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Hu, Yin, Wang, Su, Ma, N, Hingley-Wilson, Suzie, Rocco, Andrea, McFadden, Johnjoe and Tang, Hongying (2017) Trajectory Energy Minimisation for Cell Growth Tracking and Genealogy Analysis Royal Society Open Science, 4, 170207.

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Tang, HL, Goh, J, Peto, T, Ling, BW, Al Turk, LI, Hu, Y, Wang, S and Saleh, GM (2013) The reading of components of diabetic retinopathy: an evolutionary approach for filtering normal digital fundus imaging in screening and population based studies. PLoS One, 8 (7).

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Book Section

Tang, HL (2002) Distributed multimedia databases In: Distributed multimedia databases. IGI Global. ISBN 1930708297

Conference or Workshop Item

Alghamdi, Hanan, Tang, Hongying, Waheeb, SA and Peto, T (2016) Automatic Optic Disc Abnormality Detection in Fundus Images: A Deep Learning Approach In: OMIA3 (MICCAI 2016), 2016-10-17 - 2016-10-21, Athens.

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Ip, HHS and Tang, HY (1996) Parallel evidence combination on a SB-tree architecture In: 1996 Australian/New-Zealand Conference on Intelligent Information Systems (ANZIIS 96), 1996-11-18 - 1996-11-20, ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA.

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