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Chai, GMT, Broderick, CA, O'Reilly, EP, Othaman, Z, Jin, SR, Petropoulos, JP, Zhong, Y, Dongmo, PB, Zide, JMO, Sweeney, SJ and Hosea, TJC (2015) Experimental and modelling study of InGaBiAs/InP alloys with up to 5.8% Bi, and with Delta(so) > E-g SEMICONDUCTOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 30 (9), ARTN 09401.

Chai, GMT, Hosea, TJC, Fox, NE, Hild, K, Ikyo, AB, Marko, IP, Sweeney, SJ, Bachmann, A, Arafin, S and Amann, M-C (2014) Characterization of 2.3 mu m GaInAsSb-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser structures using photo-modulated reflectance JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 115 (1), ARTN 0.

Batool, Z, Chatterjee, S, Chernikov, A, Duzik, A, Fritz, R, Gogineni, C, Hild, K, Hosea, TJC, Imhof, S, Johnson, SR, Jiang, Z, Jin, S, Koch, M, Koch, SW, Kolata, K, Lewis, RB, Lu, X, Masnadi-Shirazi, M, Millunchick, JM, Mooney, PM, Riordan, NA, Rubel, O, Sweeney, SJ, Thomas, JC, Thränhardt, A, Tiedje, T and Volz, K (2013) Bismuth-containing III-V semiconductors: Epitaxial growth and physical properties pp. 139-158.

Usman, M, Broderick, CA, Batool, Z, Hild, K, Hosea, TJC, Sweeney, SJ and O'Reilly, EP (2013) Impact of alloy disorder on the band structure of compressively strained GaBixAs1-x PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 87 (11), ARTN 1.

Marko, IP, Batool, Z, Hild, K, Jin, SR, Hossain, N, Hosea, TJC, Sweeney, SJ, Hosea, TJC, Petropoulos, JP, Zhong, Y, Dongmo, PB and Zide, JMO (2012) Temperature and Bi-concentration dependence of the bandgap and spin-orbit splitting in InGaBiAs/InP semiconductors for mid-infrared applications Applied Physics Letters, 101 (22).

Blume, G, Hild, K, Marko, IP, Hosea, TJC, Yu, S-Q, Chaparro, SA, Samal, N, Johnson, SR, Zhang, Y-H and Sweeney, SJ (2012) Cavity mode gain alignment in GaAsSb-based near-infrared vertical cavity lasers studied by spectroscopy and device measurements JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 112 (3), ARTN 0.

Batool, Z, Hild, K, Hosea, TJC, Lu, X, Tiedje, T and Sweeney, SJ (2012) The electronic band structure of GaBiAs/GaAs layers: Influence of strain and band anti-crossing JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 111 (11), ARTN 1.

Hossain, N, Hosea, TJC, Sweeney, SJ, Liebich, S, Zimprich, M, Volz, K, Kunert, B and Stolz, W (2011) Band structure properties of novel BxGa1-xP alloys for silicon integration JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 110 (6), ARTN 0.

Jurewicz, I, King, AAK, Worajittiphon, P, Asanithi, P, Brunner, EW, Sear, RP, Hosea, TJC, Keddie, JL and Dalton, AB (2010) Colloid-Assisted Self-Assembly of Robust, Three-Dimensional Networks of Carbon Nanotubes over Large Areas MACROMOLECULAR RAPID COMMUNICATIONS, 31 (7). pp. 609-615.

Sharma, TK, Hosea, TJC, Sweeney, SJ and Tang, X (2008) An accurate determination of the electronic transitions of InAs/InGaAs/InP quantum dots for midinfrared lasers using simultaneous complementary spectroscopic techniques JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 104 (8), ARTN 0.

Merrick, M., Cripps, S. A., Murdin, B. N., Hosea, T.J. C., Veal, T. D., McConville, C. F. and Hopkinson, M. (2007) Photoluminescence of InNAs alloys: S-shaped temperature dependence and conduction-band nonparabolicity Physical Review B, 76 (075209).

Bueckers, C, Blume, G, Thraenhardt, A, Schlichenmaier, C, Klar, PJ, Weiser, G, Koch, SW, Hader, J, Moloney, JV, Hosea, Thomas, Sweeney, Stephen, Wang, J-B, Johnson, SR and Zhang, Y-H (2007) Microscopic electroabsorption line shape analysis for Ga(AsSb)/GaAs heterostructures JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 101 (3), ARTN 0.

Cripps, S A, Hosea, T J, Krier, A, Smirnov, V, Batty, P J, Zhuang, Q D, Lin, H H, Liu, P W and Tsai, G (2007) Midinfrared Photoreflectance Study of InAs-rich InAsSb and GaInAsPSb Indicating Negligible Bowing for the Spin Orbit Splitting Energy Applied Physics Letters, 90 (17).

Merrick, M, Cripps, S A, Murdin, B N, Hosea, T J, Veal, T D, McConville, C F and Hopkinson, M (2007) Photoluminescence of InNAs alloys: S-Shaped Temperature Dependence and Conduction-Band Nonparabolicity Physical Review B, 76 (7).

Veal, T. D., Piper, L. F. J., Jefferson, P. H., Mahboob, I., McConville, C. F., Merrick, M., Hosea, T. J. C., Murdin, B. N. and Hopkinson, M. (2005) Photoluminescence spectroscopy of bandgap reduction in dilute InNAs alloys Applied Physics Letters, 182114 (2005).

