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Chen, Z. Q., Li, Z. H., Hua, H., Watanabe, H., Yuan, C. X., Zhang, S. Q., Lorusso, G., Nishimura, S., Baba, H., Browne, F., Benzoni, G., Chae, K. Y., Crespi, F. C. L., Doornenbal, P., Fukuda, N., Gey, G., Gernhäuser, R., Inabe, N., Isobe, T., Jiang, D. X., Jungclaus, A., Jung, H. S., Jin, Y., Kameda, D., Kim, G. D., Kim, Y. K., Kojouharov, I., Kondev, F. G., Kubo, T., Kurz, N., Kwon, Y. K., Li, X. Q., Lou, J. L., Lane, G. J., Li, C. G., Luo, D. W., Montaner-Pizá, A., Moschner, K., Niu, C. Y., Naqvi, F., Niikura, M., Nishibata, H., Odahara, A., Orlandi, R., Patel, Z., Podolyak, Zs., Sumikama, T., Söderström, P.-A., Sakurai, H., Schaffner, H., Simpson, G. S., Steiger, K., Suzuki, H., Taprogge, J., Takeda, H., Vajta, Zs., Wang, H. K., Wu, J., Wendt, A., Wang, C. G., Wu, H. Y., Wang, X., Wu, C. G., Xu, C., Xu, Z. Y., Yagi, A., Ye, Y. L. and Yoshinaga, K. (2019) Proton Shell Evolution below 132Sn: First Measurement of Low-Lying β-Emitting Isomers in 123,125Ag Physical Review Letters, 122 (21). 212502-1 - 212502-6.

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Book Section

Wang, CL and Saunders, Mark (2012) Non-Response in Cross-Cultural Surveys: Reflections on Telephone Survey Interviews with Chinese Managers In: West Meets East: Toward Methodological Exchange (Research Methodology in Strategy and Management. Emerald Publishing, Bradford, pp. 213-237. ISBN 978-1-78190-026-0

Conference or Workshop Item

Wang, Chin-Liang, Wang, Yu-Ching and Xiao, Pei (2019) Power Allocation Based on SINR Balancing for NOMA Systems with Imperfect Channel Estimation In: 13th International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems (ICSPCS 2019), 16-18 Dec 2019, Surfers Paradise, Australia.

Mao, Juquan, Wang, Chin-Liang, Zhang, Lei, He, Chang, Xiao, Pei and Nikitopoulos, Konstantinos (2018) A DHT-based Multicarrier Modulation System with Pairwise ML Detection In: 2017 IEEE 28th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC) - Track 1 on "Fundamentals and PHY": IEEE PIMRC 2017, 08-13 Oct 2017, Montreal, Canada.

Wang, Cuiyang, England, Jonathan, Gossmann, Hans, Persing, Harold, Miller, Tim, Gao, Qi, Tang, Shan and Salimian, Siamak (2017) Sidewall doping mechanism and doping profile tuning on 3D structure by plasma doping In: 2017 17th International Workshop on Junction Technology (IWJT), 01-02 Jun 2017, Uji, Japan.

Zhang, Peng, Chen, Zehong, Liang, Kaitai, Wang, C and Wang, Ting (2016) A Cloud-Based Access Control Scheme with User Revocation and Attribute Update In: 21st Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy, 4-6 July, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

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Daniel, R, Wang, C, Xu, H, Tian, G and Richardson, D (2012) Dual-injection as a knock mitigation strategy using pure ethanol and methanol

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Convida Wireless, LLC, Wilmington, DE (US) Appl. No.: 15/311,694 (2017) Scalable data discovery in an internet of things (iot) system US 2017/0094592 A1.

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