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Liu, Yang, Kiliç, Volkan, Guan, Jian and Wang, Wenwu (2019) Audio-Visual Particle Flow SMC-PHD Filtering for Multi-Speaker Tracking IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.

He, S., Wen, Q., O’Shea, C., Mu-u-min, R., Kou, K., Grassam-Rowe, A., Liu, Y., Fan, Z., Tan, X., Ou, X., Camelliti, P., Pavlovic, D. and Lei, M. (2019) A Protocol for Transverse Cardiac Slicing and Optical Mapping in Murine Heart Frontiers in Physiology, 10.

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Book Section

Huang, Zengxi, Feng, Zhenhua, Kittler, Josef and Liu, Yiguang (2018) Improve the Spoofing Resistance of Multimodal Verification with Representation-Based Measures In: Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision. PRCV 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 11258 . Springer, pp. 388-399. ISBN 978-3-030-03337-8 Online ISBN: 978-3-030-03338-5

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Conference or Workshop Item

Liu, Yuxin, Chew, John W., Pekris, Michael J. and Kong, Xiaozhi (2019) The Effect of Inlet Swirl on Brush Seal Bristle Deflections and Stability In: Turbo Expo 2019: Turbomachinery Technical Conference & Exposition, 17-21 Jun 2019, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ, USA.

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