Blume, G, Hosea, TJC, Sweeney, SJ, de Mierry, P and Lancefield, D (2005) AlGalnN resonant-cavity LED devices studied by electromodulated reflectance and carrier lifetime techniques IEE PROCEEDINGS-OPTOELECTRONICS, 152 (2). pp. 118-124.

Cripps, SA, Hosea, TJC, Sweeney, SJ, Lock, D, Leinonen, T, Lyytikainen, J and Dumitrescu, M (2005) High temperature operation of 760 nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers investigated using photomodulated reflectance wafer measurements and temperature-dependent device studies IEE PROCEEDINGS-OPTOELECTRONICS, 152 (2). pp. 103-109.

Blume, G, Hosea, TJC, Sweeney, SJ, Johnson, SR, Wang, JB and Zhang, YH (2005) Spectroscopic investigations of GaAsSb/GaAs based structures for 1.3 mu m VCSEL applications IEE PROCEEDINGS-OPTOELECTRONICS, 152 (2). pp. 110-117.

Veal, T D, Piper, L F, Jefferson, P H, Mahboob, I, McConville, C F, Merrick, M, Hosea, T J, Murdin, B N and Hopkinson, M (2005) Photoluminescence Spectroscopy of Bandgap Reduction in Dilute InNAs Alloys Applied Physics Letters, 87 (18).

Tomic, S, O'Reilly, EP, Fehse, R, Sweeney, Stephen, Adams, Alfred, Andreev, Aleksey, Choulis, SA, Hosea, Thomas and Riechert, H (2003) Theoretical and experimental analysis of 1.3-mu m InGaAsN/GaAs lasers IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, 9 (5). pp. 1228-1238.

Constant, SB, Tomic, S, Lock, D, Sale, TE, Sweeney, SJ and Hosea, TJC (2003) Spectroscopic characterization of 1450 nm semiconductor pump laser structures for Raman amplifiers JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 93 (12). pp. 9446-9455.

Tomić, S, Fehse, R, Choulis, SA, O'Reilly, EP, Adams, AR, Sweeney, SJ, Andreev, AD, Hosea, TJC and Riechert, H (2002) Experimental and theoretical analysis of the recombination processes in GaInNAs 1.3 μm Lasers Conference Digest - IEEE International Semiconductor Laser Conference. pp. 41-42.

Hild, K, Sale, TE, Hosea, TJC, Hirotani, M, Hirotani, M and Kato, T (2001) Spectral and thermal properties of red AlGaInP RCLEDs for polymer optical fibre applications IEE PROCEEDINGS-OPTOELECTRONICS, 148 (5-6). pp. 220-224.

Conference or Workshop Item

Hild, K, Batool, Z, Jin, SR, Hossain, N, Marko, IP, Hosea, TJC, Lu, X, Tiedje, T and Sweeney, SJ (2013) Auger Recombination Suppression And Band Alignment In GaAsBi/GaAs Heterostructures In: 31st International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS), 2012-07-29 - 2012-08-03, Zurich, SWITZERLAND.

Hosea, TJC, Chai, GMT, Marko, IP, Batool, Z, Hild, K, Jin, SR, Hossain, N, Sweeney, SJ, Petropoulos, JP, Zhong, Y, Dongmo, PB and Zide, JMO (2012) InGaBiAs/InP semiconductors for mid-infrared applications: Dependence of bandgap and spin-orbit splitting on temperature and bismuth content

Sweeney, SJ, Batool, Z, Hild, K, Jin, SR and Hosea, TJC (2011) The Potential Role of Bismide Alloys in Future Photonic Devices In: 13th ICTON, 2011-06-26 - 2011-06-30, Stockholm, Sweden.

Fox, NE, Sharma, TK, Sweeney, SJ and Hosea, TJC (2009) Room temperature characterisation of InGaAlAs quantum well laser structures using electro-modulated reflectance and surface photovoltage spectroscopy In: 3rd International Workshop on Modulation Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Structures, 2008-07-03 - 2008-07-05, Wroclaw Univ Technol, Wroclaw, POLAND.

Hosea, TJC, Cripps, SA, Sale, TE and Hild, K (2006) Analysis of reflectance and modulation spectroscopic lineshapes in optoelectronic device structures In: Symposium P of the Spring Meeting of the European-Materials-Research-Society entitled Curent Trends in Optical and X-ray Meterology of Advanced Materials for Nanoscale Devices, 2005-05-31 - 2005-06-03, Strasbourg, FRANCE.

Blume, G, Hosea, TJC and Sweeney, SJ (2005) A study of the low-energy interference oscillations in photoreflectance of GaAsSb/GaAs quantum well structures In: International Workshop on Modulation Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Structures, 2004-07-01 - 2004-07-03, Wroclaw, POLAND.

Sale, TE, Hild, K, Hosea, TJC, Hirotani, M and Kato, Y (2004) Reflectivity fitting for accurate thickness and compositional determination in RCLEDs In: 8th Conference on Light-Emitting Diodes, 2004-01-27 - 2004-01-28, San Jose, CA.

Hild, K, Sale, TE, Hosea, TJC, Hirotani, M, Mizuno, Y and Kato, T (2001) Influence of quantum well and cavity features on the spectral, angle- and temperature-dependent emission of 650 mn resonant cavity LEDs In: International Workshop on Microcavity Light Sources, 2001-04-07 - ?, UNIV PADERBORN, PADERBORN, GERMANY.

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