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Ormerod, TC, Macgregor, JN, Chronicle, EP, Dewald, AD and Chu, Y (2013) Act first, think later: the presence and absence of inferential planning in problem solving. Memory and Cognition, 41 (7). pp. 1096-1108.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Lin, S, Taïani, F, Ormerod, TC and Ball, LJ (2010) Towards anomaly comprehension: using structural compression to navigate profiling call-trees.

Ball, LJ, Sasse, MA, Sas, C, Ormerod, TC, Dix, A, Bagnall, P and McEwan, T (2007) Preface: "HCI... but not as we know it"

Ormerod, TC, Ball, LJ, Dix, AJ and Sas, C (2007) HCI and creative problem-solving at Lancaster.

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Ormerod, TC, Morley, NJ, Ball, LJ, Langley, C and Spenser, C (2003) Using ethnography to design a mass detection tool (MDT) for the early discovery of insurance fraud.

Richardson, J and Ormerod, TC (1997) Enhancing the usability of usability design tools: The case of information requirements specification.


Lansdale, MW and Ormerod, TC (1994) Understanding interfaces - a handbook of human-computer dialogue. Computers and people series . Academic Press. ISBN 978-0-12-528390-8

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