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Melios, C, Centeno, A, Zurutuza, A, Panchal, V, Giusca, CE, Spencer, S, Silva, SRP and Kazakova, O (2016) Effects of humidity on the electronic properties of graphene prepared by chemical vapour deposition CARBON, 103. pp. 273-280.

Melios, C, Panchal, V, Giusca, CE, Strupinski, W, Silva, SRP and Kazakova, O (2015) Carrier type inversion in quasi-free standing graphene: studies of local electronic and structural properties SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 5, ARTN 1.

Giusca, CE, Stolojan, V, Sloan, J, Börrnert, F, Shiozawa, H, Sader, K, Rümmeli, MH, Büchner, B and Silva, SR (2013) Confined crystals of the smallest phase-change material. Nano Lett, 13 (9). pp. 4020-4027.

Miyajima, Y, Tison, Y, Giusca, CE, Stolojan, V, Watanabe, H, Habuchi, H, Henley, SJ, Shannon, JM and Silva, SRP (2011) Probing the band structure of hydrogen-free amorphous carbon and the effect of nitrogen incorporation CARBON, 49 (15). pp. 5229-5238.

Haberer, D, Giusca, CE, Wang, Y, Sachdev, H, Fedorov, AV, Farjam, M, Jafari, SA, Vyalikh, DV, Usachov, D, Liu, X, Treske, U, Grobosch, M, Vilkov, O, Adamchuk, VK, Irle, S, Silva, SRP, Knupfer, M, Buechner, B and Grueneis, A (2011) Evidence for a New Two-Dimensional C4H-Type Polymer Based on Hydrogenated Graphene ADVANCED MATERIALS, 23 (39). 4497-+.

Neves, V, Heister, E, Costa, S, Tîlmaciu, C, Borowiak-Palen, E, Giusca, CE, Flahaut, E, Soula, B, Coley, HM, McFadden, J and Silva, SRP (2010) Uptake and release of double-walled carbon nanotubes by mammalian cells Advanced Functional Materials, 20 (19). pp. 3272-3279.

Mollah, S, Henley, SJ, Giusca, CE and Silva, SRP (2010) Photo-Chemical Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanowires Induced by Pulsed Laser Ablation of Iron Powder in Liquid Media INTEGRATED FERROELECTRICS, 119. pp. 45-54.

Henley, SJ, Mollah, S, Giusca, CE and Silva, SRP (2009) Laser-induced self-assembly of iron oxide nanostructures with controllable dimensionality JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 106 (6), ARTN 0.

Palumbo, M, Lutz, T, Giusca, CE, Shiozawa, H, Stolojan, V, Cox, DC, Wilson, RM, Henley, SJ and Silva, SRP (2009) From Stems (and Stars) to Roses: Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Crystals CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN, 9 (8). pp. 3432-3437.

Yang, PY, Stankovic, S, Crnjanski, J, Teo, EJ, Thomson, D, Bettiol, AA, Breese, MBH, Headley, W, Giusca, C, Reed, GT and Mashanovich, GZ (2009) Silicon photonic waveguides for mid- and long-wave infrared region JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS, 20. pp. 159-163.

Shiozawa, H, Giusca, CE, Silva, SRP, Kataura, H and Pichler, T (2008) Capillary filling of single-walled carbon nanotubes with ferrocene in an organic solvent PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI B-BASIC SOLID STATE PHYSICS, 245 (10). pp. 1983-1985.

Giusca, CE, Tison, Y and Silva, SRP (2008) Evidence for Metal-Semiconductor Transitions in Twisted and Collapsed Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy NANO LETTERS, 8 (10). pp. 3350-3356.

Tison, Y, Giusca, CE, Sloan, J and Silva, SRP (2008) Registry-Induced Electronic Superstructure in Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes, Associated with the Interaction between Two Graphene-Like Monolayers ACS NANO, 2 (10). pp. 2113-2120.


Tison, Y, Giusca, CE, Stolojan, V, Hayashi, Y and Silva, SRP (2008) The inner shell influence on the electronic structure of double-walled carbon nanotubes ADVANCED MATERIALS, 20 (1). 189-+.

Dissanayake, DMNM, Hatton, RA, Lutz, T, Giusca, CE, Curry, RJ and Silva, SRP (2007) A PbS nanocrystal-C-60 photovoltaic device for infrared light harvesting APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 91 (13), ARTN 1.

Giusca, CE, Tison, Y and Silva, SRP (2007) Atomic and electronic structure in collapsed carbon nanotubes evidenced by scanning tunneling microscopy PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 76 (3), ARTN 0.

Giusca, CE, Tison, Y, Stolojan, V, Borowiak-Palen, E and Silva, SRP (2007) Inner-tube chirality determination for double-walled carbon nanotubes by scanning tunneling microscopy NANO LETTERS, 7 (5). pp. 1232-1239.

Tsang, WM, Stolojan, V, Giusca, C, Poa, CHP, Sealy, B, Silva, SRP and Wong, SP (2005) The electron field emission properties of Ag-SiO2 nanocomposite layers Technical Digest of the 18th International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference, IVNC 2005, 2005. pp. 206-207.

Mendoza, E, Henley, SJ, Poa, CHP, Stolojan, V, Chen, GY, Giusca, CE, Carey, JD and Silva, SRP (2005) Dendrimer assisted catalytic growth of mats of multiwall carbon nanofibers CARBON, 43 (10). pp. 2229-2231.

