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Woods, Stephen A., Ahmed, Sara, Nikolaou, Ioannis, Costa, Ana Cristina and Anderson, Neil R. (2019) Personnel selection in the digital age: a review of validity and applicant reactions, and future research challenges European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. pp. 1-14.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Zhou, Ying, Zou, M., Woods, S. and Wu, C. H. (2018) The Restorative Effect of Work after Unemployment: An Intra-individual Analysis of Subjective Well-being Recovery through Re-employment In: 78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 10-14 August 2018, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Ahmed, Sara and Woods, Steve (2018) New Technology in Personnel Selection In: Academy of Management Specialized Conference: Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy, 18 - 20 April 2018, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.

Carminati, L, Heliot, YingFei and Woods, S (2017) Doctors’ Identity Conflict and Ethical Behaviour in End-of-Life Circumstances Between Professional and Religious Identity In: EAWOP 2017, 2017-05-17 - 2017-05-20, Dublin, Ireland.


Woods, SA and West, MA (2014) The psychology of work and organizations Cengage Learning EMEA.


Woods, Stephen A (2004) Contextualising Personality Assessment: Using Meta-perceptions of the Big Five to Improve the Prediction of Work Performance Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey.

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