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Donkadokula, Naresh Yadav, Kola, Anand Kishore and Saroj, Devendra (2020) Modelling and optimization studies on decolorization of brilliant green dye using integrated nanofiltration and photocatalysis Sustainable Environment Research, 30, 9.

Naresh Yadav, D., Naz, Iffat, Anand Kishore, K. and Saroj, Devendra (2020) Evaluation of tire derived rubber (TDR) fixed biofilm reactor (FBR) for remediation of Methylene blue dye from wastewater Environmental Technology.

Donkadokula, Nareshyadav, Kishore, K. Anand and Saroj, Devendra (2020) A Study on removal of Methylene Blue dye by photo catalysis integrated with nanofiltration using statistical and experimental approaches Environmental Technology.

Alfonso Muniozguren, Pello, Hazzwan Bohari, Mohd, Sicilia, Anita, Avignone Rossa, Claudio, Bussemaker, Madeleine, Saroj, Devendra and Lee, Judy (2020) Tertiary Treatment of Real Abattoir Wastewater using Combined Acoustic Cavitation and Ozonation Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 64, 104986.

Egbuikwem, Precious, Mierzwa, Jose C. and Saroj, Devendra (2020) Assessment of suspended growth biological process for treatment and reuse of mixed wastewater for irrigation of edible crops under hydroponic conditions Agricultural Water Management, 231, 106304.

Zhang, Yumeng, Dai, Min, Liu, Ke, Peng, Changsheng, Du, Yufeng, Chang, Quanchao, Ali, Imran, Naz, Iffat and Saroj, Devendra P. (2019) Appraisal of Cu(ii) adsorption by graphene oxide and its modelling via artificial neural network RSC Advances, 9 (52). pp. 30240-30248.

Egbuikwem, Precious N., Naz, Iffat and Saroj, Devendra P. (2019) Appraisal of suspended growth process for treatment of mixture of simulated petroleum, textile, domestic, agriculture and pharmaceutical wastewater Environmental Technology. pp. 1-16.

Ali, Imran, Peng, Changsheng, Lin, Dichu, Saroj, Devendra P., Naz, Iffat, Khan, Zahid M., Sultan, Muhammad and Ali, Mohsin (2019) Encapsulated green magnetic nanoparticles for the removal of toxic Pb2+ and Cd2+ from water: Development, characterization and application Journal of Environmental Management, 234. pp. 273-289.

Ali, Imran, Peng, Changsheng, Naz, Iffat, Lin, Dichu, Saroj, Devendra P. and Ali, Mohsin (2019) Development and application of novel bio-magnetic membrane capsules for the removal of the cationic dye malachite green in wastewater treatment RSC Advances, 9 (7). pp. 3625-3646.

Rehman, Abdul, Ali, Haris, Naz, Iffat, Saroj, Devendra P. and Ahmed, Safia (2019) Domestic wastewater treatment efficiency of the pilot-scale trickling biofilter system with variable flow rates and hydraulic retention times Environmental Technology. pp. 1-12.

Alfonso-Muniozguren, Pello, Lee, Judy, Bussemaker, Madeleine, Chadeesingh, Ralph, Jones, Caryn, Oakley, David and Saroj, Devendra (2018) A combined activated sludge-filtration-ozonation process for abattoir wastewater treatment Journal of Water Process Engineering, 25. pp. 157-163.

Sadr, Seyed M.K., Saroj, Devendra, Mierzwa, Jose Carlos, McGrane, Scott J., Skouteris, George, Farmani, Raziyeh, Kazos, Xenofon, Aumeier, Benedikt, Kouchaki, Samaneh and Ouki, Sabeha K. (2018) A multi expert decision support tool for the evaluation of advanced wastewater treatment trains: A novel approach to improve urban sustainability Environmental Science and Policy, 90. pp. 1-10.

Naz, Iffat, Hodgson, Douglas, Smith, Ann, Marchesi, Julian, Sehar, Shama, Ahmed, Safia, Lynch, Jim, Avignone Rossa, Claudio and Saroj, Devendra P. (2018) Investigation of the Active Biofilm Communities on Polypropylene Filter Media in a Fixed Biofilm Reactor for Wastewater Treatment Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 93 (11). pp. 3264-3275.

Skouteris, George, Ouki, Sabeha, Foo, Dominic, Saroj, Devendra, Altini, Maria, Melidis, Paraschos, Cowley, Brian, Ells, Geoff, Palmer, Stephanie and O'Dell, Sean (2018) Water footprint and water pinch analysis techniques for sustainable water management in the brick-manufacturing industry Journal of Cleaner Production, 172. pp. 786-794.

Kleemann, R, Chenoweth, Jonathan, Clift, Roland, Morse, Stephen, Pearce, P and Saroj, Devendra (2016) Comparison of phosphorus recovery from incinerated sewage sludge ash (ISSA) and pyrolysed sewage sludge char (PSSC) Waste Management, 60. pp. 201-210.

Naz, I, Hodgson, D, Smith, A, Marchesi, J, Ahmed, S, Avignone Rossa, C and Saroj, DP (2016) Effect of the Chemical Composition of Filter Media on the Microbial Community in Wastewater Biofilms at Different Temperatures RSC Advances, 6. pp. 104345-104353.

