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Williamson, Edward H., Gee, Mark, Robertson, Daniel, Watts, John F., Whiting, Mark J. and Yeomans, Julie A. (2019) Wear performance and characterisation of coatings for nuclear applications: WC-(W,Cr)2C-Ni and hard chromium plate Wear, 430. pp. 169-182.

Ryan, Emma, Sabin, TG, Watts, John and Whiting, Mark (2018) The influence of build parameters and wire batch on porosity of wire and arc additive manufactured aluminium alloy 2319 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 262. pp. 577-584.

Katranidis, Vasileios, Gu, Sai, Cox, David, Whiting, Mark J and Kamnis, Spyros (2018) FIB-SEM Sectioning Study of Decarburization Products in the Microstructure of HVOF-Sprayed WC-Co Coatings Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 27 (5). pp. 898-908.

Oulton, K, Gibson, Faith, Carr, L, Hassiotis, A, Jewitt, C, Kenten, C, Russell, J, Whiting, M, Tuffrey-Wijne, I and Wray, J (2018) Mapping staff perspectives towards the delivery of hospital care for children and young people with and without learning disabilities in England: a mixed methods national study. BMC Health Services Research, 18 (203).

Yates, P, Mallinson, Christopher, Mallinson, P, Whiting, Mark and Yeomans, Julie (2017) An Investigation into the Nature of the Oxide Layer Formed on Kovar (Fe-29Ni-17Co) Wires Following Oxidation in Air at 700 °C and 800 °C Oxidation of Metals: an international journal of the science of gas-solid reactions, 88 (5-6). pp. 733-747.

Parker, Simon, Whiting, Mark and Yeomans, Julie (2017) Control of carbon content in WC-Co hardmetal by heat treatment in reducing atmospheres containing methane. International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 66. pp. 204-210.

De Bono, Damaso, London, T, Baker, Mark and Whiting, Mark (2017) A robust inverse analysis method to estimate the local tensile properties of heterogeneous materials from nano-indentation data International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 123. pp. 162-176.

Whiting, MJ, Staff, MT, Fernie, JA, Mallinson, PM and Yeomans, JA (2016) Fabrication of a Glass-Ceramic-to-Metal Seal between Ti-6Al-4V and a Strontium Boroaluminate Glass International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology: ceramic product development and commercialization, 13 (5). pp. 956-965.

Gopal, V, Whiting, MJ, Chew, JW and Mills, S (2013) Thermal contact conductance and its dependence on load cycling INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, 66. pp. 444-450.

Waters, RE, Whiting, Mark and Stolojan, Vlad (2013) Examining the Pearlite Growth Interface in a Fe-C-Mn Alloy International Journal of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, 7 (7). pp. 506-509.

Yeadon, AD, Wakeham, SJ, Brown, HL, Thwaites, MJ, Whiting, MJ and Baker, MA (2011) Remote plasma sputtering of indium tin oxide thin films for large area flexible electronics Thin Solid Films, 520 (4). pp. 1207-1211.

Arvanitis, A, Diplas, S, Tsakiropoulos, P, Watts, JF, Whiting, MJ, Morton, SA and Matthew, JAD (2001) An experimental study of bonding and crystal structure modifications in MoSi2 and MoSi2+xAl (x=10 to 40 at% Al) via Auger parameter shifts and charge transfer calculations ACTA MATERIALIA, 49 (6). pp. 1063-1078.

Whiting, MJ (2000) A reappraisal of kinetic data for the growth of pearlite in high purity Fe-C eutectoid alloys SCRIPTA MATERIALIA, 43 (11). pp. 969-975.

Whiting, MJ and Tsakiropoulos, P (1997) Morphological evolution of lamellar structures: The Cu-Al eutectoid ACTA MATERIALIA, 45 (5). pp. 2027-2042.

Whiting, MJ and Ogin, SL (1997) Dislocation wall structures near a stress concentration in fatigued copper polycrystals SCRIPTA MATERIALIA, 36 (7). pp. 763-768.

