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Van Der Veen, Daan, Laing, Emma, Bae, Sung-Eun, Johnston, Jonathan, Dijk, Derk-Jan and Archer, Simon (2020) A Topological Cluster of Differentially Regulated Genes in Mice Lacking PER3 Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, 13 (15).

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Conference or Workshop Item

Isherwood, C, Otway, DT, Maentele, S, Middleton, B, Wright, J, Robertson, MD, Skene, DJ, Gibbs, M and Johnston, JD (2015) Daily rhythms in hormonal markers of diabetes and obesity: effect of weight and Type 2 diabetes

Gee, RH, Plant, NJ, Johnston, JD and Plant, KE (2011) Differential sensitivity to toxicity of statins: A comparison of liver and muscle cell lines

Gee, RH, Plant, NJ, Johnston, JD and Plant, KE (2010) The effects of time of treatment on statin muscle toxicity: Preliminary characterization of a human muscle cell line In: 2010 Annual Spring Meeting of the British-Toxicological-Society, 2010-03-28 - 2010-03-31, Herriot Watt Univ, Edinburgh, ENGLAND.

Von Schantz, W, Carpen, JD, Gibson, M, Lim, G, Johnston, J, Skene, DJ and Archer, SN (2008) Analysis of the PER3 promoter and haplotypes that associate with diurnal preference and delayed sleep phase disorder In: 19th Congress of the European-Sleep-Research-Society, 2008-09-09 - 2008-09-13, Glasgow, SCOTLAND.

Lincoln, GA, Johnston, JD and Hazlerigg, DG (2005) Clock genes in calendar cells. In: 38th Annual Meeting of the Society-for-the-Study-of-Reproduction, 2005-07-24 - 2005-07-27, Ctr Rech Biol Reproduct, Quebec City, CANADA.

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