Akhigbe, L, Ouki, S and Saroj, DP (2016) Disinfection and removal performance for Escherichia coli and heavy metals by silver-modified zeolite in a fixed bed column Chemical Engineering Journal.

Ojajuni, OD, Holder, S, Cavalli, G, Lee, J and Saroj, DP (2016) Rejection of Caffeine and Carbamazepine by surface coated PVDF hollow-fiber membrane system Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.

Momoh, YOL and Saroj, DP (2016) Development and testing of surface-based and water-based-diffusion kinetic models for studying hydrolysis and biogas production from cow manure Renewable Energy, 86. pp. 1113-1122.

Kleemann, R, Chenoweth, J, Clift, R, Morse, S, Pearce, P and Saroj, DP (2015) Evaluation of local and national effects of recovering phosphorus at wastewater treatment plants: Lessons learned from the UK Resources, Conservation and Recycling.

Skouteris, G, Saroj, DP, Melidis, P, Hai, FI and Ouki, S (2015) The Effect of Activated Carbon Addition on Membrane Bioreactor Processes for Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation-A Critical Review Bioresource Technology, 185. pp. 399-410.

Ojajuni, O, Saroj, DP and Cavalli, G (2015) Removal of organic micropollutants using membrane assisted processes: a review of recent progress Environmental Technology Reviews.

Sadr, SMK, Saroj, DP, Kouchaki, S, Ilemobade, A and Ouki, S (2015) A Group Decision-Making Tool for the Application of Membrane Technologies in Different Water Reuse Scenarios Journal of Environmental Management.

Naz, I, Seher, S, Perveen, I, Saroj, DP and Ahmed, S (2015) Physiological activities associated with biofilm growth in attached and suspended growth bioreactors under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Environ Technol. pp. 1-15.

Sadr, SMK, Mashamaite, I, Saroj, DP, Ouki, S and Ilemobade, A (2015) Membrane assisted technology appraisal for water reuse applications in South Africa Urban Water Journal.

Wilson, SP, Ouki, SK, Saroj, DP, Pearce, PA, Bancroft, L and Germain, E (2015) Adopting primary plastic trickling filters as a solution for enhanced nitrification. Water Environ Res, 87 (1). pp. 80-87.

Naz, I, Saroj, DP, Mumtaz, S, Ali, N and Ahmed, S (2014) Assessment of biological trickling filter systems with various packing materials for improved wastewater treatment Environmental Technology.

Akhigbe, L, Ouki, S and Saroj, DP (2014) Removal of Escherichia coli and heavy metals from aqueous solutions using silver-modified clinoptilolite Desalination and Water Treatment.

Akhigbe, L, Ouki, S, Saroj, DP and Lim, XM (2014) Silver-modified clinoptilolite for the removal of Escherichia coli and heavy metals from aqueous solutions Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

Kumar, P and Saroj, DP (2013) Water-energy-pollution nexus for growing cities Urban Climate.

Momoh, YOL, Anyata, BU and Saroj, DP (2013) Development of simplified anaerobic digestion models (SADM's) for studying anaerobic biodegradability and kinetics of complex biomass Biochemical Engineering Journal, 79. pp. 84-93.

Naz, I, Khatoon, N, Ali, M, Saroj, D, Batool, S, Ali, N and Ahmed, S (2013) Appraisal of the tire derived rubber (TDR) medium for wastewater treatment under aerobic and anaerobic conditions Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology.

Lopez-Vazquez, CM, Kubare, M, Saroj, DP, Chikamba, C, Schwarz, J, Daims, H and Brdjanovic, D (2013) Thermophilic biological nitrogen removal in industrial wastewater treatment. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol.

Sadr, S, Onder, T, Saroj, DP and Ouki, S (2013) Appraisal of membrane processes for technology selection in centralized wastewater reuse scenarios Sustainable Environmental Research, 23 (2). pp. 69-78.

Saroj, DP, Inchauste-Daza, A, Lopez-Vazquez, CM and Brdjanovic, D (2011) Ozonation for Sludge Reduction and Improved Biological Nutrient Removal Journal of Residuals Science & Technology, 8 (2). pp. 71-78.

Fenu, A, Guglielmi, G, Jimenez, J, Sperandio, M, Saroj, DP, Lesjean, B, Brepols, C, Thoeye, C and Nopens, I (2010) Activated Sludge Model (ASM) based biological modelling of membrane bioreactors (MBR) processes: A critical review with special regard to MBR specificities Water Research, 44 (15). pp. 4272-4294.

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Saroj, DP, Guglielmi, G, Chiarani, D and Andreottola, G (2008) Subcritical fouling behaviour modelling of membrane bioreactors for municipal wastewater treatment: The prediction of the time to reach critical operating condition DESALINATION, 231 (1-3). pp. 175-181.

Guglielmi, G, Chiarani, D, Saroj, DP and Andreottola, G (2008) Impact of chemical cleaning and air-sparging on the critical and sustainable flux in a flat sheet membrane bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment. Water Sci Technol, 57 (12). pp. 1873-1879.

