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Acuña-Rivera, M, Uzzell, D and Brown, J (2014) The mediating role of risk perception in neighbourhood disorder and perceptions of safety about victimization Journal of Environmental Psychology, 40. 64 - 75. ISSN 0272-4944

Murtagh, N, Gatersleben, B and Uzzell, D (2014) 20∶60∶20 - Differences in Energy Behaviour and Conservation between and within Households with Electricity Monitors PLoS One, 9 (3). e92019 - ?. ISSN 1932-6203

Murtagh, N, Nati, M, Headley, WR, Gatersleben, B, Gluhak, A, Imran, MA and Uzzell, D (2013) Individual energy use and feedback in an office setting: A field trial Energy Policy, 62. 717 - 728. ISSN 0301-4215

Marcu, A, Barnett, J, Uzzell, D, Vasileiou, K and O'Connell, S (2013) Experience of Lyme disease and preferences for precautions: a cross-sectional survey of UK patients BMC Public Health, 13. 481 - ?. ISSN 1471-2458

Räthzel, N and Uzzell, D (2012) Mending the breach between labour and nature: environmental engagements of trade unions and the North-South divide Interface: a journal for and about social movements, 4 (2). 81 - 100. ISSN 2009-2431

Spinney, J, Burningham, KA, Cooper, G, Green, N and Uzzell, D (2012) 'What I've found is that your related experiences tend to make you dissatisfied': Psychological obsolescence, consumer demand and the dynamics and environmental implications of de-stabilisation in the laptop sector’ Journal of Consumer Culture, 12 (3). 347 - 370. ISSN 1469-5405

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Räthzel, N and Uzzell, D (2011) Natur oder Arbeit? Dilemata und Perspektiven Gewerkschaftlicher Umweltpolitik Das Argument (The argument: Journal of Philosophy & Social Sciences), 294 (5). 734 - 744. ISSN 0004-1157

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Quine, CP, Barnett, J, Dobson, ADM, Marcu, A, Marzano, M, Moseley, D, O'Brien, L, Randolph, SE, Taylor, JL and Uzzell, D (2011) Frameworks for risk communication and disease management: the case of Lyme disease and countryside users Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 366 (1573). 2010 - 2022. ISSN 0962-8436

Durrant, A, Frohlich, DM, Sellen, A and Uzzell, D (2011) The secret life of teens: online versus offline photographic displays at home Visual Studies, 26 (2). 113 - 124. ISSN 1472-586X

Acuña-Rivera, M, Uzzell, D and Brown, J (2011) Perceptions of disorder, risk and safety: The method and framing effects Psyecology: Revista Bilingüe de Psicología Ambiental - Bilingual Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2 (2). 167 - 177. ISSN 2171-1976

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Ballantyne, R and Uzzell, D (2011) Looking back – looking forward: the rise of the visitor-centred museum Curator: The Museum Journal, 54 (1). 85 - 92. ISSN 0011-3069

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Nigbur, D, Lyons, E and Uzzell, D (2010) Attitudes, norms, identity and environmental behaviour: Using an expanded theory of planned behaviour to predict participation in a kerbside recycling programme British Journal of Social Psychology, 49 (2). 259 - 284. ISSN 0144-6665

Uzzell, D and Moser, G (2009) Introduction: Environmental psychology on the move JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY, 29 (3). 307 - 308. ISSN 0272-4944

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Uzzell, D (2009) Review of Pablo Páramo "El Significado de los lugares públicos para la gente de Bogotá (The significance of public places for the people of Bogota). Fondo Editorial Universidad Pedagógica Nacional. 165 pp. 2007. ISBN 9789588316284 REVISTA LATINOAMERICANA DE PSICOLOGIA, 41 (1). 154 - 155. ISSN 0120-0534

Raethzel, N and Uzzell, D (2009) Transformative environmental education: a collective rehearsal for reality ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION RESEARCH, 15 (3). 263 - 277. ISSN 1350-4622

Gatersleben, B and Uzzell, D (2007) Affective appraisals of the daily commute - Comparing perceptions of drivers, cyclists, walkers, and users of public transport ENVIRONMENT AND BEHAVIOR, 39 (3). 416 - 431. ISSN 0013-9165

Bonnes, M, Uzzell, D, Carrus, G and Kelay, T (2007) Inhabitants' and experts' assessments of environmental quality for urban sustainability JOURNAL OF SOCIAL ISSUES, 63 (1). 59 - 78. ISSN 0022-4537

Uzzell, D and Horne, N (2006) The influence of biological sex, sexuality and gender role on interpersonal distance BRITISH JOURNAL OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, 45. 579 - 597. ISSN 0144-6665

Uzzell, D, Pol, E and Badenas, D (2002) Place identification, social cohesion, and environmental sustainability Environment and Behavior, 34 (1). 26 - 53.

Book Section

Uzzell, D (2009) Where is the discipline in heritage studies? A view from environmental psychology In: Heritage Studies: methods and approaches. Routledge, London, 326 - 333. ISBN 0415431840

Moser, G and Uzzell, D (2003) Environmental Psychology In: Comprehensive Handbook of Psychology, Volume 5: Personality and Social Psychology. Wiley, New York, 419 - 445. ISBN 0471384046


Uzzell, D, Muckle, R, Jackson, T, Ogden, J, Barnett, J, Gatersleben, B, Hegarty, P and Papathanasopoulou, E (2006) Choice Matters: Alternative Approaches to Encourage Sustainable Consumption and Production Project Report. Report to Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, London.

Conference or Workshop Item

Durrant, A, Taylor, AS, Frohlich, DM, Sellen, A and Uzzell, D (2009) Photo Displays and Intergenerational Relationships in the Family Home In: The 23rd BCS conference on Human Computer Interaction (HCI), 2009-09-01 - 2009-09-05, Cambridge, UK..


Räthzel, N and Uzzell, D (2013) Trade Unions in the Green Economy: Working for the Environment Routledge, London. ISBN 0415529840

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