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Ratcliffe, Eleanor, Gatersleben, Birgitta and Sowden, Paul T. (2018) Predicting the perceived restorative potential of bird sounds through acoustics and aesthetics Environment and Behavior.

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Book Section

Pringle, A, Sowden, PT, Deeley, C and Sharma, S (2016) Shifting between modes of thought: a domain-general creative thinking skill? In: Creativity in Arts, Science and Technology. KIE Conference Publications (10). KIE Conference Publications, p. 220. ISBN 978-1-85924-276-6

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Conference or Workshop Item

Sowden, PT and Dawson, L (2011) Creative feelings: the effect of mood on creative ideation and evaluation. In: The 8th ACM conference on Creativity and cognition, 2011-11-03 - 2011-11-06, Atlanta, Georgia,USA.

Clifford, A, Sowden, PT and Davies, IRL Color Language Does Not Affect Chromatic Thresholds In: 33rd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 2011-07-20 - ?, Boston.

Franklin, A, Sowden, P, Notman, L, Alexander, I and Loveday, S Elevated chromatic thresholds in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders In: Progress in Colour Studies, 2008 - ?, Glasgow.

Clifford, A, Drivonikou, GV, Franklin, A, Sowden, PT, Davies, IRL and Lillo, J Newly learned category effects are based on post-perceptual processes In: 4th Iberian Conference on Perception, 2011-07-06 - ?, Mallorca.


Sowden, Paul Timothy (1995) On Perceptual Learning Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey.

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