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Carter, FT, Kowalczyk, RM, Millichamp, I, Chainey, M and Keddie, Joseph (2014) Correlating Particle Deformation with Water Concentration Profiles during Latex Film Formation: Reasons That Softer Latex Films Take Longer to Dry LANGMUIR, 30 (32). pp. 9672-9681.

Zamani, S, Kowalczyk, RM and McDonald, PJ (2014) The relative humidity dependence of the permeability of cement paste measured using GARField NMR profiling Cement and Concrete Research, 57. pp. 88-94.

Kowalczyk, RM, Gajewicz, AM and McDonald, PJ (2014) The mechanism of water-isopropanol exchange in cement pastes evidenced by NMR relaxometry RSC ADVANCES, 4 (40). pp. 20709-20715.

Dudycz, H, Dyczkowski, M, Korczak, J, Abramowicz, W, Alt, R, Andres, F, Chmielarz, W, Cypryjanski, J, Czarnacka, C, Damiani, E, De, S, Dufourd, JF, Kannan, R, Kersten, G, Kowalczyk, R, Ligeza, A, Magoni, D, Owoc, M, Pankowska, M, Sikorski, M, Stanek, S, Teufel, S and Ziemba, E (2013) 11th conference on advanced information technologies for management 2013 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, FedCSIS 2013.

Kowalczyk, RM, Kemp, TF, Walker, D, Pike, KJ, Thomas, PA, Kreisel, J, Dupree, R, Newton, ME, Hanna, JV and Smith, ME (2011) A variable temperature solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance, electron paramagnetic resonance and Raman scattering study of molecular dynamics in ferroelectric fluorides Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 23, 315402. pp. 1-16.

Weber, S, Schroeder, C, Kacprzak, S, Mathes, T, Kowalczyk, RM, Essen, L-O, Hegemann, P, Schleicher, E and Bittl, R (2011) Light-generated Paramagnetic Intermediates in BLUF Domains Photochemistry and Photobiology, 87. pp. 574-583.

Kryukov, EV, Newton, ME, Pike, KJ, Bolton, DR, Kowalczyk, RM, Howes, AP, Smith, ME and Dupree, R (2010) DNP enhanced NMR using a high-power 94 GHz microwave source: a study of the TEMPOL radical in toluene PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 12 (22). pp. 5757-5765.

Pascu, SI, Waghorn, PA, Arrowsmith, RL, Rory, L, Simon, R, Dilworth, JR, Christlieb, M, Tyrrell, RM, Zhong, J, Kowalczyk, RM, Collison, D, Churchill, GC and Aigbirhio, FI (2010) Fluorescent Copper(II) Bis(thiosemicarbazonates): From Synthesis, to Radiolabeling, In Vitro Cytotoxicity and Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals (53). pp. 527-528.

Pascu, S, Waghorn, PA, Kennedy, BWC, Arrowsmith, RL, Bayly, SR, Dilworth, JR, Christlieb, M, Tyrrell, RM, Zhong, J, Kowalczyk, RM, Collison, D, Aley, PK, Churchill, GC and Aigbirhio, FI (2010) Fluorescent Copper(II) Bis(thiosemicarbazonates): Synthesis, Structures, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, Radiolabeling, In Vitro Cytotoxicity and Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Studies CHEMISTRY-AN ASIAN JOURNAL, 5 (3).

Dzierzak, J, Botinelii, E, Berlier, G, Gianotti, E, Stulz, E, Kowalczyk, RM and Raja, R (2010) The role of isolated active centres in high-performance bioinspired selective oxidation catalysts Chemical Communications. pp. 2805-2807.

Khalimon, AY, Holland, JP, Kowalczyk, RM, McInnes, EJL, Green, JC, Mountford, P and Nikonov, GI (2008) Synthesis and molecular and electronic structure of an unusual paramagnetic borohydride complex Mo(NAr)(2)(PMe3)(2)(eta(2)-BH4)(dagger) INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 47 (3). pp. 999-1006.

Decken, A, Ebdah, M, Kowalczyk, RM, Landee, CP, McInnes, EJL, Passmore, J, Shuvaev, KV and Thompson, LK (2007) Tuning intermolecular magnetic exchange interactions in the solids CxF2x(CNSSS)(2)(AsF6)(2): Structural, EPR, and magnetic characterization of dimeric (x=2, 4) diradicals INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 46 (19). pp. 7756-7766.

