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Yu, Deng, Li, Lei, Zheng, Youyi, Lau, Manfred, Song, Yi-Zhe, Tai, Chiew-Lan and Fu, Hongbo (2020) SketchDesc: Learning Local Sketch Descriptors for Multi-view Correspondence IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology.

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Zheng, Yiwei, Guang, Garrett, Wang, Lianqin, Varcoe, John, Kohl, Paul A. and Mustain, W.E (2020) Effect of reacting gas flowrates and hydration on the carbonation of anion exchange membrane fuel cells in the presence of CO2 Journal of Power Sources, 467, 228350.

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Li, Daoliang, Miao, Zheng, Peng, Fang, Wang, Liang, Hao, Yinfeng, Wang, Zhenhu, Chen, Tao, Li, Hui and Zheng, Yingying (2020) Automatic counting methods in aquaculture: a review Journal of the World Aquaculture Society.

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Wu, S, Xiao, Y, Wang, L, Zheng, Y, Chang, K, Zheng, Z, Yang, Z, Varcoe, JR and Zhao, F (2014) Extracellular Electron Transfer Mediated by Flavins in Gram-positive Bacillus sp WS-XY1 and Yeast Pichia stipitis ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 146. pp. 564-567.

Esposito, M, Anaxagoras, T, Konstantinidis, AC, Zheng, Y, Speller, RD, Evans, PM, Allinson, NM and Wells, K (2014) Performance of a novel wafer scale CMOS active pixel sensor for bio-medical imaging PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 59 (13). pp. 3533-3554.

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Heggie, MI and Zheng, Y (1987) Planar defects and dissociation of dislocations in a K feldspar Philosophical Magazine A: Physics of Condensed Matter, Structure, Defects and Mechanical Properties, 56 (5). pp. 681-688.

Conference or Workshop Item

Meng, Y, Zheng, Y and Jin, Y (2010) A Morphogenetic Approach to Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robots using a Hybrid Hierarchical Gene Regulatory Network In: Artificial Life XII, 2010-08-19 - 2010-08-23, Odense, Denmark.

Zheng, Y, Meng, Y and Jin, Y (2010) Fusing bottom-up and top-down pathways in neural networks for visual object recognition In: 2010 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2010-07-18 - 2010-07-23, Barcelona.

Velaga, NR, Quddus, MA, Bristow, A and Zheng, Y (2010) Map-Aided Integrity Monitoring of a Land Vehicle Navigation System In: Transportation Research Board, 89th Annual Meeting, 2010-01-10 - 2010-01-14, Washington.

Moschoyiannis, Sotiris, Razavi, AR, Zheng, YY and Krause, Paul (2008) Long-running Transactions: semantics, schemas, implementation In: IEEE DEST 2008, 2008-02-26 - 2008-02-29, Phitsanuloke, Thailand.

Zheng, Yongyan and Krause, Paul J. (2007) Automata Semantics and Analysis of BPEL In: 2007 Inaugural IEEE-IES Digital EcoSystems and Technologies Conference.

Zheng, Y, Zhou, J, Krause, P, Muller, P, Liggesmeyer, P and Maehle, E (2007) Analysis of BPEL data dependencies In: 33rd EUROMICRO Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications, 2007-08-27 - 2007-08-31, Lubeck, GERMANY.

Zheng, Y, Zhou, J, Krause, P and Latifi, S (2007) A model checking based test case generation framework for web services In: 4th International Conference on Information Technology - New Generations, 2007-04-02 - 2007-04-04, Las Vegas, NV.

Zheng, Y, Krause, P and Mei, H (2006) Asynchronous semantics and anti-patterns for interacting web services In: 6th International Conference on Quality Software, 2006-10-27 - 2006-10-28, Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA.


Zheng, Yongyan (2007) An Automatic Test Framework for BPEL-based Web Services Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey.

Zheng, Yuanxing. (2000) Microsatellite radar altimeter payload design for global sea state monitoring. Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey (United Kingdom)..

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