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Mavis, Christos, Richter, Ansgar, Landau, Christian, Schmidt, Sascha L., Simons, Tony and Steinbock, Kai (2019) What happens when companies (don’t) do what they said they would? Stock market reactions to strategic integrity European Management Review, 16 (3). pp. 815-831.

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Pidun, Ulrich, Richter, Ansgar, Schommer, Monika and Karna, Amit (2018) A Playbook for Today’s Diversified Companies. Here’s How Strong Performers Are Defying Expectations about the Demise of Multi-Business Firms MIT Sloan Management Review, 60 (2), 60208.

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Richter, Ansgar and Wendlandt, Vera (2010) Inhouse Consulting als Motor des Wandels: Champions oder Loser? Balanceakt interne Beratung - Eine Bestandsaufnahme Organisationsentwicklung, 29 (2), ZOE0349689. pp. 14-19.

Ennen, Edgar and Richter, Ansgar (2009) The Whole Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts— Or Is It? A Review of the Empirical Literature on Complementarities in Organizations Journal of Management, 36 (1). pp. 207-233.

Working Paper

Richter, Ansgar and Chakraborty, Indrani (2015) Promoter Ownership in Publicly Listed Firms in India: Does Group Affiliation Matter? [Working Paper]

Mankel, Stephanie, Richter, Ansgar and Uhlenbruck, Nikolaus "Klaus" (2014) Pay Disparity, External Pay Alternatives and Turnover of the Second Best Paid Executive [Working Paper]

Karna, Amit, Richter, Ansgar and Schommer, Monika (2014) Individual and Joint Performance Effects of Diversification, Geographic Scope and Organizational Leverage in Professional Service Firms: A Study of German Law Firms [Working Paper]

Diehl, Marjo-Riitta, Richter, Ansgar and Sarnecki, Abiola (2014) Society as a Relevant Reference Point: A Meta-Analysis of Socio-Economic Conditions as a Moderator of the Organizational Justice – Performance Relationship [Working Paper]

Book Section

Richter, Ansgar and Schommer, Monika (2018) Veränderung der Organisationsstruktur von Unternehmen: Redimensionierung In: Handbuch Unternehmensrestrukturierung. Springler Gabler, Wiesbaden, pp. 827-843. ISBN 978-3-658-04116-8

Richter, Ansgar and Schommer, Monika (2018) Veränderung der Organisationsstruktur (Redimensionierung) In: Handbuch Unternehmensrestrukturierung: Grundlagen – Konzepte – Maßnahmen. Springer Reference Wirtschaft . Gabler Verlag. ISBN 978-3-658-04115-1

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Saller, Thomas and Richter, Ansgar (2011) Unternehmensberater praktisch ausbilden In: Consulting 2012: Das Jahrbuch der Unternehmensberatung. Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch, Frankfurt, pp. 48-53.

Conference or Workshop Item

Richter, Ansgar, Schommer, Monika and Karna, Amit (2017) The Performance Effects of Diversification in the Context of Its Decline: A Meta-Analytical Review In: The 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 2017, 04-08 Aug 2017, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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