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Peng, Wanren, Ma, Tai, Xu, Hui, Wu, Zhijun, Wu, Changhao and Sun, Guoping (2020) Survival Benefits of Palliative Gastrectomy in Stage IV Gastric Cancer: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis Journal of Gastrointenstinal Oncology.

Ma, Tai, Wu, Zhi-jun, Xu, Hui, Wu, Chang-hao, Xu, Jing, Peng, Wan-ren, Fan, Lu-lu and Sun, Guo-ping (2019) Nomograms for predicting survival in patients with metastatic gastric adenocarcinoma who undergo palliative gastrectomy BMC Cancer, 19, 852. pp. 1-11.

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Wang, Caiping, Li, Gang and Xu, Honggang (2018) Impact of lifestyle-oriented motivation on small tourism enterprises’ social responsibility and performance in historic towns Journal of Travel Research.

Tu, XL, Kelic-Heil, A, Litvinov, Y, Podolyak, Zsolt, Zhang, YH, Huang, WJ, Xu, HS, Blaum, K, Bosch, F, Chen, RJ and Walker, Philip (2017) Application of Isochronous Mass Spectrometry for the study of angular momentum population in projectile fragmentation reactions Physical Review C: Nuclear Physics, 95 (1), 014610.

Yuan, C, Liu, Z, Xu, F, Walker, PM, Podolyak, Z, Xu, C, Ren, ZZ, Ding, B, Liu, XY, Xu, HS, Zhang, YH, Zhou, XH and Zuo, W (2016) Isomerism in the “south-east” of 132Sn and a predicted neutron-decaying isomer in 129Pd Physics Letters B, 762. pp. 237-242.

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Book Section

Li, Y, Tian, G and Xu, H (2012) Application of Biodiesel in Automotive Diesel Engines In: Biodiesel - Feedstocks, Production and Applications. InTech, pp. 387-406.

Tian, G, Xu, H and Daniel, R (2011) DMF - A New Biofuel Candidate In: Biofuel Production-Recent Developments and Prospects. InTech, pp. 487-520. ISBN 9533074787

Conference or Workshop Item

Daniel, R, Wang, C, Xu, H, Tian, G and Richardson, D (2012) Dual-injection as a knock mitigation strategy using pure ethanol and methanol

Daniel, R, Wang, C, Xu, H and Tian, G (2012) Effects of combustion phasing, injection timing, relative air-fuel ratio and variable valve timing on SI engine performance and emissions using 2,5-dimethylfuran

Daniel, R, Wang, C, Xu, H and Tian, G (2012) Split-injection strategies under full-load using DMF, a new biofuel candidate, compared to ethanol in a GDI engine

Ma, H, Xu, H, Schnier, T, Wang, J and Tian, G (2012) A real-time control oriented HCCI combustion model in 4-stroke HCCI/SI GDI engine and model-based fast calibration development

Li, Y, Tian, G, Zhang, J and Xu, H (2010) Comparative experimental study on microscopic spray characteristics of RME, GTL and diesel

Zhang, J, Tian, G, Xu, H, Zhang, F and Daniel, R (2010) The application of two closely coupled DPFs as the after-treatment system

Zhang, J, Xu, H, Tian, G, Zhang, F, Wyszynski, M and Price, P (2010) The Particle Emissions Characteristics of a Light Duty Diesel Engine with 10% Alternative Fuel Blends In: SAE, 2010 - ?.

Turner, D, Tian, G, Xu, H, Wyszynski, ML and Theodoridis, E (2009) An experimental study of dieseline combustion in a direct injection engine

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