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Wynne-Davies, M (2016) "Theatre is a temple to memory": Terry Hawkes and the Cardiff School Shakespeare Studies: an annual gathering of research, criticism and review, 44. pp. 91-100.

Wynne-Davies, M (2013) Review of Samuel Daniel's Tragedie of Cleopatra (directed by Emma Whipday for the UCL Centre for Early Modern Exchanges) at the Great Hall, Goodenough College, London, 3 March 2013 Shakespeare.

Wynne-Davies, M (2013) 'More women: more weeping': the communal lamentation of Early Modern women in the works of Mary Sidney Herbert and Mary Wroth Early Modern Literary Studies.

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Book Section

Wynne-Davies, M (2014) A Cave of Despair and an Irish Mantle: Ireland in the Writings of Edmund Spenser and Elizabeth Cary In: Identities in Early Modern English Writing Religion, Gender, Nation. Early European Research, 6 . Turnhout Brepols Publishers, pp. 59-84. ISBN 978-2-503-54231-7

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Wynne-Davies, M (2011) 'Close Keeping' and 'the pure temple': gendered discourses in the writings of Margaret More Roper and her descendants In: A Place of Their Own. Women Writers and Their Social Environments (1450-1700). Medieval to Early Modern Culture, 13 . Peter Lang, Oxford, pp. 69-86. ISBN 3631613377

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Wynne-Davies, M (2010) A Touching Text: Dundee, Tehran and The Winter's Tale In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Wynne-Davies, M (2003) Suicide at the Elephant and Castle, or did the lady vanish? Alternative endings for early modern women writers In: Lancastrian Shakespeare Conference and Exhibition, 1999-07 - ?, Univ Lancaster, Lancaster, ENGLAND.


Salzman, P and Wynne-Davies, M (2014) Mary Wroth and Shakespeare Routledge. ISBN 1317655699

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