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Watanabe, H, Zhang, G, Yoshida, K, Walker, Philip, Liu, J, Wu, J, Regan, Patrick, Soderstrom, PA, Kanaoka, H, Korkulu, Z, Lee, PS, Nishimura, S, Yagi, A, Ahn, DS, Alharbi, T, Baba, H, Browne, F, Bruce, AM, Fukuda, RJ, Griffin, C, Ideguchi, E, Inabe, N, Isobe, T, Kanaya, S, Kojouharov, I, Kondev, FG, Kubo, T, Kubono, S, Kurz, N, Kuti, I, Lalkovski, S, Lane;, GJ, Lee, CS, Lee, EJ, Lorusso, G, Lotay, Gavin, Moon, CB, Nishizuka, I, Nita, CR, Odahara, A, Patel, Z, Phong, VH, Podolyak, Zsolt, Roberts, OJ, Sakurai, H, Schaffner, H, Shand, Callum, Shimizu, Y, Sumikama, T, Suzuki, H, Takeda, H, Terashima, S, Vajta;, Z, Valiente-Dobon, JJ and Xu, ZY (2016) Long-lived K isomer and enhanced gamma vibration in the neutron-rich nucleus 172Dy: Collectivity beyond double midshell Physics Letters B, 760 (Sept). pp. 641-646.

Conference or Workshop Item

Gurgi, Laila, Regan, Patrick, Söderström, P-A, Watanabe, H, Walker, Philip, Podolyak, Zsolt, Nishimura, S, Berry, Thomas, Doornenbal, P, Lorusso, G, Isobe, T, Baba, H, Xu, ZY, Sakurai, H, Sumikama, T, Catford, Wilton, Bruce, AM, Browne, F, Lane, GJ, Kondev, FG, Odahara, A, Wu, J, Liu, HL, Xu, FR, Korkulu, Z, Lee, P, Liu, JJ, Phong, VH, Yagi, A, Zhang, GX, Alharbi, T, Carroll, RJ, Chae, KY, Dombradi, Z, Estrade, A, Fukuda, N, Griffin, C, Ideguchi, E, Inabe, N, Kanaoka, H, Kojouharov, I, Kubo, T, Kubono, S, Kurz, N, Kuti, I, Lalkovski, S, Lee, EJ, Lee, CS, Lotay, Gavin, Moon, CB, Nishizuka, I, Nita, CR, Patel, Z, Roberts, OJ, Schaffner, H, Shand, Callum, Suzuki, H, Takeda, H, Terashima, S, Vajta, Z, Kanaya, S and Valiente-Dobón, J-J (2017) Isomer Spectroscopy of Neutron-rich 165,167Tb In: Conference on Nuclear Physics “Extremes of the Nuclear Landscape”, 2016-08-28 - 2015-09-04, Zakopane, Poland.

Söderström, P.-A., Walker, Philip, Wu, J., Liu, H. L., Regan, Patrick, Watanabe, H., Doornenbal, P., Korkulu, Z., Lee, P., Liu, J. J., Lorusso, G., Nishimura, S., Phong, V. H., Sumikama, T., Xu, F. R., Yagi, A., Zhang, G. X., Ahn, D. S., Alharbi, T., Baba, H., Browne, F., Bruce, A. M., Carroll, R. J., Chae, K. Y., Dombradi, Zs., Estrade, A., Fukuda, N., Griffin, C., Ideguchi, E., Inabe, N, Isobe, T., Kanaoka, H., Kanaya, S., Kojouharov, I., Kondev, F. G., Kubo, T., Kubono, S., Kurz, N., Kuti, I., Lalkovski, S., Lane, G. J., Lee, E. J., Lee, C. S., G. Lotay, G., Moon, C.-B., Nishizuka, I., Nita, C. R., Odahara, A., Patel, Z., Podolyak, Zsolt, Roberts, O. J., Sakurai, H., Schaffner, H., Shand, C. M., Suzuki, H., Takeda, H., Terashima, S., Vajta, Zs., Valiente-Dòbon, J. J. and Xui, Z. Y. (2016) Collective And Single-particle Structures In The Neutron-rich Doubly Mid-shell Nucleus 170Dy In: The 26th International Nuclear Physics Conference (INPC2016), 11-16 Sep 2016, Adelaide, Australia.

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