Saroj, DP, Guglielmi, G, Chiarani, D and Andreottola, G (2008) Modeling and simulation of membrane bioreactors by incorporating simultaneous storage and growth concept: an especial attention to fouling while modeling the biological process Desalination, 221 (1-3). pp. 475-482.

Guglielmi, G, Saroj, DP, Chiarani, D and Andreottola, G (2007) Sub-critical fouling in a membrane bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment: experimental investigation and mathematical modelling. Water Res, 41 (17). pp. 3903-3914.

Kumar, A, Saroj, DP, Tare, V and Bose, P (2006) Treatment of distillery spent-wash by ozonation and biodegradation: significance of pH reduction and inorganic carbon removal before ozonation. Water Environ Res, 78 (9). pp. 994-1004.

Saroj, DP, Kumar, A, Bose, P and Tare, V (2006) Enhancement in mineralization of some natural refractory organic compounds by ozonation-aerobic biodegradation JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, 81 (2). pp. 115-127.

Saroj, DP, Kumar, A, Bose, P, Tare, V and Dhopavkar, Y (2005) Mineralization of some natural refractory organic compounds by biodegradation and ozonation Water Research, 39 (9). pp. 1921-1933.

Book Section

Sadr, S.M.K. and Saroj, D.P. (2015) Membrane technologies for municipal wastewater treatment In: Advances in Membrane Technologies for Water Treatment. Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy . Elsevier, pp. 443-463. ISBN 978-1-78242-121-4

Hai, F.I., Fattah, K.P., Saroj, D.P. and Moreira, M.T. (2015) Membrane reactors for bioethanol production and processing In: Membrane Reactors for Energy Applications and Basic Chemical Production. Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy . Elsevier, pp. 313-343. ISBN 978-1-78242-223-5

Fenu, A., Guglielmi, G., Jimenez, J., Sperandio, M., Saroj, D. P., Lesjean, B., Brepols, C., Thoeye, C. and Nopens, I. (2011) Activated Sludge Model-Based Modeling of Membrane Bioreactor Processes: A Critical Review with Special Regard to MBR Specificities In: Environmental Biotechnology and Safety. Comprehensive Biotechnology, 6 . Academic Press, pp. 305-327. ISBN 978-0-08-088504-9

Conference or Workshop Item

Sadr, SMK, Saroj, DP, Kouchaki, S and Ouki, S (2013) Appraisal of Membrane Assisted Technologies in Water Reuse Scenarios: A Group Decision-Making Framework Using Fuzzy Sets Theory In: 7th IWA Specialised Membrane Technology Conference, 2013-08-26 - 2013-08-29, Toronto, Canada.

Kleemann, R, Pearce, P, Sutherland, N, Chenoweth, J, Clift, R, Morse, S and Saroj, DP (2012) Phosphorous recovery in wastewater treatment works using Ostara’s nutrient recycling technology and implications on the P cycle: A case study In: 62nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, 2012-10-14 - 2012-10-17, Vancouver, Canada.

Wilson, S, Ouki, S, Saroj, DP, Pearce, P and Brancroft, L (2012) Sustainable upgrade of small sewage treatment works: Structures plastic media filters In: IWA conference on Eco Technologies for wastewater treatment, 2012-06-25 - 2012-06-27, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Saroj, DP, Inchauste-Daza, A and Lopez-Vazquez, CM (2012) Simultaneous Sludge Disintegration and Carbon Source Generation for Enhanced Biological Phosphorous Removal Using Ozonation In: WEF Residuals and Biosolids conference, 2013-05-05 - 2012-05-08, Nashville, USA.

Sadr, MK, Onder, T, Saroj, D and Ouki, S (2011) Urban (waste) water reuse: considerations for technology selection In: 4th International Congress of Environmental Research (ICER), 2011-12-15 - 2011-12-17, Surat, Inida.

Ghebremichael, K, Kraemer, V, Saroj, DP and Brdjanovic, D (2011) Coagulation of municipal wastewater using bio-coagulant in combination with alum In: IWA conference on Decentralized Water and Wastewater systems, 2011-04-17 - 2011-04-21, Venice, Italy.

Arias, M, Lloyd, BJ and Saroj, DP (2011) Tracer study of the impact of baffles in Waste Stabilisation Ponds. IWA UK National Young Water Professionals Conference In: IWA National Young Water Professionals Conference, 2011-04-13 - 2011-04-15, Edinburgh, UK.

Inchauste-Daza, A, Saroj, DP, Lopez-Vazquez1, CM and Brdjanovic, D (2010) Ozonation for sludge reduction and improved biological nutrient removal In: ECSM 2010 – 2nd European Conference on Sludge Management, 2010-09-09 - 2010-09-10, Budapest, Hungary.

Guglielmi, G and Saroj, DP (2010) Calibration and validation of an extended ASM3 for long-term modelling in a submerged membrane bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment In: MDIW- Membranes in drinking and Industrial water treatment, 2010-06-27 - 2010-06-30, Trondheim, Norway.


SAROJ, Devendra (2010) Method for depuration of wastewaters with reduction of sludge production and plant thereof WO2010/122500.

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