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Taylor, JT, Poludniowski, G, Price, T, Waltham, C, Allport, PP, Casse, GL, Esposito, M, Evans, PM, Green, S, Manger, S, Manolopoulos, S, Nieto-Camero, J, Parker, DJ, Symons, J and Allinson, NM (2016) An experimental demonstration of a new type of proton computed tomography using a novel large-area silicon tracking detector Medical Physics, 43 (11). pp. 6129-6136.

Kinugasa, T, Kuwagi, K, Leadbeater, TW, Gargiuli, J, Parker, DJ, Seville, JPK, Yoshida, K and Amano, H (2015) Three-dimensional dynamic imaging of sand particles under wheel via gamma-ray camera system JOURNAL OF TERRAMECHANICS, 62. pp. 5-17.

Valdesueiro, D, Garcia Trinanes, Pablo, Meesters, GMH, Kreutzer, MT, Gargiuli, J, Leadbeater, T, Parker, DJ, Seville, Jonathan and van Ommen, R (2015) Enhancing the activation of silicon carbide tracer particles for PEPT applications using gas-phase deposition of alumina at room temperature and atmospheric pressure Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 807. pp. 108-113.

Yu, S, Wu, CY, Adams, MJ, Reynolds, G, Gururajan, B, Gargiuli, J, Leadbeater, T, Roberts, R and Parker, DJ (2015) The use of positron emission particle tracking (PEPT) to study milling of roll-compacted microcystalline cellulose ribbons Powder Technology, 285. pp. 74-79.

Tebianian, S, Dubrawski, K, Ellis, N, Cocco, RA, Hays, R, Reddy Karri, SB, Leadbeater, TW, Parker, DJ, Chaouki, J, Jafary, R, Garcia Trinanes, P, Seville, JPK and Grace, JR (2015) Comparison of particle velocity measurement techniques in a fluidized bed operating in the square-nosed slugging flow regime Powder Technology.

Tebianian, S, Dubrawski, K, Ellis, N, Cocco, RA, Hays, R, Karri, SBR, Leadbeater, TW, Parker, DJ, Chaouki, J, Jafari, R, Garcia Trinanes, P, Seville, JPK and Grace, JR (2015) Investigation of particle velocity in FCC gas-fluidized beds based on different measurement techniques Chemical Engineering Science, 127.

Price, T, Esposito, M, Poludniowski, G, Taylor, J, Waltham, C, Parker, DJ, Green, S, Manolopoulos, S, Allinson, NM, Anaxagoras, T, Evans, P and Nieto-Camero, J (2015) Expected proton signal sizes in the PRaVDA Range Telescope for proton Computed Tomography JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION, 10 (5).

Jerome, SM, Ivanov, P, Larijani, C, Parker, DJ and Regan, PH (2014) The production of Neptunium-236g JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RADIOACTIVITY, 138. pp. 315-322.

Poludniowski, G, Allinson, NM, Anaxagoras, T, Esposito, M, Green, S, Manolopoulos, S, Nieto-Camero, J, Parker, DJ, Price, T and Evans, PM (2014) Proton-counting radiography for proton therapy: a proof of principle using CMOS APS technology PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 59 (11). pp. 2569-2581.

Denissenko, P, Guyez, E, Thomas, PJ, Parker, DJ and Seville, JPK (2014) Positron emission tracking of individual particles in particle-laden rimming flow PHYSICS OF FLUIDS, 26 (5), ARTN 05330.

Schirru, F, Lohstroh, A, Sellin, J, Nara Singh, S, Scruton, L, Bentley, A, Fox, P, Banu, A, McCleskey, M, Roeder, T, Simmons, E, Alharbi, A, Trache, L, Freer, M, Parker, D and Banu, A (2012) Development of large area polycrystalline diamond detectors for fast timing application of high-energy heavy-ion beams Journal of Instrumentation, 7 (5), P05005.