Poa, CHP, Henley, SJ, Chen, GY, Adikaari, AADT, Giusca, CE and Silva, SRP (2005) Growth and field emission properties of vertically aligned carbon nanofibers JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 97 (11), ARTN 1.

Henley, SJ, Poa, CHP, Adikaari, AADT, Giusca, CE, Carey, JD and Silva, SRP (2004) Excimer laser nanostructuring of nickel thin films for the catalytic growth of carbon nanotubes APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 84 (20). pp. 4035-4037.

Henley, S. J., Poa, C. H. P., Adikaari, A. A. D. T., Giusca, C. E., Carey, JD and Silva, S. R. P. (2004) Excimer laser nanostructuring of nickel thin films for the catalytic growth of carbon nanotubes Applied Physics Letters, 84. pp. 4035-4037.

Henley, S J, Poa, C H, Adikaari, A A, Giusca, C E, Carey, JD and Silva, S R (2004) Excimer Laser Nanostructuring of Nickel Thin Films for the Catalytic Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Applied Physics Letters, 84 (20).

Carey, JD, Henley, Simon, Mendoza, E, Giusca, CE, Adikaari, AADT and Silva, S (2004) Formation of three dimensional Ni nanostructures for large area catalysts NANOENGINEERED ASSEMBLIES AND ADVANCED MICRO/NANOSYSTEMS, 820. pp. 357-362.

Manaila, R, Alexe, G, Barna, PB, Giusca, C and Devenyi, A (2002) Energetics of nucleation for the icosahedral Al-Mn phase in HTSD-deposited thin films STRUCTURAL CHEMISTRY, 13 (3-4), UNSP 1040-. pp. 365-371.

Giusca, C, Baibarac, M, Lefrant, S, Chauvet, O, Baltog, I, Devenyi, A and Manaila, R (2002) C-60-polymer nanocomposites: evidence for interface interaction CARBON, 40 (9), PII S0008-. pp. 1565-1574.

Mihalache, V, Aldica, G, Giusca, C and Miu, L (2001) Influence of LiF addition on the superconducting properties of Bi1.7Pb0.4Sr1.5Ca2.5Cu3.6Ox high-temperature superconducting oxide JOURNAL OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, 14 (5). pp. 575-579.

Conference or Workshop Item

Giusca, CE, Stolojan, V, Sloan, J, Shiozawa, H and Silva, SRP (2010) GeTe-filled carbon nanotubes for data storage applications In: 2010 MRS Spring Meeting: Symposium H – Phase-Change Materials for Memory and Reconfigurable Electronics Applications, 2010-04-05 - 2010-04-09, California, USA.

Tan, LW, Hatten, RA, Giusca, CE and Silva, SRP (2010) Interfacial energy level alignment at acid oxidised carbon nanotube - Triphenyldiamine contacts In: 2010 MRS Spring Meeting: Symposia P/Q/R – Low-Dimensional Functional Nanostructures-Fabrication, Characterization and Applications, 2010-04-05 - 2010-04-09, San Francisco, USA.

Sloan, J, Carter, R, Vlandas, A, Meyer, RR, Liu, Z, Suenaga, K, Lindan, PJD, Lin, G, Harding, J, Flahaut, E, Giusca, C, Silva, SRP, Hutchison, JL and Kirkland, AI (2008) Band-Gap Modification Induced in HgTe by Dimensional Constraint in Carbon Nanotubes: Effect of Nanotube Diameter on Microstructure In: 15th Conference on Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials, 2007-04-02 - 2007-04-05, Univ Cambridge, Cambridge, ENGLAND.

Dissanayake, N, Hatton, RA, Giusca, C, Lutz, T, Curry, R and Silva, R (2008) Organic:PbS-nanocrystal:fullerene hybrid photovoltaics In: 2008 MRS Spring Meeting: Symposium LL – Energy Harvesting–From Fundamentals to Devices, 2008-03-24 - 2008-03-28, San Francisco, USA.

Tsang, WM, Stolojan, V, Giusca, C, Poa, CHP, Sealy, B, Silva, SRP and Wong, SP (2006) Electron field-emission properties of Ag-SiO2 nanocomposite layers In: 18th International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference, 2005-07-10 - 2005-07-14, Oxford, ENGLAND.

Chen, GY, Stolojan, Vlad, Cox, David, Giusca, C and Silva, S (2006) Growth of tungsten oxide nanowires using simple thermal heating In: IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies - Nanoelectronics, 2006-01-10 - 2006-01-13, Singapore, SINGAPORE.

Mendoza, E, Henley, SJ, Poa, CHP, Chen, GY, Giusca, CE, Adikaari, AADT, Carey, JD and Silva, SRP (2005) Large area growth of carbon nanotube arrays for sensing platforms In: Fall Meeting of the European-Materials-Research-Society, 2004-09-06 - 2004-09-10, Warsaw, POLAND.

Giusca, C, Alexe, G, Baibarac, M, Baltog, I, Manaila, R and Devenyi, A (2001) C-60-polymer nanocomposites: Evidence for interface interaction In: 7th European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC 7), 2000-05-20 - 2000-05-23, BARCELONA, SPAIN.

Giusca, CE and Silva, SRP Influence of Structural Defects on the Electronic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Examined by Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy In: Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Spring Meeting, 2010-04-05 - 2010-04-08, San Francisco, CA.


Giusca, Cristina Elena. (2006) Scanning tunnelling microscopy studies of carbon nanotubes: From atomic structure to density of states. Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey (United Kingdom)..

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