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Wolfensohn, Sarah, Shotton, Justine, Bowley, Hannah, Davies, Siân, Thompson, Sarah and Justice, William (2018) Assessment of Welfare in Zoo Animals: Towards Optimum Quality of Life Animals, 8 (7). pp. 110-126.

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Book Section

Wolfensohn, SE and Gilbert, C (2013) Veterinary ethics and the use of animals in research: are they compatible? In: Veterinary and Animal Ethics. Wiley-Blackwell Ltd.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Wolfensohn, SE Actual, Cumulative and retrospective suffering: quantifiable evidence based methods In: ESLAV Annual Conference, 2013-09-17 - ?, Cambridge.

Wolfensohn, SE Animal Welfare - should it be measured? In: Veterinar-Kongressen, 2010-11-14 - ?, Stockholm.

Wolfensohn, SE Cumulative suffering and retrospective assessment in mice In: LAVA annual meeting, 2012-09-25 - ?, York, UK.

Wolfensohn, SE Ethical and welfare issues relating to the use of monkeys in neuroresearch In: Cognitive Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop, 2008-04-10 - ?, Sardinia.

Wolfensohn, SE Humane endpoints in an academic environment In: LASA/UFAW conference, 2012-09-28 - ?, Stevenage, UK.

Wolfensohn, SE National Strategies for primate use in bioscience, does the UK need one? In: Internaitonal Primatological Society, 2010-09-09 - ?, Kyoto, Japan.

Wolfensohn, SE The impact of laboratory animal science on society: neurology In: SGV-ESLAV-SAVIR conference, 2009-09-18 - ?, Zurich.


Wolfensohn, S and Lloyd, M (2013) Handbook of Laboratory Animal Management and Welfare John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 111847824X

Wolfensohn, S and Honess, P (2008) Handbook of Primate Husbandry and Welfare John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 1405156155

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