Berkessel, A, Ertuerk, E, Kaiser, P, Klein, A, Kowalczyk, RM and Sarkard, B (2007) On the redox states of ruthenium porphyrin oxidation catalysts DALTON TRANSACTIONS (31). pp. 3427-3434.

Mokuolu, QF, Foguet-Albiol, D, Jones, LF, Wolowska, J, Kowalczyk, RM, Kilner, CA, Christou, G and McGowan, PC (2007) “Four Copper(II) Pyrazolido Complexes Derived from Reactions of 3{5}-Substituted Pyrazoles with CuF2 or Cu(OH)2 Dalton Transactions: an international journal of inorganic chemistry, 14. pp. 1392-1899.

Cameron, TS, Decken, A, Kowalczyk, RM, McInnes, EJL, Passmore, J, Rawson, JM, Shuvaev, KV and Thompson, LK (2006) Characterisation of the thermally accessible spin triplet state in dimers of the 7 pi ClCNSSS+center dot in the solid state CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS (21). pp. 2277-2279.

Bigmore, HR, Zuideveld, MA, Kowalczyk, RM, Cowley, AR, Kranenburg, M, McInnes, EJL and Mountford, P (2006) Synthesis, Structures, and Olefin Polymerisation Capability of Vanadium(4+) Imido Compounds with fac-N3 Donor Ligands Inorganic Chemistry, 45. pp. 6411-6423.

Boa, AN, Crane, JD, Kowalczyk, RM and Sultana, NH (2005) Addition of (pyrazol-1-yl)acetyl and (pyridin-2-yl)acetyl groups to the terminal amino group of a Phe-Gly dipeptide affords ATCUN-Like copper(II) binding sites EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY (5). pp. 872-878.

Kowalczyk, RM, Schleicher, E, Bittl, R and Weber, S (2004) The photoinduced triplet of flavins and its protonation states JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 126 (36). pp. 11393-11399.

Schleicher, E, Kowalczyk, RM, Kay, CWM, Hegemann, P, Bacher, A, Fischer, M, Bittl, R, Richter, G and Weber, S (2004) On the reaction mechanism of adduct formation in LOV domains of the plant blue-light receptor phototropin JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 126 (35). pp. 11067-11076.

Krzyminiewski, R, Kowalczyk, RM, Czarnecki, P and Maluszynska, H (2002) The investigation of molecular dynamics in pyridinium perchlorate single crystal by CW-EPR spectroscopy combined with computer resolution enhancement method PHASE TRANSITIONS, 75 (6). pp. 587-596.

Krzyminiewski, R and Kowalczyk, RM (2001) The effect of molecular dynamics on basic parameters of CW-EPR spectrum of pyridinium tetrafluoroborate single crystal PHASE TRANSITIONS, 73 (4). pp. 565-577.

Krzyminiewski, R, Kowalczyk, RM, Bielewicz-Mordalska, A, Pajak, Z and Czarnecki, P (1998) Computer enhancement of CW-EPR experimental spectra resolution as a new method in investigation of molecular dynamics in pyridinium tetrafluoroborate JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE, 471 (1-3). pp. 243-249.

Krzyminiewski, R, Bielewicz-Mordalska, A and Kowalczyk, RM (1998) Radicals as probes of ferroelectric phase transitions in EPR investigations of pyridinium tetrafluoroborate JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE, 135 (1). pp. 76-81.

Conference or Workshop Item

Krzyminiewski, R, Kowalczyk, RM and Bielewicz-Mordalska, A (2000) The effect of molecular dynamics on basic parameters of CW-EPR spectrum of diglycine nitrate single crystal. Molecular dynamics in diglycine nitrate single crystal In: 18th Conference on Radio- and Microwave Spectroscopy (RAMIS 99), 1999-04-11 - 1999-04-15, POZNAN KIEKRZ, POLAND.

Grice, AJ, Levere, M, Kowalczyk, RM and Haddleton, DM POLY 396-Further investigation of single electron transfer living radical polymerization In: Abstract of Paper of The American Chemical Society, 2008 - ?.

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