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Luo, D, Yang, W, Wang, Z, Sadhanala, A, Hu, Q, Su, R, Shivanna, R, Trindade, G, Watts, John, Xu, Z, Liu, T, Chen, K, Ye, F, Wu, P, Zhao, L, Wu, J, Tu, Y, Zhang, Y, Yang, X, Zhang, Wei, Friend, R, Gong, Q, Snaith, H and Zhu, R (2018) Enhanced photovoltage for inverted planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells Science, 360 (6396). pp. 1442-1446.

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Zhang, Cheng, Yu, Yun, Yu, Jun-feng, Li, Bo-dong, Zhou, Cheng-fan, Yang, Xiao-dong, Wang, Xian, Wu, Changhao, Shen, Tong and Zhu, Qi-xing (2018) Viral mimic polyinosine-polycytidylic acid potentiates liver injury in trichloroethylene-sensitized mice – Viral-chemical interaction as a novel mechanism Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 155. pp. 101-108.

Bond, Tom, Simperler, A, Graham, N, Ling, L, Gan, W, Yang, X and Templeton, MR (2017) Defining the molecular properties of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) precursors using computational chemistry Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 3. pp. 502-512.

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Yang, X., Lorenser, D., McLaughlin, R.A., Kirk, R.W., Edmond, M., Simpson Cather, M., Grounds, M.D. and Sampson, David (2014) Imaging deep skeletal muscle structure using a high-sensitivity ultrathin side-viewing optical coherence tomography needle probe Biomedical Optics Express, 5 (1). pp. 136-148.

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Yang, X., Chin, L., Klyen, B.R., Shavlakadze, T., McLaughlin, R.A., Grounds, M.D. and Sampson, David (2013) Quantitative assessment of muscle damage in the mdx mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy using polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography Journal of Applied Physiology, 115 (9). pp. 1393-1401.

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Reed, GT, Thomson, DJ, Gardes, FY, Hu, Y, Owens, N, Yang, X, Petropoulos, P, Debnath, K, O'Faolain, L, Krauss, TF, Lever, L, Ikonic, Z, Kelsall, RW, Myronov, M, Leadley, DR, Marko, IP, Sweeney, SJ, Cox, DC, Brimont, A, Sanchis, P, Duan, G-H, Le Liepvre, A, Jany, C, Lamponi, M, Make, D, Lelarge, F, Fedeli, JM, Messaoudene, S, Keyvaninia, S, Roelkens, G, Van Thourhout, D and Liu, S (2012) High performance silicon optical modulators Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 8564.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Yang, X, Sun, Zhili, Miao, Y, Wang, N, Kang, S, Wang, Y and Yang, Y (2016) Performance Optimisation for DSDV in VANETs In: 2015 17th UKSim-AMSS International Conference on Modelling and Simulation (UKSim), 2015-03-25 - 2015-03-28, Cambridge, UK.

Yang, Xin, Sun, Zhili, Miao, Y and Cruickshank, Haitham (2016) QoS Routing for MANET and Satellite Hybrid Network to Support Disaster Relives and Management In: 2016 IEEE 83rd Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring), 2016-05-15 - 2016-05-18, Nanjing, China.

Chin, L., Yang, X., McLaughlin, R.A., Noble, P.B. and Sampson, David (2013) Birefringence imaging for optical sensing of tissue damage

Lorenser, D., Yang, X. and Sampson, D.D. (2012) Analysis of fiber-optic probes using graded-index fiber microlenses with non-ideal refractive index profiles

Yang, X., McLaughlin, R.A., Lorenser, D., Kirk, R.W., Noble, P.B. and Sampson, D.D. (2011) In situ 3D imaging of alveoli with a 30 gauge side-facing optical needle probe

Quddus, AU, Yang, X and Tafazolli, R (2008) Link-level analysis of downlink handover regions in UMTS In: 67th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2008-05-11 - 2008-05-14, Marina Bay, SINGAPORE.


Yang, Xinjie. (2003) Soft handover techniques for CDMA mobile communication networks. Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey (United Kingdom)..

Yang, Xiaofan. (1995) Corrosion and passivation of molybdenum-bearing alloys. Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey (United Kingdom)..


UNSPECIFIED Channel state information transmission method apparatus and system US Patent 20120087382.

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