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Book Section

Cronin, A, Alexander, VD, Fielding, J, Moran-Ellis, J and Thomas, H (2008) The Analytic Integration of Qualitative Data Sources In: The SAGE Handbook of Social Research Methods. Sage Publications Ltd, pp. 572-584. ISBN 1412919924

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Conference or Workshop Item

Earthy, SM, Sleney, J, Mcneilly, E and Thomas, H (2015) Getting back to normal? Recovery in the context of serious physical illness or injury In: BSA Postgraduate Symposium: Uncertain Futures in Health and Illness, 2015-05-08 - ?, Royal Holloway, University of London.

Earthy, SM, Sleney, J, McNeilly, E and Thomas, H (2015) Patients’ worries about money, work and relationships during recovery from a serious physical illness or injury In: RCN International Nursing Research Conference 2015, 2015-04-20 - 2015-04-22, Nottingham, ,UK.

Earthy, SM, Thomas, H and Sleney, J (2014) Expectations and experiences of recovery in the context of leukaemia In: BSA Medical Sociology Group Annual Conference, 2014-09-10 - 2014-09-12, Aston University, Birmingham.

Thomas, H, Earthy, SM and Sleney, J (2014) Understanding Recovery from Illness: Challenges for Medical Sociology In: 2ème Journée d’étude pluridisciplinaire: L’idée de guérison et de rétablissement en santé mentale: approches croisées des controverses et des vécus expérientiels. Maison Européenne des sciences de l’homme et de la société (MESHS), Nord de France, 2014-03-19 - ?, Lille.

Faithfull, S, Cockle-Hearne, J, Knibb, W, Toms, E, Thomas, H and Cox, A (2007) Meeting the support and follow-up needs of women with ovarian cancer: an evaluation of a nurse-led telephone follow-up service In: 14th European Cancer Conference (ECCO 14), 2007-09-23 - 2007-09-27, Barcelona, SPAIN.

Das, A, Lei, CH, Thomas, HE, Elliott, M, Macdonald, JE, Glarvey, P and Turner, ML (2006) EFM phase investigation of the metal-organic film interface In: 8th International Conference on Atomically Controlled Surfaces, Interfaces, and Nanostructures/13th International Congress on Thin Films, 2005-06-20 - 2005-06-23, Stockholm, SWEDEN.

Labeed, FH, Chin, S, Broche, LM, Coley, HM, Thomas, H and Hughes, M (2005) Rapid assessment of biophysical changes in K562 cells during apoptosis, determined using dielectrophoresis In: 49th Annual Meeting of the Biopysical-Society, 2005-02-12 - 2005-02-16, Long Beach, CA.

Earthy, SM, Sleney, J and Thomas, H Social patterning of recovery from physical illness: patients' experiences of heart attack and leukaemia In: European Society for Health and Medical Sociology (ESHMS) Congress, 2014-08-28 - 2014-08-30, Helsinki, Finland.

Thomas, H, Earthy, SM and Sleney, J The social relations of recovery following admission to intensive care In: American Sociological Association Annual Conference, 2014-08-16 - 2014-08-19, San Francisco, USA.


Thomas, H. S. H. (1974) Tunnelling in London clay: A study with field investigations including the long term structural behaviour of two linings. Post-Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey (United Kingdom)..


Thomas, H, Earthy, SM and Sleney, J (2014) Recovery as work: the tasks of the patient in ICU and beyond .

Sleney, JS, Earthy, SM and Thomas, H (2014) Patients’ perceptions of a changing body: coming to terms with Heart Attack .

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