Laverman, JA, Fan, X, Ingram, A, Annaland, MVS, Parker, DJ, Seville, JPK and Kuipers, JAM (2012) Experimental study on the influence of bed material on the scaling of solids circulation patterns in 3D bubbling gas-solid fluidized beds of glass and polyethylene using positron emission particle tracking Powder Technology, 224 (July 2). pp. 297-305.

Brems, A, Chan, CW, Seville, JPK, Parker, D and Baeyens, J (2011) Modelling the transport disengagement height in fluidized beds ADVANCED POWDER TECHNOLOGY, 22 (2). pp. 155-161.

Chan, CW, Seville, JPK, Parker, DJ and Baeyens, J (2010) Particle velocities and their residence time distribution in the riser of a CFB POWDER TECHNOLOGY, 203 (2). pp. 187-197.

Wu, C-Y, Fan, XF, Motazedian, F, Seville, JPK, Parker, DJ and Cocks, ACF (2010) Quantitative investigation of powder flow during die filling using positron emission particle tracking PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PART E-JOURNAL OF PROCESS MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, 224 (E3). pp. 169-175.

Seville, JPK, Ingram, A, Fan, X and Parker, DJ (2009) Chapter 4 Positron Emission Imaging in Chemical Engineering Advances in Chemical Engineering, 37. pp. 149-178.

Link, JM, Deen, NG, Kuipers, JAM, Fan, X, Ingram, A, Parker, DJ, Wood, J and Seville, JPK (2008) PEPT and discrete particle simulation study of spout-fluid bed regimes AICHE JOURNAL, 54 (5). pp. 1189-1202.

Gao, Y, Phipps, A, Taylor, M, Crawford, IA, Ball, AJ, Wilson, L, Parker, D, Sweeting, M, Curiel, ADS, Davies, P, Baker, A, Pike, WT, Smith, A and Gowen, R (2008) Lunar science with affordable small spacecraft technologies: MoonLITE and Moonraker PLANETARY AND SPACE SCIENCE, 56 (3-4). pp. 368-377.

Fan, X, Parker, DJ, Yang, Z, Seville, JPK and Baeyens, J (2008) The effect of bed materials on the solid/bubble motion in a fluidised bed CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, 63 (4). pp. 943-950.

Gao, Y, Phipps, A, Taylor, M, Crawford, IA, Ball, AJ, Wilson, L, Smith, A, Parker, D, Sweeting, M, Da Silva Curiel, A and Davies, P (2007) Concepts and instruments of UK moonlite & moonraker missions International Astronautical Federation - 58th International Astronautical Congress 2007, 2. pp. 1037-1045.

Browning, KA, Blyth, AM, Clark, PA, Corsmeier, U, Morcrette, CJ, Agnew, JL, Ballard, SP, Bamber, D, Barthlott, C, Bennett, LJ, Beswick, KM, Bitter, M, Bozier, KE, Brooks, BJ, Collier, CG, Davies, F, Deny, B, Dixon, MA, Feuerle, T, Forbes, RM, Gaffard, C, Gray, MD, Hankers, R, Hewison, TJ, Kalthoff, N, Khodayar, S, Kohler, M, Kottmeier, C, Kraut, S, Kunz, M, Ladd, DN, Lean, HW, Lenfant, J, Li, Z, Marsham, J, McGregor, J, Mobbs, SD, Nicol, J, Norton, E, Parker, DJ, Perry, F, Ramatschi, M, Ricketts, HMA, Roberts, NM, Russell, A, Schulz, H, Slack, EC, Vaughan, G, Waight, J, Wareing, DP, Watson, RJ, Webb, AR and Wieser, A (2007) The convective storm initiation project Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 88 (12). pp. 1939-1955.

Yang, Z, Fryer, PJ, Bakalis, S, Fan, X, Parker, DJ and Seville, JPK (2007) An improved algorithm for tracking multiple, freely moving particles in a Positron Emission Particle Tracking system NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION A-ACCELERATORS SPECTROMETERS DETECTORS AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT, 577 (3). pp. 585-594.

