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Gatersleben, Birgitta, Opitz, Bertram, Myers, Andy and Wyles, Kayleigh (2020) Why are places so special? Uncovering how our brain reacts to meaningful places Landscape and Urban Planning.

Dean, Philip, Arikan, G, Opitz, Bertram and Sterr, Annette (2017) Potential for use of creatine supplementation following mild traumatic brain injury Concussion, 2 (2).

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Book Section

Doeller, Christian F and Opitz, Bertram (2004) Cognitive and neural mechanisms subserving regularity learning In: Bound in memory: insights from behavioral and neuropsychological research. Shaker, Aachen, pp. 129-157.

Conference or Workshop Item

Dean, PJA, Minarik, T, Opitz, B and Sterr, A (2016) Creatine supplementation for symptom alleviation after mild traumatic brain injury In: The Eleventh World Congress on Brain Injury, 2016-03-02 - 2016-03-05, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Dean, PJA, Minarik, T, Opitz, B and Sterr, A (2016) Functional correlates of creatine supplementation In: The Eleventh World Congress on Brain Injury, 2016-03-02 - 2016-03-05, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Schneiders, JA, Opitz, B, Weng, X and Mecklinger, A (2010) Auditory Working Memory Training Leads to Specific Decreases in Left Prefrontal Cortex When Learning The Phonology Of Chinese Words In: Fiftieth Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research.

Opitz, B (2009) Can repetition lead to semantic knowledge? In: 49th Annual Meeting of the Society-for-Psychophysiological-Research.

Admiraal, M, Opitz, Bertram and Uhl, C (1998) Results of dynamical systems based Modeling: Processing deviancy and novelty - an auditory ERP study In: Human Brain Mapping.

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