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Coleman, Philip, Franck, A, Francombe, Jon, Liu, Qingju, de Campos, Teofilo, Hughes, R, Menzies, D, Simon Galvez,, M, Tang, Y, Woodcock, J, Jackson, Philip, Melchior, F, Pike, C, Fazi, F, Cox, T and Hilton, Adrian (2018) An Audio-Visual System for Object-Based Audio: From Recording to Listening IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.

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Liu, Qingju, Wang, Wenwu, de Campos, Teofilo, Jackson, Philip and Hilton, Adrian (2017) Multiple Speaker Tracking in Spatial Audio via PHD Filtering and Depth-Audio Fusion IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.

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Liu, Q, Zhang, J, Xu, Y, Huang, Y and Wu, C (2013) Effect of carvedilol on cardiomyocyte apoptosis in a rat model of myocardial infarction: A role for toll-like receptor 4 INDIAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, 45 (5). pp. 458-463.

Liu, Q, Wang, W and Jackson, P (2012) Use of bimodal coherence to resolve the permutation problem in convolutive BSS Signal Processing, 92 (8). pp. 1916-1927.

Conference or Workshop Item

Coleman, Philip, Liu, Qingju, Francombe, Jon and Jackson, Philip (2018) Perceptual evaluation of blind source separation in object-based audio production In: 14th International Conference on Latent Variable Analysis and Signal Separation, 02-06 Jul 2018, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.

Liu, Qingju, Xu, Yong, Jackson, Philip, Wang, Wenwu and Coleman, Philip (2018) Iterative deep neural networks for speaker-independent binaural blind speech separation In: 2018 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 15 - 20 April 2018, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Zermini, Alfredo, Liu, Qingju, Xu, Yong, Plumbley, Mark, Betts, Dave and Wang, Wenwu (2017) Binaural and Log-Power Spectra Features with Deep Neural Networks for Speech-Noise Separation In: MMSP 2017 - IEEE 19th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, 16-18 Oct 2017, Putteridge Bury, Luton, Bedfordshire, UK.

Liu, Qingju, Wang, Wenwu, Jackson, Philip and Tang, Yan (2017) A Perceptually-Weighted Deep Neural Network for Monaural Speech Enhancement in Various Background Noise Conditions In: 2017 25th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), 28 Aug - 2 Sep 2017, Kos Island, Greece.

Liu, Qingju, Yang, Ting, Jackson, Philip and Wang, Wenwu (2016) Predicting binaural speech intelligibility from signals estimated by a blind source separation algorithm In: INTERSPEECH 2016, 17th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, 2016-09-08 - 2016-09-12, San Francisco, US.

Liu, Q, deCampos, T, Wang, W and Hilton, A (2016) Identity association using PHD filters in multiple head tracking with depth sensors In: ICASSP, 2016-03-20 - 2016-03-25.

Liu, Q, deCampos, T, Wang, W, Jackson, P and Hilton, H (2015) Person tracking using audio and depth cues In: International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) Workshop on 3D Reconstruction and Understanding with Video and Sound, 2015-12-11 - 2015-12-15, Santiago, Chile.

Liu, Q, Wang, W, Jackson, PJB and Cox, TJ (2015) A source separation evaluation method in object-based spatial audio In: 23rd European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Nice, France.

Francombe, J, Brookes, T, Mason, R, Flindt, R, Coleman, P, Liu, Q and Jackson, PJB (2015) Production and reproduction of programme material for a variety of spatial audio formats In: 138th Audio Engineering Society Convention.

Liu, Q and Wang, W (2013) Show-through removal for scanned images using non-linear NMF with adaptive smoothing

Liu, Q, Wang, W, Jackson, PJB and Barnard, M (2012) Reverberant Speech Separation Based on Audio-visual Dictionary Learning and Binaural Cues In: IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop (SSP), 2012-08-05 - 2012-08-08, Ann Abor, USA.

Liu, Q and Wang, W (2011) Blind source separation and visual voice activity detection for target speech extraction In: iCAST 2011, 2011-09-27 - 2011-09-30, Dalian, China.

Naqvi, SM, Khan, MS, Chambers, JA, Liu, Qingju and Wang, Wenwu (2011) Multimodal blind source separation with a circular microphone array and robust beamforming In: 19th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO-2011), 29 Aug - Sep 02 2011, Barcelona, Spain.

Liu, Q, Naqvi, SM, Wang, W, Jackson, PJB and Chambers, J (2011) Robust feature selection for scaling ambiguity reduction in audio-visual convolutive BSS In: 19th European Signal Processing Conference 2011 (EUSIPCO 2011), 2011-08-29 - 2011-09-02, Barcelona, Spain.

Liu, Q, Wang, W and Jackson, PJB (2011) A visual voice activity detection method with adaboosting In: Sensor Signal Processing for Defence (SSPD 2011), 2011-09-27 - 2011-09-29, London, UK.

Liu, Q, Wang, W and Jackson, PJB (2010) Audio-visual Convolutive Blind Source Separation

Liu, Q, Wang, W and Jackson, P (2010) Audio-visual Convolutive Blind Source Separation In: Sensor Signal Processing for Defence, 2010-09-29 - 2010-09-30, London, UK.

Liu, Q, Wang, W and Jackson, PJB (2010) Use of Bimodal Coherence to Resolve Spectral Indeterminacy in Convolutive BSS In: 9th International Conference on Latent Variable Analysis and Signal Separation (formerly the International Conference on Independent Component Analysis and Signal Separation), 2010-09-27 - 2010-09-30, St. Malo, France.

Liu, Q, Wang, W and Jackson, PJB (2010) Bimodal Coherence based Scale Ambiguity Cancellation for Target Speech Extraction and Enhancement In: 11th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association 2010, 2010-09-26 - 2010-09-30, Makuhari, Japan.


Coleman, Philip, Franck, Andreas, Francombe, Jon, Liu, Qingju, de Campos, Teofilo, Hughes, Richard, Menzies, Dylan, Simón Gálvez, Marcos, Tang, Yan, Woodcock, James, Melchior, Frank, Pike, Chris, Fazi, Filippo, Cox, Trevor, Hilton, Adrian and Jackson, Philip (2018) S3A Audio-Visual System for Object-Based Audio [Dataset]

Liu, Q (2016) S3A Binaural speech intelligibility dataset [Dataset]

de Campos, TE, Liu, Q and Barnard, M S3A speaker tracking with Kinect2 [Dataset]

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