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Nakamura, T, Kobayashi, N, Kondo, Y, Satou, Y, Tostevin, JA, Utsuno, Y, Aoi, N, Baba, H, Deguchi, S, Fukuda, N, Gibelin, J, Inabe, N, Ishihara, M, Kameda, D, Kawada, Y, Kubo, T, Motobayashi, T, Motobayashi, T, Orr, NA, Otsu, H, Otsuka, T, Sakurai, H, Sumikama, T, Takeda, H, Takeshita, E, Takechi, M, Takeuchi, S, Tanaka, KN, Tanaka, N, Togano, Y and Yoneda, K (2014) Deformation-driven p-wave Halos at the Drip-line: 31Ne Physical Review Letters, 112. ISSN 0031-9007

Nomura, K, Otsuka, T, Rodriguez-Guzman, R, Robledo, LM, Sarriguren, P, Regan, PH, Stevenson, PD and Podolyak, Z (2011) Spectroscopic calculations of the low-lying structure in exotic Os and W isotopes PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 83 (5). ? - ?. ISSN 0556-2813

Gade, A, Baugher, T, Bazin, D, Brown, BA, Campbell, CM, Glasmacher, T, Grinyer, GF, Honma, M, McDaniel, S, Meharchand, R, Otsuka, T, Ratkiewicz, A, Tostevin, JA, Walsh, KA and Weisshaar, D (2010) Collectivity at N=50: Ge-82 and Se-84 PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 81 (6). ? - ?. ISSN 0556-2813

Fallon, P, Rodriguez-Vieitez, E, Macchiavelli, AO, Gade, A, Tostevin, JA, Adrich, P, Bazin, D, Bowen, M, Campbell, CM, Clark, RM, Cook, JM, Cromaz, M, Dinca, DC, Glasmacher, T, Lee, IY, McDaniel, S, Mueller, WF, Prussin, SG, Ratkiewicz, A, Siwek, K, Terry, JR, Weisshaar, D, Wiedeking, M, Yoneda, K, Brown, BA, Otsuka, T and Utsuno, Y (2010) Two-proton knockout from Mg-32: Intruder amplitudes in Ne-30 and implications for the binding of F-29,F-31 PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 81 (4). ? - ?. ISSN 0556-2813

Maierbeck, P, Gernhaeuser, R, Kruecken, R, Kroell, T, Alvarez-Pol, H, Aksouh, F, Aumann, T, Behr, K, Benjamim, EA, Benlliure, J, Bildstein, V, Boehmer, M, Boretzky, K, Borge, MJG, Bruenle, A, Buerger, A, Caamano, M, Casarejos, E, Chatillon, A, Chulkov, LV, Cortina-Gil, D, Enders, J, Eppinger, K, Faestermann, T, Friese, J, Fabbietti, L, Gascon, M, Geissel, H, Gerl, J, Gorska, M, Hansen, PG, Jonson, B, Kanungo, R, Kiselev, O, Kojouharov, I, Klimkiewicz, A, Kurtukian, T, Kurz, N, Larsson, K, Le Bleis, T, Mahata, K, Maier, L, Nilsson, T, Nociforo, C, Nyman, G, Pascual-Izarra, C, Perea, A, Perez, D, Prochazka, A, Rodriguez-Tajes, C, Rossi, D, Schaffner, H, Schrieder, G, Schwertel, S, Simon, H, Sitar, B, Stanoiu, M, Suemmerer, K, Tengblad, O, Weick, H, Winkler, S, Brown, BA, Otsuka, T, Tostevin, J and Rae, WDM (2009) Structure of Ti-55 from relativistic one-neutron knockout PHYSICS LETTERS B, 675 (1). 22 - 27. ISSN 0370-2693

Riley, LA, Adrich, P, Baugher, TR, Bazin, D, Brown, BA, Cook, JM, Cottle, PD, Diget, CA, Gade, A, Garland, DA, Glasmacher, T, Hosier, KE, Kemper, KW, Otsuka, T, Rae, WDM, Ratkiewicz, A, Siwek, KP, Tostevin, JA, Utsuno, Y and Weisshaar, D (2008) d(5/2) proton hole strength in neutron-rich (43)P: Shell structure and nuclear shapes near N=28 PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 78 (1). ? - ?. ISSN 0556-2813

