ran, Zhang, Xingyi, Su, Yansen and Jin, Yaochu (2018) A Strengthened Dominance Relation Considering Convergence and Diversity for Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation.

Tian, Ye, Xiang, Xiaoshu, Zhang, Xingyi, Cheng, Ran and Jin, Yaochu (2018) Sampling Reference Points on the Pareto Fronts of Benchmark Multi-Objective Optimization Problems In: 2018 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2018), 08-13 Jul 2018, Windsor Convention Centre, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Tian, Ye, Zhang, Xingyi, Cheng, Ran, He, Cheng and Jin, Yaochu (2018) Guiding Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization with Generic Front Modeling IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.


Wang, Handing, Doherty, John and Jin, Yaochu (2018) Hierarchical surrogate-assisted evolutionary multi-scenario airfoil shape optimization In: 2018 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2018), 08-13 Jul 2018, Windsor Convention Centre, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Wang, Handing and Jin, Yaochu (2018) A Random Forest Assisted Evolutionary Algorithm for Data-Driven Constrained Multi-Objective Combinatorial Optimization of Trauma Systems for publication IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.

Wang, Handing, Jin, Yaochu, Sun, Chaoli and Doherty, John (2018) Offline Data-Driven Evolutionary Optimization Using Selective Surrogate Ensembles IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation.


Xiang, Min, Enshaeifar, Shirin, Stott, Alexander E., Cheong Took, Clive, Xia, Yili, Kanna, Sithan and Mandic, Danilo P. (2018) Simultaneous diagonalisation of the covariance and complementary covariance matrices in quaternion widely linear signal processing Signal Processing, 148. pp. 193-204.

Xie, Zhenping and Jin, Yaochu (2018) An Extended Reinforcement Learning Framework to Model Cognitive Development with Enactive Pattern Representation IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, 10 (3). pp. 738-750.


Yang, Cuie, Ding, Jinliang, Jin, Yaochu, Wang, Chengzhi and Chai, Tianyou (2018) Multi-tasking Multi-objective Evolutionary Operational Indices Optimization of Beneficiation Processes IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering.

Yang, Zhen, Ding, Yongsheng, Jin, Yaochu and Hao, Kuangrong (2018) Immune-Endocrine System Inspired Hierarchical Coevolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Algorithm for IoT Service IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.

Yang, Zhen, Jin, Yaochu and Hao, Kuangrong (2018) A Bio-Inspired Self-learning Coevolutionary Dynamic Multiobjective Optimization Algorithm for Internet of Things Services IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation.

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Yu, Guo, Jin, Yaochu and Olhofer, Markus (2018) A Method for a Posteriori Identification of Knee Points Based on Solution Density In: 2018 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2018), 08-13 Jul 2018, Windsor Convention Centre, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Zhang, Peng, Chen, Zehong, Liu, Joseph K, Liang, Kaitai and Liu, Hongwei (2018) An efficient access control scheme with outsourcing capability and attribute update for fog computing Future Generation Computer Systems, 78 (2). pp. 753-762.

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