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Nollet, Mathieu, Hicks, Harriet, McCarthy, Andrew P., Wu, Huihai, Moller-Levet, Carla S., Laing, Emma E., Malki, Karim, Lawless, Nathan, Wafford, Keith A., Dijk, Derk-Jan and Winsky-Sommerer, Raphaelle (2019) REM sleep: unique associations with corticosterone regulation, apoptotic pathways and behavior in chronic stress in mice Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116 (7). pp. 2733-2742.

Christou, Skevoulla, Wehrens, Sophie M T, Isherwood, Cheryl, Moller-Levet, Carla S, Wu, Huihai, Revell, Victoria L, Bucca, Giselda, Skene, Debra J, Laing, Emma E, Archer, Simon N and Johnston, Jonathan D (2019) Circadian regulation in human white adipose tissue revealed by transcriptome and metabolic network analysis Scientific Reports.

Pheasant, Kathleen, Moller-Levet, Carla Sofia, Jones, Juliet, Depledge, Daniel, Breuer, Judith and Elliott, Gillian (2018) Nuclear-cytoplasmic compartmentalization of the herpes simplex virus 1 infected cell transcriptome is co-ordinated by the viral endoribonuclease vhs and cofactors to facilitate the translation of late proteins PLOS Pathogens, 14 (11), e1007331. pp. 1-33.

Laing, Emma, Moller-Levet, Carla, Dijk, Derk-Jan and Archer, Simon (2018) Identifying and validating blood mRNA biomarkers for acute and chronic insufficient sleep in humans: a machine learning approach Sleep, 42 (1), zsy186. pp. 1-18.

Bucca, Giselda, Pothi, Radhika, Hesketh, Andrew, Moller-Levet, Carla, Hodgson, David A, Laing, Emma, Stewart, Graham and Smith, Colin (2018) Translational control plays an important role in the adaptive heat-shock response of Streptomyces coelicolor. Nucleic Acids Research, 46 (11). pp. 5692-5703.

Annels, Nicola, Arif, Mehreen, Simpson, Guy, Denyer, Mick, Moller-Levet, Carla, Mansfield, David, Butler, Rachel, Shafren, Darren, Au, Gough, Knowles, Margaret, Harrington, Kevin, Vile, Richard, Melcher, Alan and Pandha, Hardev (2018) Oncolytic Immunotherapy for Bladder Cancer Using Coxsackie A21 Virus Molecular Therapy - Oncolytics, 9. pp. 1-12.

Laing, Emma, Moller-Levet, Carla, Poh, Norman, Santhi, Nayantara, Archer, Simon and Dijk, Derk-Jan (2017) Blood transcriptome based biomarkers for human circadian phase eLife. pp. 1-26.

Kelly, Z, Moller-Levet, Carla, McGrath, S, Butler-Manuel, S, Madhuri, Thumuluru, Kierzek, Andrzej, Pandha, Hardev, Morgan, Richard and Michael, Agnieszka (2016) The prognostic significance of specific HOX gene expression patterns in ovarian cancer International Journal of Cancer, 139 (7). pp. 1608-1617.

Laing, Emma, Johnston, Jonathan, Moller-Levet, Carla, Bucca, G, Smith, CP, Dijk, Derk-Jan and Archer, Simon (2015) Exploiting human and mouse transcriptomic data: Identification of circadian genes and pathways influencing health BioEssays, 37 (5). pp. 544-556.

Michael, A, Kelly, ZL, Moller-Levet, CS, Pandha, H and Morgan, R (2014) HOX GENE EXPRESSION IN OVARIAN CANCER ANTICANCER RESEARCH, 34 (10). pp. 6058-6059.

Ramachandran, A, Betts, G, Bhana, S, Helme, G, Blick, C, Moller-Levet, C, Saunders, E, Valentine, H, Pepper, S, Miller, CJ, Buffa, F, Harris, AL and West, CML (2013) An in vivo hypoxia metagene identifies the novel hypoxia inducible factor target gene SLCO1B3 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER, 49 (7). pp. 1741-1751.

Williamson, A, Betts, GNJ, Patiar, S, Valentine, HR, Irlam, JJ, Ramachandran, A, Merve, A, Homer, JJ, Moller-Levet, C, Buffa, FM, Hall, G, Miller, CJ, Harris, AL and West, CML (2012) Low density array profiling of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma utilizing a 25-gene signature can reliably identify hypoxic tumors CANCER RESEARCH, 72.

Moller-Levet, CS, Betts, GN, Harris, AL, Homer, JJ, West, CM and Miller, CJ (2009) Exon array analysis of head and neck cancers identifies a hypoxia related splice variant of LAMA3 associated with a poor prognosis. PLoS Comput Biol, 5 (11).

Moller-Levet, CS and Yin, HJ (2005) Modeling and analysis of gene expression time-series based on co-expression INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NEURAL SYSTEMS, 15 (4). pp. 311-322.

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Moller-Levet, CS and Yin, HJ (2005) Circular SOM for temporal characterisation of modelled gene expressions INTELLIGENT DATA ENGINEERING AND AUTOMATED LEARNING IDEAL 2005, PROCEEDINGS, 3578. pp. 319-326.

Moller-Levet, CS and Yin, HJ (2004) Modelling and clustering of gene expressions using RBFs and a shape similarity metric INTELLIGENT DAA ENGINEERING AND AUTOMATED LEARNING IDEAL 2004, PROCEEDINGS, 3177. pp. 1-10.

Moller-Levet, CS, Yin, HJ, Cho, KH and Wolkenhatier, O (2004) Modelling gene expression time-series with radial basis function neural networks 2004 IEEE INTERNATIONAL JOINT CONFERENCE ON NEURAL NETWORKS, VOLS 1-4, PROCEEDINGS. pp. 1191-1195.

Wolkenhauer, O, Moller-Levet, C and Sanchez-Cabo, F (2002) The curse of normalization COMPARATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS, 3 (4). pp. 375-379.

Conference or Workshop Item

Archer, SN, Laing, EE, Moller-Levet, CS, van der Veen, DR, Bucca, G, Lazar, AS, Lo, JCY, Santhi, N, Slak, A, Kabiljo, R, von Schantz, M, Smith, CP and Dijk, DJ (2014) Mistimed sleep disrupts the circadian regulation of the human transcriptome In: 22nd Congress of the European-Sleep-Research-Society, 2014-09-16 - 2014-09-20, Tallinn, ESTONIA.

Moller-Levet, CS, Klawonn, F, Cho, KH and Wolkenhauer, O (2003) Fuzzy clustering of short time-series and unevenly distributed sampling points In: 5th International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis, 2003-08-28 - 2003-08-30, BERLIN, GERMANY.

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