Terry, J R, Brown, B A, Campbell, C M, Cook, J M, Davies, A D, Dinca, D C, Gade, A, Glasmacher, T, Hansen, P G, Sherrill, B M, Zwahlen, H, Bazin, D, Yoneda, K, Tostevin, J A, Otsuka, T, Utsuno, Y and Pritychenko, B (2008) Single-Neutron Knockout from Intermediate Energy Beams of Mg-30,Mg-32: Mapping the Transition into the "Island of Inversion" Physical Review C, 77 (1). ISSN 0556-2813

Terry, JR, Brown, BA, Campbell, CM, Cook, JM, Davies, AD, Dinca, D-C, Gade, A, Glasmacher, T, Hansen, PG, Sherrill, BM, Zwahlen, H, Bazin, D, Yoneda, K, Tostevin, JA, Otsuka, T, Utsuno, Y and Pritychenko, B (2008) Single-neutron knockout from intermediate energy beams of (30,32)Mg: Mapping the transition into the "island of inversion" PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 77 (1). ? - ?. ISSN 0556-2813

Gade, A, Adrich, P, Bazin, D, Bowen, MD, Brown, BA, Campbell, CM, Cook, JM, Ettenauer, S, Glasmacher, T, Kemper, KW, McDaniel, S, Obertelli, A, Otsuka, T, Ratkiewicz, A, Siwek, K, Terry, JR, Tostevin, JA, Utsuno, Y and Weisshaar, D (2007) Spectroscopy of Mg-36: Interplay of normal and intruder configurations at the neutron-rich boundary of the "Island of Inversion" PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 99 (7). ? - ?. ISSN 0031-9007

Terry, JR, Bazin, D, Brown, BA, Campbell, CM, Church, JA, Cook, JM, Davies, AD, Dinca, D-C, Enders, J, Gade, A, Glasmacher, T, Hansen, PG, Lecouey, JL, Otsuka, T, Pritychenko, B, Sherrill, BM, Tostevin, JA, Utsuno, Y, Yoneda, K and Zwahlen, H (2006) Direct evidence for the onset of intruder configurations in neutron-rich Ne isotopes PHYSICS LETTERS B, 640 (3). 86 - 90. ISSN 0370-2693

Conference or Workshop Item

Franchoo, S, Achouri, NL, Algora, A, Al-Khatib, A, Angelique, J-C, Azaiez, F, Baiborodin, D, Bastin, B, Beaumel, D, Belleguic, M, Benzoni, G, Blumenfeld, Y, Borcea, C, Borcea, R, Bourgeois, C, Bringel, P, Brown, BA, Burger, A, Buta, A, Chapman, R, Clement, E, Dalouzy, J-C, Dlouhy, Z, Dombradi, Z, Drouart, A, Elekes, Z, Engelhardt, C, Fortier, S, Fueloep, Z, Gaudefroy, L, Gelin, M, Gibelin, J, Goergen, A, Grevy, S, Guillemaud-Mueller, D, Hammache, F, Huebel, H, Iacob, S, Ibrahim, F, Kemper, K, Kerek, A, Korten, W, Krasznahorkay, A, Kratz, K-L, Laurent, B, Lazar, M, Lebhertz, D, Lewitowiczk, M, Liang, X, Lienard, E, Lukyanov, S, Mandal, S, Monrozeau, C, Mrazek, J, Nalpas, L, Navin, A, Negoita, F, Nowacki, F, Orr, N, Ostrowski, A, Otsuka, T, Pantelica, D, Penionzhkevich, Y, Piekarewicz, J, Podolyak, Z, Pollacco, E, Pougheon, F, Poves, A, Rotaru, F, Roussel-Chomaz, P, Rich, E, Scarpaci, J-A, Saint-Laurent, M-G, Savajols, H, Sletten, G, Sohler, D, Sorlin, O, Stanoiu, M, Stefan, I, Suzuki, T, Theisen, C, Timar, J, Timis, C, Tryggestad, E, Verney, D, Williams, S and Yamamoto, A (2009) RECENT RESULTS FROM GANIL In: 43rd Zakopane Conference on Nuclear Physics, 2008-09-01 - 2008-09-07, Zakopane, POLAND.

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