Martin, TW, Seville, JPK and Parker, DJ (2007) A general method for quantifying dispersion in multiscale systems using trajectory analysis CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, 62 (13). pp. 3419-3428.

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Fan, X, Parker, DJ, Smith, MD, Ingram, A, Yang, Z and Seville, JPK (2006) A simple and selective method for the separation of Cu radioisotopes from nickel NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 33 (7). pp. 939-944.

Wong, YS, Gan, CH, Wang, CH, Fan, X, Parker, DJ, Ingram, A and Seville, JPK (2006) Instabilities in vertically vibrated granular beds at the single particle scale PHYSICS OF FLUIDS, 18 (4), ARTN 04330.

Bennett, LJ, Browning, KA, Blyth, AM, Parker, DJ and Clark, PA (2006) A review of the initiation of precipitating convection in the United Kingdom Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 132 (617). pp. 1001-1020.

Yang, Z, Bakalis, S, Seville, JPK, Fryer, PJ, Parker, DJ and Fan, X (2006) Multiple-particle tracking using the Birmingham positron camera AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings.

Yoxall, VR, Parker, DA, Kentish, PA and Ioannides, C (2004) Short-term black tea intake modulates the excretion of urinary mutagens in rats treated with 2-amino-3-methylimidazo-[4,5-f]quinoline (IQ): role of CYP1A2 upregulation ARCHIVES OF TOXICOLOGY, 78 (8). pp. 477-482.

Conference or Workshop Item

Garcia Trinanes, P, Seville, J, Boissière, B, Ansart, R, Leadbeater, T and Parker, D (2015) Dense particle suspensions as a new heat transfer fluid and storage medium: Hydrodynamics, wall region contact time and heat transfer In: 10th European Congress on Chemical Engineering, 2015-09-27 - 2015-10-02.

Esposito, M, Anaxagoras, T, Evans, PM, Green, S, Manolopoulos, S, Nieto-Camero, J, Parker, DJ, Poludniowski, G, Price, T, Waltham, C and Allinson, NM (2015) CMOS Active Pixel Sensors as energy-range detectors for proton Computed Tomography In: 10th International Conference on Position Sensitive Detectors, 7-12 Sept 2014, Univ Surrey, Guildford, ENGLAND.

Garcia Trinanes, P, Anguita, J, Ghandi, K, Ravi P. Silva, S, Seville, J, Leadbeater, TW and Parker, DJ (2014) Indirect labelling of SiC particles by using surface modification and functionalization In: Particulate System Analysis 2014-UK Particle Technology Forum, 2014-09-15 - 2014-09-17, Manchester.

Tebianian, S, Dubrawski, K, Ellis, N, Cocco, RA, Hays, R, Reddy Karri, SB, Chaouki, J, Jafari, R, Leadbeater, T, Parker, D, Garcia Trinanes, P, Seville, J and Grace, JR (2014) Particle velocity in traveling gas-fluidised bed based on different methods In: International Workshop on Fluid Particle Systems, Vancouver, Canada, 2014-06-26 - 2014-06-27.

Gao, Y, Phipps, A, Taylor, M, Clemmet, J, Parker, D, Crawford, I, Ball, A, Wilson, L, Curiel, A, Davies, P, Sweeting, M and Baker, A (2007) UK Lunar Science Missions: MoonLITE & Moonraker In: DGLR Int. Symposium “To Moon and beyond”, 2007-03-01 - ?, Bremen, Germany.

Davies, P, Phipps, A, Taylor, M, Curiel, ADS, Baker, A, Gao, Y, Sweeting, M, Parker, D, Crawford, IA, Ball, AJ and Wilson, L (2007) Uk lunar science missions: Moonlite & moonraker In: 3rd International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies, 2007-06-14 - 2007-06-16, Istanbul, TURKEY.

Wu, CY, Fan, XF, Motazedian, F, Seville, JPK, Parker, DJ and Cocks, ACF (2007) An experimental study of die filling using positron emission particle tracking

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