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Masteghin, Mateus G., Ahmad, Muhammad, Tas, Mehmet, Smith, Christopher, Stolojan, Vlad, Cox, David and Silva, Ravi (2020) Field electron emission measurements as a complementary technique to assess carbon nanotube quality Advanced Engineering Materials, 116 (103101).

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Daigle, F, Lerat, S, Bucca, G, Sanssouci, E, Smith, CP, Malouin, F and Beaulieu, C (2015) A terD Domain-Encoding Gene (SCO2368) Is Involved in Calcium Homeostasis and Participates in Calcium Regulation of a DosR-Like Regulon in Streptomyces coelicolor JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, 197 (5). pp. 913-923.

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Book Section

Thomas, SA, jin, Y, Laing, E and Smith, CP (2016) Modeling Dynamic Gene Expression in Streptomyces Coelicolor: Comparing Single and Multi-Objective Setups In: Evolutionary Computation in Gene Regulatory Network Research. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 1118911512


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Conference or Workshop Item

Tripkovic, L, Wilson, LR, Hart, K, Elliott, R, Smith, CP, Bucca, G, Penson, S, Chope, G, Hypponen, E, Berry, J and Lanham-New, S (2014) DAILY SUPPLEMENTATION WITH VITAMIN D3 IS COMPREHENSIVELY MORE EFFECTIVE THAN VITAMIN D2 IN RAISING 25OHD STATUS AND CONCOMITANTLY REDUCING PARATHYROID HORMONE LEVELS: IMPLICATIONS FOR BONE HEALTH In: Osteoporosis Conference, 2014-11-30 - 2014-12-02, Birmingham, ENGLAND.

Wilson, LR, Tripkovic, L, Hart, K, Elliott, R, Smith, CP, Bucca, G, Penson, S, Chope, G, Hypponen, E, Berry, J and Lanham-New, S (2014) IS VITAMIN D3 MORE EFFECTIVE THAN VITAMIN D2 IN RAISING 25OHD STATUS IN WOMEN WITH OSTEOPOROSIS AND OSTEOPENIA? In: Osteoporosis Conference, 2014-11-30 - 2014-12-02, Birmingham, ENGLAND.

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Smith, C, Doherty, J and Jin, Y (2014) Multi-Objective Evolutionary Recurrent Neural Network Ensemble for Prediction of Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations In: IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC), 2014-07-06 - 2014-07-11, Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA.

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Smith, Christopher. (1996) Quality of service issues in digital mobile telephony. Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey (United Kingdom)..

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