Chrysanthou, A, Jenkins, RC, Whiting, MJ and Tsakiropoulos, P (1996) A study of the combustion synthesis of MoSi2 and MoSi2-matrix composites JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 31 (16). pp. 4221-4226.

Whiting, MJ and Tsakiropoulos, P (1995) Ledge mechanism of pearlite growth: Growth velocity of ferrous pearlite MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 11 (10). pp. 977-984.

Whiting, Mark and Tsakiropoulos, P (1995) Appraisal of Recent Work on Role of Crystallography in Ferrous and Nonferrous Pearlite Materials Science and Technology, 11 (8). pp. 717-727.

Whiting, Mark J and Tsakiropoulos, P (1995) THE LEDGE MECHANISM OF PEARLITE GROWTH Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia, 32 (12). pp. 1965-1966.



Book Section

Whiting, Mark (2017) Is it a Ceramic? Is it Graphene? No it's Vibranium! In: The Secret Science of Superheroes. RSC Publishing, London, pp. 93-110. ISBN 978-1782624875

Rix, Michael, Baker, Mark, Whiting, Mark, Durman, Ray P and Shatwell, Robert A (2017) An Improved Silicon Carbide Monofilament for the Reinforcement of Metal Matrix Composites In: Proceedings of the 3rd Pan American Materials Congress. The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series . Springer, pp. 317-324. ISBN 978-3-319-52131-2; Online ISBN 978-3-319-52132-9

Conference or Workshop Item

Gopal, V, Whiting, MJ, Chew, JW and Mills, S (2012) FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS AS A TOOL FOR CALCULATING THE THERMAL CONTACT CONDUCTANCE FOR A MACHINED SURFACE In: ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference (SHTC), 2012-07-08 - 2012-07-12, Rio Grande, PR.

Barber, DK, Jenkins, SN, Whiting, MJ and Baker, MA (2005) Analytical interfacial studies of double carbonate thermionic oxide cathodes over accelerated operational life In: 5th Internatioal Vacuum Electron Sources Conference, 2004-09-06 - 2004-09-10, Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA.

Barber, DK, Jenkins, SN, Whiting, MJ and Baker, MA (2004) Investigation of the nickel/emissive oxide interface in thermionic emitters In: 10th European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis (ECASIA 03), 2003-10-05 - 2003-10-10, Berlin, GERMANY.

Barber, D, Jenkins, S, Whiting, M and Baker, M (2004) Interfacial studies of double carbonate thermionic oxide cathodes over accelerated operational life In: 5th International Vacuum Electron Sources Conference, 2004-09-03 - 2004-09-10, Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA.

Jenkins, SN, Barber, DK, Whiting, M and Baker, MA (2003) Preliminary results on the chemical characterisation of the cathode nickel - emissive layer interface in oxide cathodes In: 4th International Vacuum Electron Sources Conference, 2002-07-15 - 2002-07-19, SARATOV, RUSSIA.

Whiting, MJ, Stolojan, V, Rattana, A and Watts, JF (2003) Direct observation and characterisation of the oxide nanostructured interface resulting from organosilane pre-treatment of aluminium In: Symposium on Polymer/Metal Interfaces and Defect Mediated Phenomena in Ordered Polymers held at the 2002 MRS Fall Meeting, 2002-12-02 - 2002-12-06, BOSTON, MA.

Stolojan, V, Whiting, MJ, Goringe, MJ, Kelly, MJ and Silva, SRP (2003) Electron energy loss line spectral and TEM analysis of heterojunctions In: Conference on Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials, 2003-03-31 - ?, Univ Cambridge, Cambridge, ENGLAND.

Coomber, E, Whiting, MJ and Tsakiropoulos, P (2000) Eutectoid decomposition in three Ti-Co alloys In: Symposium on Nucleation and Growth Processes in Materials held at the 1999 MRS Fall Meeting, 1999-11-29 - 1999-12-01, BOSTON, MA.

Whiting, MJ and Tsakiropoulos, P (1996) Process/microstructure studies of Mo(Si,Al)(2) and Nb(Si,Al)(2) intermetallics In: Symposium on Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials IV, 1995-10-29 - 1995-11-02, CLEVELAND, OH.

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